Monday, December 31, 2012

Bleh Redux

I'm losing my room unless I come up with payment. Happy New Year! Sometimes it's like peeing in the wind, I tell ya'! I have been applying, calling, emailing...application after resume... nada.

que sera


EDITED TO ADD 12/31/12: P.S. Dear Succasunna/Roxbury via 52 Engines...
Really? You have nothing better to do? Come out from under your rock and identify yourself I may publish you.

EDITED TO ADD 01/01/12: What Congress is doing and has done will make my ability to get a regular life back infinitely harder, if not near impossible! The new year brings in new fees, taxes, regulations that will impact EVERYONE!!!! (This fiscal cliff nonsense is the tip of the iceberg.) Milk, gas, shoes, food...EVERYTHING!!!!

Hiring will freeze....layoffs grow....many having hours at work cut. This is a disaster.

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2012

I really Don't Like Doing This....

I would prefer to be working. There is something to having a schedule....a purpose....a responsibility. That's all just out of reach for me currently.

Here is what I would wish for. A week where I am staying and my car insurance covered. To be able to get the last of my meds and stay away from the E.R. for a while.

I miss being able to just write about stuff. My latest experiences and accomplishments. To show some forward movement or just rant about things.

In the past I have been given HUGE gifts and blessings. It propped me up and I was working....making my own way, then BOOM....significant setback.

I get accused via email of running a scam here. Or that I don't want to work and just leech off of kind hearted souls. When I was working, as well as performing my task at Restoring Love, I felt energized and vital. I had responsibilities and purpose. Anyone who saw me at work during Restoring Love knows I hustled non-stop. When I wasn't shooting pictures, I would find something else to step in and help with.

I am NOT lazy!!! I am not looking to living off of others. I have sent applications and submitted resumes for gigs ranging from video production to driving gigs to a shoe shine position at DFW Airport. Work is work.

Anyhow...this is what I wish for. We'll see how things pan out heading into the new year.

Until next time.....

Monday, December 17, 2012


UPDATE 12/27/12: Dodged a bullet this morning. Some expected cash got stalled with that whole D.H.S. A.C.H. thing and the motel was going to padlock the room. I had showed them the printout of expected funds, and the memo didn't get to the early day crew. They also dropped the price for me by $1.50. Hey, anything helps. Anyhow....tomorrow I am praying the funds clear and I can cover stuff.

I can't wait until I get something going, work wise. This day to day scraping by, pathetically pleading for help is killing me. It's no way to live.

UPDATE 12/25/12: Merry Christmas everyone! Unless some appears I am down to one last night here, and then out tomorrow. Weather has been miserable...constant rain and low temps. Tomorrow, just cold. I had to skip a medical appointment yesterday due to van issues. Nothing much else to add.  Bleh... 

   ADDENDUM 3:44 P.M. C.S.T.: WRONG! I am $3.00 short......bleh
   ADDENDUM 11:18 P.M. C.S.T. I Want To Thank Francis T. For Her Help! Gets 
   Me Part Of The Way There In A HUGE Way!!!!! God Bless And Thank You! 

UPDATE: 12/23/12: I have been able to get JUST the right amount, day to day, to keep the room. A guy here gave me $40.00 because I created and posted a Craig's List ad that sold his that helped as well! Hoping to raise enough for the weekly rate which saves about $70.00 per week.

UPDATE 12/20/12: I was able to scrape $37.00 together for a night and hoping I can do something today. The temps are hitting in the 20's tonight. If anyone is inclined, I am at The Mid Cities Inn  Euless, Texas. (817) 283-4601  //  If you do call here and help, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! ( It's $37.00 per night, $180.00 for a full week, which would carry me past Christmas and my first C.O.P.D. guy appointment.

From Twitter 12/19/12:

Hold on to your hats Wednesday night. A cold front will blast through with wind gusts between 40 and 50 mph. 

I really hope to hold on to the room I have. The van has no heat at all.

Blatant plea for support. As of 11 A.M. tomorrow, Dec. 18th I have to leave the room I am currently in. My auto insurance is kaput as well. If it was one or the other, that would be workable. But since I would be back living in the van, the two are a double whammy. I would hope to try to stay in the room at least through Christmas, New Years even better. If not, then I'd wish to get my van's insurance reinstated so I can at least get around and find places to park overnight.

Once I get the van squared away, I'd appreciate ANY day work opportunities I could do in the Ft. Worth/Euless/Bedford/Hurst area. See any work available...please let me know.

If you are able to help, please reach out. 



I finally get work after 4's starting to pay off.....and I contract Pneumonia from my boss.

Downhill from there....

I don't know what to think, do, or believe. Those of you who have read my stuff here over these years know I try to keep an upbeat, hopeful perspective. Yes..I've had setbacks and slumps, but kept my eye on the future.

Now I am not so sure....or optimistic.

Tomorrow I lose the motel room. Back in the van. Problem is, the insurance has lapsed on the van and can't really drive it anywhere. In the meantime, there are meds I need, blood work to be done, and pulmonary testing accomplished. All out of reach for me.

Don't get me wrong, I have overall been pretty fortunate and blessed during this time in my life. And for that I will be eternally grateful.

Right now, though, I am not feeling so..... Christmas-ish....nor confident towards what's down the road.

Ok...I'm just whiney now.

Thank heavens Texas is staying warm for the next few days.

Until next time.....


In so much as the insurance is kaput and I cant drive, I went for a kind of extended walk this afternoon to a local corner store. I took my time...did my best to breathe evenly, and didn't get too short of breath. Once at the store, I hung for a few minutes because I had started to feel tightness around my chest and back as well as feeling a bit lightheaded.

It's a start.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm Finding A Lot Of Comfort In This....

..and I am not sure why.

The  clip has a nice synopsis about Eva Cassidy. A life...a voice...taken way too soon. I was introduced to Eva's music years ago on a visit to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Her music playing on outdoor speakers at a number of different shops up and down main street. If you decide to dig deeper, what you'll find is the anti-star. A girl who took a song and made it her own..but didn't seek fame nor crowds...just the appreciative ear.

Quite simple and perfect.

There was a show on the BBC called "Duet Impossible" where a current musical star could perform, virtually, with a musical legend of the past. Very neat concept....well executed. That's where I found this clip.

It haunts floors face gets all wet watching and listening to the voice that


And when getting the embed code for this.....I also found.....

Merry Christmas, all.

Until next time...

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Been through with my meds going on 2 days. All seemed well until last night, when the lack of Prednisone impacted my breathing...again. I tried holding out to see if other methods would work, but it started getting as bad as it was on Friday.

I had a spare script for the steroid that I was able to fill with the help of someone, thus had a bottle in hand. Took 2, as prescribed, and in half an hour felt relief. Was finally able to get to sleep.

And so it goes....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

If You Are Looking At Me RIGHT Now....

..on your mobile device, stop by and say "Hello". What's written on the van is true and I welcome any support.

Updates and new entries follow below this one.

UPDATED TO ADD 12/12/12: I am covered until this coming Tuesday morning, 12/17/12. I'd like to have it at least through Christmas....maybe even New year. Any help welcome.

EDITED TO ADD: Last night was awful!!! I could not get to sleep because I couldn't catch my breath. Fortunately, I had Prednisone available and finally got things under control.

I don't really know, on paper, how bad this really is, but for now it's unbearable.

