Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Had Hoped This Blog-0-Mine Would....

... have been completely retired and something I....plus the occasional visitor.....could read to revisit my past experiences.

Such was the wish.....

So much for wishes....

I find myself in a pretty bad situation. Both health and home wise. I am in need of some help.

March was a horrible month. NOTHING I tried to get accomplished was successful. My lungs were in an uproar, and I found myself ultimately whacking my body out with overuse of meds just trying to breathe and get things done.

This past March I was hospitalized twice. I thought I was having a stroke. I couldn't think, felt like I was in a dream or about to pass out constantly. My B.P. was north of 180/110.

Between the Prednisone and then antibiotic I was given, it's been a gastric wonderland!

The Pred made things appear as if I had an ulcer.

The other med, it turns out, is contra-indicated for anyone who has suffered Diverticulitis. This went on for a while, often 3-4 times a day. My number twos looked like my number one took the wrong fork on the river. Today has been the first day in nearly a month I had a kinda regular #2.


At the 2nd hospital visit, when the nurse went to take out the I.V.'s and remove the bandages, my flesh separated from my body. My skin is so thin, it actually ripped away. Oddly enough, my blood work came back overall fine. So did all the scans and MRI. But I am quite underweight and find I'm having to force myself to eat.

Sometimes I found I couldn't think. Felt like I was in a dream or about to pass out constantly. Even this past weekend, I was in a Target with gift cards I was blessed with from mitzvahcircle.org, for food and lasted maybe 20 minutes before I had to leave and get back home.

Sometimes even just thinking I am about to go do something, I get that same light headed effect come over me. It took 20 minutes to wash a head of lettuce the other day. I could only stand for so long. When trying to prepare dinner two nights ago, both my shins were raging in pain and felt like they were brittle and going to break. Endurance limits have been the most obvious effect on getting chores done. There have been stretches of days between showers simply because the steam made it near impossible to breathe.

Here's situation today.

I waited until the last minute to seek some help. There was something I was waiting to come through that doesn't seem like it will for at least a week at this point.

The co-pays for the medical issues and changes in my disability payments have put me in a corner. My rent is due today, Tuesday April 21st. The monthly is $580.00 with all utilities paid. The last 2 months have paid weekly, $145.00, which is allowed when necessary. Right now I have zero in my bank, literally.

Here is what I am hoping for....

Prayers, donations, good thoughts, loans, anything that can help. I am not being disingenuous in saying “Prayers”. I have seen that work in the past.....something will come along.

If you are local to me here in Euless, Texas...MidCities area of the DFW....and can help, please reach out via:

You can also use the PayPal button above. Even though it take a couple days to clear to my bank, I have a neighbor who can loan me cash if backed up by money on it's way.

So...I am trying to not be homeless again. This time with a side of COPD. ANY help is gratefully accepted.

To those offering support.....God Bless.

To those haters.... I have a couple of those....I have been in Texas long enough to know to say...

“Well, bless your heart!”

Thanks for reading and considering.