I lose my motel room as of 11 A.M. tomorrow morning. Temps here are expected to be in the 30's overnight. I won't do well at all in the van. Heat/A.C. in there has not worked in a year. I need to be able to stay in the room.


It's $36.00 per night, or $180.00 a week (approx. $25.00 per night) , IF PAID IN ADVANCE. If you want to help, please contact me via PayPal takes 2 days at best to get to me, and then I will have to pay a nightly rate or two.

EVERYONE is pushing me to apply for Disability, something I am not wanting to do. Even if I get approved, it won't be overnight.

I hate being this vulnerable and whiny. Truth be told, I am frightened at the prospect of sleeping out there. The air will be devastating at this point to my lungs. Any help is appreciated more than you can know.

Thanks for considering.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Didn't Move To Texas To Be Made Flat On My Back....

If you haven't already, read the preceding blog posting before this one. You can find it HERE.

Above pictured is noted actor and political activist, Martin Sheen. Why, you may ask....

Sit back, this may take a while.

A turning point in my life was attending a screening during the initial, and somewhat controversial, first run of the flick "Apocalypse, Now" starring above pictured actor and directed by wine mogul Francis Ford Coppola.

I was in college headed to a law degree. My late wife had TONS of family in significant positions of the practice and I figured if I do well at the school I was in at the time, I'd have a great shot at a Law Degree somewhere prestigious. 

An elective class I was taking, Drama 101 (which my oldest son took years later with the same professor) had a class trip into N.Y.C. to see "Evita" with the original cast. It was on a day I had no classes scheduled, so I went in early to see said flick at a matinee screening.

Within 20 minutes into the movie, my life changed forever.

This truly remarkable piece-0-art flung me back to my first I immediately changed my major and ventured into creating a video production company I formed before graduation. Advantage being, I could create my very own apprenticeship and rate my own performance in said task. #WinWin!

I became obsessed with all things Coppola and read his wife's diary written during the making of the film called "Notes: The Making of Apocalypse Now". In it was detailed Martin Sheen's episode with a massive heart attack while filming in the Philippines. Obviously production got hammered, and his brother was flown in to do some stand in shooting while Martin recovered.'s how it relates to me and my harrowing experiences on Friday, November 30th 2012....

As I was lying on the floor...wet...shivering...panicking....I was trying to get to my cell phone to call 911. I had alternating thoughts of just giving up and accepting what appeared to be the inevitable outcome of this moment, or struggling to get the device and dial. That's when I remembered this....

After Sheen was struck by the cardiac event, he was lying on a gurney at the hospital when time came to remove the military boots he was wearing while in costume. Now it's been YEARS since I read this and I am working from memory.

He thought to himself at that moment if he didn't make the effort to remove the boots himself, his "will" would not carry him to survive what was happening. So he struggled to sit up and take them off himself. He described the pain as indescribable, and nearly didn't complete the task. When he had finished, he knew deep inside he would live.

Obviously he survived because he went on to spew ridiculous political nonsense, and had a good run as President on "The West Wing".

The same thing passed through my mind in those awful pieces of time I was stuck in. Get to phone, sit in a chair, get some pants on, dial the number, make the effort, go to the floor....and you survive this.

I'm writing this now, aren't I?

Once in the room, the E.M.T.'s started working on me and asking me stuff to see how lucid I could be. Once in the ambulance, I was connected to the E.K.G. and an I.V. started. Once they did an overall evaluation of my condition and it wasn't a heart attack, they gave me a dose of steroids.

Almost instant relief! However, I developed an Austrian accent and wanted to run for Governor of California.

I was able to draw decent breaths and my heart rate went down.


Once in the E.R. work began instantly. I was attended to thoroughly and work began on figuring out what was what and what to do. Part of which was poking me a number of times for blood (two different places for that, one in an artery as  well as a vein) and constant monitoring of my heart.

I became a one man, living, breathing,  Pinterest for "Blood Sampling".

I was there for a lot longer than the visit two days prior, but this time the symptoms were much more severe. After X-Rays, blood work, and constant monitoring the pfull picture emerged.

Pneumonia gone, lungs swelling, C.O.P.D. Given what had just occurred, an evaluation of how far along it was had to wait. I am supposed to see a Pulmonary specialist and get the down low. At that point steps will be taken to set up what I have to do going forward to deal with this.

And that is grim.

I will be on meds for the rest of my life. If I don't move on to the next level via something immediate and fatal, I face a most gruesome death. Gasping for my last opposed to simply experiencing it.

SIDETRACK: In my late wife's final moments, she was experiencing what is know as "Cheynes-Stokes Respiration". DEEPLY and, oddly enough, strongly drawing in breath....holding...letting it go. And though these were her dying moments, she...ironically...had no trouble filling her lungs. I won't be as fortunate.

Quitting smoking is a non-brainer....hopefully not a non-starter. I've smoked for a VERY long time. And the last thing I want is to be eligible for the blue tags one hangs on the rear view mirror that gives you the really good parking spots at Wal-Mart during Christmas.

I didn't come to Texas to wind up flat on my back. I came to work and get a new start on life.

My oldest sent me an email in which he pointed out that the trait he most admired in me, and gave him a lot of confidence in my moving forward is that I am stubborn and get full of fire. In spite of what has happened over a number of years....a fair amount pretty catastrophic...I emerged on the other side intact. I've rebuilt my life a few times already...and want to do it again.

I write this in a motel room in Euless, Texas paid for me by a charitable organization. This way I can complete the round of meds without battling the elements. I may very well wind up back in The Conversion Van Of Wonders again for an extended period of time. I have no money, no gas, no food.

Been there, done that. And emerged on the other side.....

I'm looking for day work so that as soon as I am able, I can be making some money again. I am also developing a video project that is specific to the great state of Texas that I hope to finish a full treatment for a proposal. And of course a full time gig is more than welcome. Even with a 40 hour week....I'd have time to pursue more entrepreneurial endeavors.

I won't stay on my back....nope, not at all.

After all, I'm in Texas. Great things happen here. 

Thanks for reading and all your prayers and good wishes.

Until next time....

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shit Got VERY Real!

This is exactly what it felt like!

3 days and 2 trips to the E.R. That's a total of 3 trips this month. This latest one made the other 2 feel like a cakewalk.

BackStory: For those of you not keeping up, I was diagnosed with Pneumonia 11/10/12. Had been having labored breathing and an inability to exert myself at all.  For what I was doing at work...door to door sales...I wasn't able to walk very much, because when I did I had to wait at a door for minutes to catch my breath.

So after that bit of news, I was given anti biotics for the Pneumonia and prescribed an inhaler and steroids for the lungs, overall. See....they also found I now own a malady called COPD.

After a few days I found some relief from the meds, but still didn't get the other two items. The Cipro was $4.00 which I could readily afford. The inhaler and 'roids....not so much.

I was blessed to get the inhaler finally, and that helped, but the other item still out of reach. I figured to myself that was the antibiotics did their thing, the inhaler would help the rest of the healing.

I figured wrong.

Seems my lungs had swollen just enough to be compressed and making breathing difficult at best. I tried things within my reach for comfort. Generic Mucenex, caffeine, and LOTS of water. Again, some success but not nearly enough.

I found myself gasping for air one fine Wednesday morning. I chalked it up to morning congestion and went about trying my best to deal with it.

It wouldn't cooperate.

I'd get winded....I mean GASPING for air winded...just walking from one side of the room to another. I finally decided this was beyond dealing with on my own, and drove to the nearest Hospital.

SIDETRACK: Not that I didn't ever receive first rate care in New Jersey, but here in Texas they are all just so much more personable and friendly. Actually, this state overall has that charm. Just sayin'

Once there, I was re-diagnosed and xrayed.  The Pneumonia was missing, but my lungs had swelled some more. I was given steroids and that helped TONS!!!! The heart is fine, blood ok....lungs not so much.

Again, given prescriptions for antibiotics and steroids...this time Prednisone which is a cheap drug to buy, unlike the first one i was prescribed. Problem...I had $5.00 in my pocket and no gas.

It was a non starter. Couldn't go get either meds.

And so it goes......

Thursday wasn't bad. The I.V. 'roids were still in effect and I woke up breathing pretty well. However, as the day wore on it became more labored. By bedtime, it was almost as bad as before. I couldn't sleep much because I would wind up on my side, compressing my lungs even more, and would wake hacking then gasping for air. My inhaler was of little help. Some...but simply not enough.

(There is irony here....stay with me.....)

Friday was the scariest day of my life! I couldn't breathe any decent amount for hours on end. The inhaler and I became as one, and it did it's best to help.

I had started to experience something that I guess could be called some manner of reflex. I would lose strength from my mid back downward, and have to pee REALLY bad. Each time I felt that, I was able to make to the can with but a little escaping in spite of my efforts. When sitting, I felt I could breathe at maybe 5% capacity. It was real work trying to quell the panic I felt. I talked out loud to myself to calm down....relax..etc. Oddly enough, during one of these episodes, I found that if I hummed a low note, it helped.

But only for so long....only so many times.....

In my head I was going back and forth on heading to the E.R., again. Debating leaving at all, as well as, whether I was capable of driving or needed to call 911.

That choice was made for me in a heart beat!

I had gotten a follow up call to my visit 2 days before and was gasping, just trying find air to use to talk. I had to get off the phone as that "reflex" was coming on again. Problem was, no air to get me to the toilet.

For the first time since I was 3 years old, I soaked myself. Next thing I know I am on the floor, going all Fiona Apple naked on it, trying to get to my cell to dial 911. I had just enough air to tell the operator where I was and what was happening to me.

I had already struggled to get my undies off and now trying to get my jeans on. Forget my sneakers....wasn't gonna happen. I unlocked the door to my motel room and managed to get into a chair. I heard the sirens and that helped calm me a bit...but not tons. The E.M.T.'s came into the room, immediately setting up oxygen and asking me stuff. I told them I didn't think I could walk to the ambulance, so they brought in the gurney and loaded me up.

I pointed out stuff in the room to bring and begged them to make sure they locked the door before we left for the hospital. Even as they did their work, I was sure I wasn't going to make it.

To be continued.......

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Ok...I hate doing this. Last night was extremely TOUGH! I was all prepared to sleep in the van....motel money ran out. And since contracting pneumonia, lost the job I had and have been unable to work. Around 10 P.M. I was gasping for air. The cold had made it very difficult at best to catch my breath sitting still. I had to convince the motel here to trust me on the rent and given me a room.

Once I was inside and warm, breathing became easier but still labored to a degree.

I took the entire Cipro amount and had hoped that was that. My former boss had this and it ultimately led to him being sick to the point of kidney failure. I am hoping to avoid that if possible. So far, it's all been respiratory with a couple of times with a fever.

Before it got so bad last night, I had talked with a manager of a mattress store who uses sign holders/spinners about possible work for today. I don't think I'll be able to do that...but we'll see. I woke up wheezing and trouble taking deep breaths.

Bottom line, I am, with help from family and friends, holding on to this room.  Please take my word, I would rather have been able to stay in the van until I gathered my own resources, but my lungs would have none of that.

Until next time....

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Season Is Coming Upon Us....

...when happiness abounds and parking lot space wars are in full earnest!

For your humble narrator, I am happy I'll be in a motel room for the holiday, as opposed to the alternative. Much to my chagrin, it does get cold here in Texas!

EXTENDED SIDETRACK: Here's a couple of things I have come to learn about Texans.

They are most certainly a VERY proud lot! I see signs...emblems...icons ...adoring vehicles and homes exclaiming their citizenship, grateful and honored to do so!

Manners count here in Texas! Instead of saying "no problem" to my "Thank you"..I hear the old school "you're welcome"! Ain't that refreshing! Their churches are the sizes of small towns, and every one holds open the door for everyone else! Even the Gang Bangers I have happened upon will address me as Sir.

Very cordial and polite. I am impressed.

Then they get behind the wheel.

It all changes!

I have never, ever seen such aggressive driving in my life. It seems turning the key and stepping on the gas creates a reflex action that makes one intolerant of anyone else on the road.

Oh...and then there are the "I dare you" and "I am doing this just to piss you off" types.

Of the later variety, I have encountered a few, but one in particular driver-ette a number of times. Here's how it works....

Where I am in Texas, nearly every highway has service roads that run along side of them. Every so often there is an opportunity to turn off...either right or left...or make a U-Turn. There are oft times a designated, particular lane just for turning round around. Here's how that works...

You come to an intersection, usually next to an overpass,  that has up to 4.1 lanes. One for turning right only. Two for going straight. One for left turn only....and a sub lane for a U-turn. that?

So, there's this time I am in the "going through" lane with the left and U-Turn lane next to me. Oddly, both of those are empty..and I look back.

There is this "older" woman staying JUST far back enough so that anyone who would want to use the U-Turn lane can't get to it. I look at her via my side view mirror, and she is looking at her's...seeing who she is pissing off. I figure she is just having a bad day....or one of those "Change-0-Life" flare ups.

Fair enough....

However, after repeated sightings of her and her way of doing of things, I have come to discover this is her M.O. for getting back at the world. Not a safety thing or a Texas's a "she devil" thing unique to her.

Amusing..but I digress....

I don't have tons I am grateful for. But for that which I am, they are significant.

I am grateful for:

God for poking His finger in my back when I want to just lay down, stop trying, and sleep forever.

That the 3 people I love and care for the most are overall safe and healthy after Sandy redecorated and customized the state of New Jersey.

The week I got to work at "Restoring Love" and the people I met there. The single best week of my life in the last 10 years.

The state of "Texas" and the vibe I get here...even if I am a Novice Texan.

Those who wish me well and have supported me these last few years. I'd most likely be dead if not for your help.

For those who are my detractors because, frankly, they make me stay honest with myself and face my bullshit.

The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders. She has loved me when no else (besides my sons) would. She's been transport, shelter, love shack, media center, and WiFi connection to the world.

Fringe...the TV show on Fox. Even though the plot right now is giving me headaches...I LOVE this show. Gonna miss it when it's over in just a few episodes.

Milwaukee's Best! Official Adult Beverage of Afscootistan. It makes the world go away on occasion.

I could go on, but I am at the point where I am digging for stuff to say I am grateful for.

This is a decent list.

You all be well, have a safe and GREAT Thanksgiving, with and for, you and yours.
(Was that even a real sentence?)

Please keep me in your thoughts and if you do pray for me...pray that what God feels would be best for me and not anything specific.

Oh..for Christmas...I want Santa to bring me a DeLorean equipped with a working Flux Capacitor so I can go back to November 6th and change a couple of things. Where's Doc Brown when you need him most?

Until next time....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Really Wanted To Write One Of My More....

...optimistic and whimsical posts at this point, but tis not to be. Things have taken a turn.'s official...lost the FiOS gig. Hard to do door to door when breathing is an issue. It is what it is and I'll deal with it. Went on an interview yesterday for a driving position...we'll see how that works. Looking at other opportunities as well. Wish me luck. 

In the meantime, I still have COPD,  with a side of pneumonia, and trying to hang on to the motel room for another couple of nights. Anyone who may want to help please reach out. Trying to get some cash for my other meds that were prescribed. 

It was suggested to me that I consider applying for disability, but not interested in doing that right now. To me, it's tossing in the towel. Am I somewhat limited physically at this point...yes. The pneumonia is, hopefully, temporary and I will get some lung capacity back. The COPD, not so much....but is workable.

For right now, seeking out some resources to keep he motel at least until the Cipro cycle is done. And I continue to seek employ and be back as a functioning member of society, not a number leeching off the public dole. 

As for is the best you can get!!!! I am leaving the ad up for now because I can forward any leads to my former boss. He did a LOT for me these last couple of months and I'd like to repay that. And maybe he'll spiff me a little on what sales he gets from my referrals. At this point I can go coast to coast with that.

SIDETRACK: Glenn Beck Fans: Want DISH Network for The Blaze T.V.? I can do that for you now, too!

I refuse to give up or give in. But this just got real for me. When I was at Camp Scooter SouthEast: Afscootistan I had my generator and a friendly environ in which to live and stay warm. Here....not so much. Not that I have dealt with hostility, but I can't just pull the generator out to run my electric heater to stay warm at any old place. The Conversion Van Of Wonders' heating/air conditioning systems don't work, so that alternative is a non starter. And who said that Texas was allowed to be cold???? Not moi!

Anyhow...keep me in your thoughts if you would and your prayers.

Until next time......


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Well...It's Either Pneumonia Or....

INSTANT SIDETRACK: It would be helpful to read my post just below before reading this one.

 ....or something........else.

That's what I came away with from my most recent E.R. visit, and is based on the above photo's noticeable "Black Spot". I think it's my left lung.

My breathing became impossible this evening so I relented and went to get examined. The Breathing Treatment I received helped a LOT! But there is more going on.

I was prescribed Cipro which, if this is bacterial, will help AND put me in good stead should an anthrax attack occur! I will with all diligence take said medication, as well as, the inhaler that was also prescribed. There is a 3rd medication recommended  but I don't recall what at this moment,

In 4-6 weeks the doctor wants me to be re-X-Ra yd (Blame spellcheck for that one) to see if it's something....... else.

You faithful readers may recall an element of my standard prayer....

I ask God to please either lead me to my purpose or please bring me home by whatever method He chooses.

We'll see how this plays out. At least my (likely former) boss will see I wasn't kidding or being lazy. Here are the other 2 pictures. The "blob" I believe is my heart. Proof positive, I actually have one!

SIDETRACK: Just when you think....
I just heard on the radio a fundraiser for a little boy who was.... Pediatric Alzheimers. May God bless him and his family.

Until next time.....

Saturday, November 10, 2012


EDITED TO ADD: In the face of adversity, I get this REALLY nice...but somewhat from a James Waters in Bowmont, North Dakota. I won't repost the whole missive, but will publish portions in a day or two. REALLY nice things he said to me...

And LOTS of it!

I've been coughing for some 3 months now, and it is increasing in intensity! It started when I had that episode with weaponized Radiator Steam for a number of miles on the New Jersey Parkway this past spring,

Now you, my followers, know my current job situation. I was in a make it or break it situation. I had until close of business yesterday to get 2 more sales.

I simply could not get it done. Not that I think I was incapable, but I couldn't move.

Yesterday started like this.....

I was back in the Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders for some 5 nights. Due to the living part of the van being in complete disarray, I had to sleep in the front seat, fetal style behind a Jack In The Box restaurant. Upside was I had GREAT internet speeds from their WiFi!

Anyhow, sleeping in the fashion I was did not do my body any favors. Combine that with the hard, and I mean REALLY hard coughing....

You get the picture.

So I am awake and sipping day old coffee when a very nice woman and her husband pull up next to me and engage in conversation. She asked if I was going to be there for a while, and I said yes. I was lamenting the God Awful results of the election and worrying about the future. (Hanging around behind a Jack In The Box, a company that long ago forsake The JackSteak,  seemed like the proper place for said lamentations.)

In short order she returned, handed me a very interesting and inspirational book that held a nice amount of cash! We talked some more, but her grandchild in the back of the truck protested and she needed to head out.

(WOW....having a dose of Deja Vu typing that! Not the incident, but me typing about it..and not in a good or even neutral way. Hmmm....)

I immediately deposit a chunk in my bank account, so I could go about booking a room somewhere on Priceline. And also recharge a Walmart Gift card to get gas. (Walmart offers $.10 off per gallon if you use a gift card to purchase) And go about getting online to book a room.

While parked, I am approached by another very nice woman who saw me in my prior spot and came up to talk. She handed me a bag with a gift card and some cash, as well as, some energy beverages and other items. We talked at length, she wished me well, I thanked her, and went about beginning my day and getting to work.

Then it began...slowly... as something just irritating.

Then BOOM hit hard!

Agony in my rib cage on the right side. It was debilitating and chronic. I could hardly move. I tried walking it off, as it felt akin to a "stitch" one might get when running. I took some aspirin hoping to quell it somewhat, but to no avail.

It was relentless!

I went to the motel I booked and checked in..hoping laying down for a bit and a nice, long, hot shower would help.

Didn't work.

Needless to say, going to work was out of the question. And I may very well have lost my gig.

I will be out and about promoting the fine points of FiOS today, hoping I can get some sales on the board so I have a paycheck this Friday. But as far as I know, my employ will end  come Monday morning. In the realm of hope springing eternal, I am keeping the FiOS banner on this page.

So it's back to the drawing board for your humble narrator.

I ask only for good thoughts and prayers. Given the results of this Tuesday past, I am more apprehensive of my current situation that I'd be if Romney had run a better campaign. I fear for our future as a nation.

Anyhow...hopefully my next buncha postings will be of lighter notes. You all be well and thanks for reading.

Until next time....

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ce Seulement, Jamais, Sera vous. Joyeux Anniversaire


Our Obligation Is Pretty Clear!

This is probably the most fear and hopelessness I have felt in years! This is my last night with housing, van will be running on fumes, auto insurance expires at midnight, cell has 39 minutes left, and less than $2.00 to my name. Thanks to people like Bill Maher encouraging violence on people of my color, I feel more vulnerable than I have in a very long time.

Given all want to help me in the long term? Elect Romney! It will take some time but he will pave the way for the economy to recover. Get government to stand aside and allow us fellow American's to restore wealth and opportunity to the nation. I have had public assistance in the past, and it helped me survive, but not move forward. I came to Texas to rebuild myself, and despite some setbacks, I feel this is the best place for me to be. This state stands on it's own, overall, and has a fierce independence that's lacking in most of this country. If there are things to take care of, Rick Perry doesn't "blame Bush" or Ann Richards...he and the elected officials here simply work to get things fixed...period.

We need that in Washington. We need Romney/Ryan.

If you haven't voted yet, please make sure you set aside the time tomorrow to do so. I know Sandy made a HUGE mess of everything, but looking at it, Obama's FEMA is making some thing worse. Politicians of his ilk are simply in the way. Look at how Bloomberg is handling N.Y.C. He won't let the National Guard in to the city because they carry guns! Declare war on the Big Gulp, but screw the powerless and give generators to the runners in the Marathon.

This stupidity doesn't stop in N.Y.C. Obama takes it national. Wait...make that international.

Think Benghazi...think Libya. Send radicals there weapons for the Arab Spring, and now those arms are used to kill one Diplomat and 4 retired Navy Seals.

Allow weapons at that embassy? Naw...might be offensive to the Mid East leaders Obama bows to...literally. To the contrary, he, Panetta and Clinton ordered the defenders who were there to stand down and denied military assistance to save lives.

This President who took 3 days...THREE finally give in to the others surrounding him and ordered the take down of bin Laden. That order should have been the easiest thing for him to order, EVER! To just say "Yep!" between sips of coffee.

But I digress....

I fear for the future for my sons and grandchildren. Not just economically, but socially and politically, should Obama get a second term.

Thus for right now, personally, I fear for my safety when Romney wins.

Regardless...Romney must win!

Otherwise by Saturday...this nation is lost. Even when Obama loses, just wait till you see the Executive Orders tsunami headed our way.

Come January, Romney can rescind all that.

Let's hope!

Ok..God bless. Now go do the right thing.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

ATTENTION TEXAS: This Is REALLY Important To Yours Truly!

UPDATE 11/03/12: I have today and tomorrow to succeed or....

House of cards! I lose my motel room at 11 A.M. I got it SUPER cheap via the Priceline Name Your Own Price thing. ($25.00 a night and the usual taxes.) That means anyone I try to get to subscribe to FiOS will be after I have spent the night in my van. Providing I have gas....right now I have maybe 1/16 of a tank.

On 11/06 many things come to a head.

America votes.
The birthday of someone very important to me...currently without electric and safety back in N.J.
My car insurance expires.
I make a decision as to how much longer I deal with my life.

We'll see how it goes.


As you all know, I have been out subscribing people with FiOS from Verizon. Things have been off and now I am facing losing the gig. Due to downturn in sales, I have spent the last 4 nights in the van.....again. I lose this I will be set so far back, that Square One will look like a million miles away.


I need to get 4 deals before close of business this coming Sunday. That doesn't happen, I am unemployed. I am able to get ONE night, tonight Nov. 1st, in a motel. This way I can make myself presentable to visit with prospective subscribers.After tonight...unless something comes along...I am back in the van.

Hand to God, this is the truth.

Verizon is offering very aggressive saving and deals for the service. I am a huge TV and Internet period!!! Blows other services away!

So please, in the Plano, Allen, Frisco, etc. areas...if you or someone you know has been considering switching to FiOS please reach out.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Know You All Are Coming Back Here....

...looking for posts, but it's pretty mundane right now.

I work.
I earn.
I sleep.
I wake.

Blah, blah, blah...

One milestone though...for the first time in quite a while, I paid my own rent. I know that is something people do every month. But for me, it is a big step forward. And it feels really pretty good.

I have had roof over my head since March 24th, but for one night I went back to Budd Lake for a wedding. So it's not that I have been back in The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders. But today, I paid my rent!

Means a lot to me. I said...mundane.

I'll post more after the weekend.

And thanks for checking me out.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Settling In....Welcome To Dallas, Texas

I really like it here! It just has a good vibe to it. Plus...IT'S DALLAS!!!!

Huge difference from where I had been the last month or so. Let's say...the place was "colorful". For example.....
The "Butterfly Tattoo" commonly called a "Tramp Stamp". Ladies, think twice before you get one of these. Looking at this young lady's physique it seems fine. However...

There was one woman where I last stayed who got this done when much more....ummm....let's say she had it done more than a few buffets ago.

She was sitting on the 2nd level on the edge and her sweats were...lowered...due to her position. Now her tat looked like....

MOTHRA! Of Godzilla fame.

Just a heads up for your future. You're welcome.

In other events, work is moving along nicely and I expect to have a steady income beginning this week. That's when my first paycheck hits my checking account. Yes...a checking account. I started it with 20 bucks so I had a place for direct deposit.

Right now I am in an Extended Stay kind of place with staff that couldn't be more friendly and personable. Kitchenette...nice bathroom. TV sucks though. What's odd is when I was some 50 miles away from Dallas, I could get reception of all the TV stations in this market. Now, in North Dallas, reception is spotty.

Go figure.

I hesitate to say this, but I feel more optimistic than I have in quite some time. My boss is great! The product, FiOS is the best you can get and I am a HUGE fan. Plus I am learning the territory, the north, south, east, and west of things.

SIDETRACK: Seems Texas roads make my GPS have a stroke!!! Many times it has been as much as a mile behind to a mile ahead, of where I am at that moment. I need it to update because there has been a ton of road construction going on through here. So some exits and such are slightly off track.

When I have some time and extra gas, I am going to explore around a bit. I am considering doing the occasional "Vlog" (video blog) and see how that works.

Anyhow....the Giants kicked ass today and I have a roof over my head. The weather here these last two days has been....Jersey-esque...which I am not pleased with. Actual frost warnings tonight, but I am told that is not the norm.


All that "Seasons" bring are hours of leaf raking and snow shoveling.

THANK YOU ALL for your support, prayers, and good wishes. I did not do this on my own. I had help..and lots of it! I am, indeed, blessed.

Until next time....

Oh..and the best part?              I'M IN DALLAS!

Monday, October 1, 2012

PEOPLE OF TEXAS: I Need Some Help Here...

EDITED TO ADD: I'M IN DALLAS!!!! Well, just call me Scooter Ewing! More to come....

EDITED TO AD: Looks like it's going to be Plano. Going to check them out and decide in the morning.

My work is taking me to Addison, Frisco, Allen, etc. area. I am looking for a C H E A P motel and I need it by tomorrow. A no name is fine, as long as no dead bodies have been discovered in the place for at least a year. Please SHARE this so as many as possible see it. It is being paid for, I just need to find one.

Thanks in advance

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ok..Now I Can Tell Ya'll..'s carved in stone and finally I can say it. I am now marketing FiOS! This is, hands down the BEST Triple Play you can get!!! Incredible Internet Speeds and the absolute best HDTV available. The TV could only be sharper if you were there when it was recorded LIVE!

Personally, I am a huge fan of this product. I sold this when I lived in New Jersey and wished it had been in my neighborhood. All that being said....

I can write subscriptions anywhere in Texas!! For now I am keeping to a 40 mile radius of Dallas/Addison/Irving/Etc. So if you, or anyone you know, want FiOS, PLEASE let me be your rep! Please use the email: to reach me.

       This IS Big! This is ME and FiOS!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Yeppers...your humble narrator had to visit the E.R. today. Coulda swore it was a heart attack....honest. The symptoms really felt like one....actually starting to feel them again right now.

Blood Work...Nada
Cat Scan....Even the lungs look good, and I smoke a LOT!

SIDETRACK: Bonus for the scan. They took a GOOD look at my lungs. Some of you may recall, I had an episode in The Sovereign Conversion Van of Wonders when a radiator hose blew I had to breathe weaponized rad fluid steam for about 20 miles. All looks swell, as do my ateries and stuff.

They now know I did not have a heart attack. They are not sure what's going on, but there is concern over my stent. You can read all about it HERE! I did a series of posts about that episode, including video of the blood coming back into my heart.


They wanted me to stay overnight and have a Cardiologist have a look see. I told'em I couldn't. My stuff would be WAY too vulnerable if I was away.

Bright Side: New State, New Town, New Hospital....

 ...and I can recycle my hospital material!

"It hurts when I do this.." Dr: Don't do that!

So...let me understand...if a stroke affects my left side, I'll be all right now?

I wanted to find a pre-owned D.N.R. bracelet. I mean, it's only used much wear and tear can there be?

New day, new affliction, new audience.

I had them in...stitches.

But I digress.

Today would have been Day One in new territory for yours truly, in ripe fields of sales.

Tomorrow's another day.

And I'll still be here to see it.

Is that a good thing??? For now, I am AO(rtic)K

Until next time.....

Feels Like A Whole New Day....

There really is something to the Serenity Prayer!

(EDITED TO ADD: 5:00 P.M. CT I am attached to a monitor and auto B.P. device in an E.R. here in Texas. North Richlands Hills to be precise. Go figure.....)

FiOS is working out REALLY well. The areas I am in are brand new and the citizens there are anxious for this service. I can see myself really being out of this homeless stuff in short order. And, as stated before, I can sign up subscribers from ANYWHERE in Texas, so please keep me in mind and pass this blog around to all yer' pals! And speaking of The Lone Star State....

Some observations about Texas:

People are REALLY aggressive drivers! Reminds me of motorists from Massachusetts.

Oh, Texas....enough with the speed bumps, please. Total pain!

The residents are a proud lot! I have never been in a place that ornaments, bumper stickers, yard signs, Texas Stars, etc. that proclaim a great deal of pride in the state which they reside in.

The signs along the many, many highways never give a miles to indicator of destination, i.e. city or town. I the Transportation Department expects you to know that Dallas is X number of miles ahead.

Many here are ready to secede from the union should things go belly up elsewhere.

In the next couple of weeks I expect to be able to finally go exploring. I have been limited to I want to get the lay of the land. And, no, not in a Biblical sense.

For now, I have some homework to do.

Thanks for reading and your continued good wishes and prayers.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Got the word my training for the new gig begins Thursday. Meaning, I could be working by the weekend. Certainly by Monday.

I can't go into details right now....but will be able to elaborate soon.

I am determined to make it here in Texas. I mean, it's a big ass state and something has to click. I still like how I am feeling things and remain optimistic

Here's hoping!

I know my postings here have been less than the usual jovial, irreverent, and insightful as before. I am pretty challenged here. Being least the way I was doing it at Camp Scooter:SouthEast, Afscootistan was pretty easy compared to rebuilding myself. I did a MAJOR re-boot in the mid 1990's...but I was still in my house and the economy was much better. It was familiar ground.

I find I look over my shoulder online. I read the papers back there, and stream the talk shows I listen to via the stations in the N.J. market. Even though I seek greener pastures, I have people I care deeply about that I left behind. I want to know what's going on in their world. I am not looking back...simply viewing the rear view internet mirror.

Today I dragged nearly everything out of The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders into my room here to sort, toss, and organize. I need to get my clothes together, as well as, use some of the canned goods I had in there. I want the bed back in shape as well. I did throw out my have to replace them as some point. And, if for some reason, I have stay a few overnights in the will be ready.

And then...

It's 911! I remember it so vividly.

I was in my the TV to my right with "Fox And Friends" on Fox News playing. Steve Doocey announced that a plane had crashed in to The Twin Towers. He was wondering how an accident like that could happen when the second plane hit the other tower.

He said: "OK...these are no accidents"

Oddly, I was calm. I got my phone, called the significant acquaintance and said....

"They did it"

I told her to turn on her TV and see.

From those moments on, I was glued to the, I am sure, were most of you.

I remember stepping out on to my deck after the buildings began to crumble. The air was....


My neighborhood was one brimming with birds and other wild life.

There wasn't a sound. BEAUTIFUL day...


I got out my camcorder to document this as it was so stunning. I mean absolute silence. The air felt heavy and oppressive.

I've only ever spoken to one of those left behind by the attacks. The significant acquaintance had a client who lost her husband in the assault. This woman developed a stutter that made it a challenge to hear her out.

She certainly deserved my efforts.

As she spoke...all I could think of was...

The ones who never got to say goodbye.

A day or so after 911 I thought of my loss. When the mother of my sons passed away from cancer January 5th, 1990. We knew it was coming, thus very little left unspoken between the two of us.

The finality of it all sunk in hours before her funeral service. There were some items she asked to be buried with that I had left back at the house.

I panicked!

I couldn't leave where I was. Fortunately my niece Jenn was able to get said items and bring them with her.

I had no chance of a "Do Over" once she was in the ground.

SIDETRACK: My late wife was Jewish and burial is pretty much toot suite. I didn't have days to get things in order.

That moment of sheer, internal terror, came back to me as I thought of those...

Who left the house angry.
Who didn't say "I Love You" one last time.
Who didn't kiss their kids before heading out.

No "Do Over"

I am blessed to be here to have mine.

Today, the American Embassies in Libya and Egypt were attacked by mobs upset over some video about Islam. Our nations response was...

"We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others"

Really? That's it?

This President we are stuck with, and his underlings, are such AssHats!

Those attacking the Embassy are of the same fabric as those who fly planes into buildings, rape and beat American T.V. Network females reporters, or behead Jewish Print Journalists.

Plus, the First Amendment guarantees speech that will offend.  Like, let's say, burning the American flag. Or calling Christianity a "Hate" faith. So, why compromise "Free Speech" with that pathetic and weaselly statement?

But I digress....

Tomorrow is 912. A day that, eleven years ago, we came together akin to how we did after Pearl Harbor, minus the internment camps.

Wow...I never expected to write any of this as I sat down to update stuff. I guess it lingers in me more than I thought.

May God bless those left behind..and those still overseas defending us. And protect the Coptic's and others opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood and similar malcontents.

As for in America? Rally 'round and make sure you VOTE this November!!

And never forget.....

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Doomsday Sept. 10th 2012

EDITED TO ADD: Ok...most things handled. Have motel...have cell...and have insurance..kinda. My former company will not reinstate the policy. I have zero points and no accidents...but they said no to re-upping. Thus, I return to a former coverage. Their prices seem to have come down somewhat since I was last insured by them.

Driving wise, I am grounded. I will be given a check to insure, which slows things down, but it's better than grinding to a complete halt. I can breathe again.

EDITED TO ADD: Ok...seems things might very well be under control. God has been REALLY good to me!

EDITED TO ADD: Cell Phone Covered. That may seem small but take my word, it's HUGE

It all falls apart Midnight tonight.

My auto insurance.
My cell phone minutes.
My hotel room. ( 11 A.M. Central)

I don't like asking for help, financially speaking. It is beyond's humiliating. Probably a good thing that it is. I don't want to become immune to that feeling.

It's not that I "let it get this far" simply happened. Work has not been as rewarding as I had hoped. It has nothing to do with the quality of the product, nor the professionalism of the's seasonal and market forces at play.

SIDETRACK: I have had sales jobs in the past. Did really well and, in 2 case, excelled. It's not my least I don't think it is. But this is not something I am trying out as new. It's something I am good at!

I have been applying for different positions and have one upcoming. In the meantime, I've been applying for day/occasional work. I've applied to be a sign holder, assistant, driver....etc. Nothing fruitful yet. midnight it all comes undone. And of the 3 items, the least important at this point is the motel room. I can sleep in the van...been there, etc. I lose the phone, I lose contacts and ability to reach out. I lose insurance, I am stuck in one spot. I get caught driving sans coverage, I lose my license.

Maybe it has to get THIS bad for me. I came to Texas to find work, as well as do my part for "Restoring Love". Not to be in the same position I was in at Camp Scooter:SouthEast, Afscootistan. It was thrive...or die.

I am still holding out hope for the "thrive" part.

I'll be out today trying to get some funds. My time online will be minimal. If anyone can help out, best way is the PayPal button up top. I can immediately pay for things and/or transfer to a WalMart cash card I acquired. Then I can get some gas, too. If you need to contact me, the best email is:

Look, I know it gets old, me asking for help. It evolves into fatigue....I get it. For myself, it's embarrassing. I would never has chosen soliciting as an occupation. I may be able to begin training this Wednesday, depending on trainer's availability. If not, it will be next Monday. And a fair bit of time before the 1st check comes in. THANKFULLY this is paid training. A small stipend, but money none the less.

Thanks for reading and wish me luck.

Until next time....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

This Song Kinda Sums Things Up

Kindly note the "Donate" button up there.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Best Laid Plans And All That

As the dawn breaks, my day starts out on the edge of things imploding.

Sales have been non-existant! Being vacation time and the economy being what it is,  it's been...challenging. My gig is completely commission based, thus no income. Unless something comes through, I'll be back in the van tonight. I am hoping to move some product today, so that I'll have a check in time for my auto insurance due on the 10th, said vehicle having less than 1/4 tank of gas and needing oil.

Hope springs eternal, I suppose. I continue to plod forward with the goal and hope of pulling myself out of the pit I find myself in.

So...please keep good thoughts and prayers for your humble narrator.

Happy Labor Day.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cheap Motels: The Good And The Bad

 INSTANT SIDETRACK: Gives me a great excuse to use this cool GIF again!

What I have learned, at least here in Texas and Tennessee:

1. Internet speeds seem to be a lot faster than at more expensive places.

I stayed 10 wonderful nights at a Marriott Extended Stay. REALLY nice room, 2 flat screens..a nice little kitchen. Relatively slow internet. DSL speeds of around 3 meg down.

Cheap places have given me about 10 meg downstream.

2. WAY better showers!!!!

For the first time I think ever, I had to back down on the amount of water coming at me in the shower here. I CRAVE a shower that feels like it's taking my skin off. Thing is, this one WAS taking my skin off! It was great!!!

More expensive places use those cursed "Water Saver" tree hugger shower heads.Cute and P.C., but wimpy and it never feels like you get all the soap rinsed from "those" places!

3. "Colorful" occupants.

The higher priced places draw a more common, casual crowd. Cheap places give roofs to folks who are pretty entertaining. Who needs T.V. when you have a Jerry Springer audition right outside your door! Speaking of which....

4. T.V

The higher priced places have this won, hands down.

Ok..downside...and this is a BIG one!

PREFACE SIDETRACK: Before I share this, let's review.

I spent nearly every night from August 4th, 2009 to March 24th 2012 in The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders. But for a few nights in donated motels and hospital rooms. I shared said living space with Bob The Formerly Van Eating Dog. I would take Bob out for regular walks, sometime in wooded areas, with no adverse conditions arising.

One time, I stopped at a Walk In center for homeless types, to check in on things and collect mail. There was a specific day when two folks were there, one sleeping on the floor, and another (God bless her) who looked like she had not showered in a year.

This was a day I decided to let Bob join me, because the woman who ran the place liked him a lot.

Bob, being the adorable canine he is, drew the attention and affection of all there, including the 2 aforementioned folks. I was concerned about fleas, etc. I felt really bad about this crossing my mind, but given the circumstances, it was not unreasonable to be considered.

I kept Bob at a bit of a distance.

I had maintained a vermin free environment to live in. I recalled having been at Penn Station many years ago in N.Y.C. and seeing a guy half asleep (read: wasted) and clawing at his skin because he itched so much.

I wanted to not have that experience in my resume.

Thus....I took great precautions.

Cheap Motel Downside:

Say hello to my new friend, rolling on his back "haw hawing" because he bit up my ass!

 Yeppers...bed bugs!

I had already spent a few nights at my current locale with no adverse results. Once I found myself in a position to do a couple of weeks at a time, they put me into a different room on the 2nd floor.

Now I not only have to use stairs, but I am very itchy as I do so!

Over 3 years homeless...most of that in my van. Never so much as a mosquito bite.

I get a solid roof over my head................

As I enjoy the very intense shower and speedy internet I must pause from surfing or typing to ....



And so it goes....

Friday, August 17, 2012

Well...This Was Pretty Interesting....

Finally got my second sale today, and I feel pretty good about it. The company is talking about transferring me to a place I would LOVE to be in. I won't elaborate much more, so as not to jinx things, 'cause this place would be uber cool!!!

So...I had to get to Walgreens to buy a couple of things when I get waved frantically at and a nice young lady with a poodle asks me about the writing on the van "Homeless Advisor". Now, this is not unusual as, in the past, others have come to me asking advice. If I know something, I share it...but c'mon...really...I live in a van...a Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders....but a van none the less.


She asks me if I know about resources and services and such to help people get back on thier feet. I try explaining I am from Jerzy...with the disclaimer that I don't know Snookie...and that my knowledge of Texas is quite limited.

SIDETRACK: Ahh, for the days when everyone associated Jersyans with "The Sopranos" and types like that. #GoodTimes

Well...turns out it's for her "baby brother" who just did a 10 year stint for...ahem...MURDER!!! Said criminal infraction having occurred while he was on parole for attempted murder.

Practice makes perfect, I suppose.

I have met victims of some horrible crimes...but never a "big sister" to one who helped another achieve room temperature.  It was kinda startling!

I gave her some Google search ideas, the names of a couple of national agencies and that was pretty much that.

During our conversation, a nice young man of African lineage says to me, in a very happy tone while pointing... "JERSEY"!!! And into the store he went.

On his way out he stopped by to talk for a bit. Seems he was born in Central Jersey, near Routes 1 and 9....Colonia...and was raised in San Francisco. Told me he works for American Airlines and was bemoaning the recent contract his union signed with the air carrier. Some judgement came down in favor of the union...kinda...and he felt some relief at that.

It was a nice conversation and he went his way....I went mine.

On the way out I notice a white Lincoln Town Car and a "McCain/Palin" sticker in the rear window. At the traffic light, I honk to get the driver's attention to  pay compliment on said vehicle. Turns out, it was the same young man I had been speaking to moments before.

In the brief and hurried chat before the light went green, I learned he put that sticker in the window, admires Glenn Beck, and is staunchly Conservative!

How the hell did THAT happen?!?!??!

Born in New Jersey.
Raised in San Fransisco.
Black American.
Union Member.

And this guy had his head on straight!

Must be something about Texas.

I am impressed.

Gets more interesting all the time.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brief La Tee Da...

HOLD THE PRESSES!!!!! I was given 5 more nights at the place I a staying already. THANK YOU P and V K!!!!

Had to stay home from work today. I think the combo of BIG HEAT and not much food at all took it's toll on me. I had to cut my day short yesterday because it felt like I was going to pass out. Sucks because my job is commission only.

If anyone reading this has or knows someone who has, free Marriott nights they can spare PLEASE reach out to me! I was given some nights at one here in Bedford, Texas. I am 3 miles from the office and 1 mile from my territory. So please, ask around and let me know at I am at the Marriott TownePlace Suites 76021

Will keep you all posted.....

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

As For Today..Even If They Aren't In A Row Yet...

....they are at least gathering!

Ok...some clarification....

My first day of work was Friday. Some basic training. My first FULL day of work was Monday. Shadowing a more seasoned associate in the field.

Today, was just your humble narrator! And in less than 2 hours I made my first sale...and it was quite a nice one at that! To a very nice couple that are Glenn Beck fans, and the husband heard me on Glenn's radio program.

The powers that be are pleased.

Here's how the day went....

I spent the night at a motel that was really inexpensive. A VERY nice woman in N.J. named Barb who has helped me a number of times, afforded me the chance to have a roof, bed, and a shower, as well as, gas and food. Given the 'hood I was in and what I paid, the room was pretty nice. And the internet speed was impressive. Across the parking lot was a convenience store with a couple of semi-gambling video game consoles. I asked this well tattooed young man about said opportunities of chance and he, very politely, called me...


WTF!!!!!! Pops??? Really????

Kill me, please!

I do admit since my quite significant weight loss and road miles, I do look a fair bit older. But...but...


I need to get some "work" done so I can have that same wind tunnel look Kenny Rogers has.

But I digress....

A friend and supporter of mine named John reached out very early this morning with an offer of some free nights he had at a name brand hotel chain. He said he thought he had maybe 2 nights available.

I said GREAT...and thanked him for offering.

Well, turns out...because of the sub brand facility of aforementioned chain, he was able to get me 5 nights! That gives me until Sunday morning with a roof.


Just before I got the good news about the hotel, I got my first sale.


Then I took my very last five dollars and bought a couple of things. I had one dollar left and figured, what the hell, buy a scratch off.

I won my five back!

Hows that for a day.

I could still use help getting nights past Sunday morning. I hope to get a bit of an advance from work to get food and such. But you know what...

In the words of Charlie Brown in "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"...after he found the pencil the "little red haired girl" dropped and discovered she nibbles it like he does...

"It was a good day after all!"

Sometimes it really is the simple things....

I hope you all enjoyed that!

Until next time....

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Third Anniversary Of My Great Homeless Adventure

Always try to put a positive spin, no?

Ok...thoughts on Texas.
You know that Sun Guy who is always trying to make people eat breakfast? Well, the sun here feels like he's living next door! So direct on one's person, annoying me with a Jimmy Dean Egg Sandwich.

Been hitting temps of 107. Heat is ok with me....even at that level....but in The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders, that is minus the ability to offer up Air Conditioning, well, it's sweltering!

As with many southern states I have driven through, Texas allows beer sales pretty much everywhere, most notably, at gas stations. It seems that more stations here also sell hard liquor. It makes getting your DUI/DWI much easier since you can do so with a full tank of gas. Plenty of miles to be swerving and stuff.

Ok...3 years ago today I lost my home. I made a number of attempts to take that situation as an opportunity to change my life and relocate. as my more faithful readers have learned there were a number of mis-steps and medical issues along the way.


I moved along, finally. And here I am in The Lone Star State.

I have already found gainful employment. I go full bore come Monday and expect a check inside of 2 weeks. Turns out, the owner of said company and her husband are big Beck fans, which certainly doesn't hurt anything. We'll see how it all goes.

I am staying with my nephew and his family in Flower Mound, but that's only until Monday morning. After that...who knows. Sunday he and I are going to finally get the van back in order so I can sleep in there. I am looking into campgrounds/RV parks. As long as I have electric, I can survive. If it has WiFi, I can stay in touch.

It's odd...and a bit unsettling. I am on the verge of moving along, but so many ducks are out of the row. I hope something comes along that can sustain me until the first check arrives...but odds of that happening are slight. If anyone can help, feel free to let me know.

In the meantime...keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Until next time....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ok...Where To Begin....

So much has transpired, that it's hard to pick a starting point.

Obviously, it completed when I got to Cowboy's Stadium to attend to my designated task of photography/videography

Started a day early and pretty much I hit the ground running. Started shooting as soon as I
could. In the 4 days I was working, I figured I must have walked some 60 miles. I took a LOT of pictures....really nice shots. Thing is, they are the property of all things Mercury and I can't show you least as of this writing.

I covered events, book signings, families, dogs, stage setup, and the dry run the day before "Restoring Love. My last assigned task was to documents Rep. Michelle Bachmann's book signing, and from there, what I shot are mine. The image on the preceding post is about all I took. I was so swept up in what I was seeing, feeling, and experiencing, taking pictures was the last thing on my mind.

I had never seen Glenn live before. As a public speaker, he was engrossing! His speech at the end, had the most rousing effect on a crowd I had ever seen. You could feel the energy in the stadium go off the charts.

Completely captivating.

The Restoring Love event will be broadcast on TBN this coming weekend. Click HERE for the schedule.

And there is so much more to tell.

As for your humble narrator, my mind has been occupied with finding some gainful employ. I have all of $16.00 in my pocket and a full tank of gas. My motel runs out tomorrow morning and I have no idea where I am going next.

That's why I haven't been writing as much, no spouting my remarkable postings on Twitter and Facebook. And I have a bunch of other kinds of pics to post, like the next one:
                   This Little Guy!

At 70 M.P.H in the middle of Louisiana, I see something hopping around the windshield out of the corner of my eye. He finds his perch, and takes in the road. About an hour later I had to stop and get gas, so Mr. Toad was let out near some water and grass.

I hope he enjoyed the ride. I have NO idea where he came from, but suspect in Mississippi. There are these toads there that sound like mini-sheep when they bellow.

Really odd.

Anyhow..I'll wrote more, soon. I have a meeting tomorrow and have a call to make for an interview that was set up for me.

Here's hoping!

But for right now, I am kinda screwed and a LONG ways from whence I came.

Keep good thoughts for yours truly.

Until next time.....

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The "Restoring Love" Week And Event Were GREAT....But Then.....

.... I had to drive away from the stadium!

LOTS to share and tell. Great people, great vibe, great inspiration and message!

The rest of my time here in Texas..not so much.

Yin/Yang and all that!

I will write at length tomorrow. I am kinda a good way...from all things Restoring Love. Thus, I took the day off and became food without a face.

To the lovely blonde woman from Georgia I was talking with in the lot, PLEASE reach out. My head was overloaded from everything, and it struck me that you had something more to share with me after I was half way back to my motel.

Until next time....

Friday, July 27, 2012

Quick Update....

Been hectic to say the least. Hit the ground running at Cowboy's Stadium and been non-stop ever since. Only have a VERY brief time to post, but suffice to say, I am having a blast and doing some networking here at Restoring Love.

See you soon....

Monday, July 23, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

So, I Am Getting Ready For The "Restoring Love" Event..

...and I have to clear out some space on a couple of pretty old Compact Flash cards. I transfer all the images to store on them into one folder, and that's when I make a mistake.

I view what's there. Pictures I took of my house and contents the day before I was locked out. Top that with a picture posted on another site showing a much happier time in my life with the significant acquaintance, and I am pretty much a mess right now.

It's all gone...

Sometimes I wish I was, as well. But I get back on the road forward and hope for the best.

I know...cry me a river.....