Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just A Quick Hello....

Much to write about and I HAVE A NEW LAPTOP!!!!!

Will have a formal presentation soon.

Right now dealing with the bank again...even worse than before! And will be stranded come midnight 'cause my Conversion Van Of Wonders registration expires. So I will be camped by the PNC branch that worked before.

Thanks for reading and will be back in day or two.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Good, The Bad, And The Meatloaf

A while ago I started a posting I was to call "One Of Those Days...", but wanted some distance from THAT day for perspective.

Well...many of "those" days have come and gone, and I just keep pushing it off.

Today is a major suck!

Bob The Van Eating Dog vomited some non-van material in the front.
My check has been all but vanquished by debts and bills. Keeps me stuck in more ways than one.
Both the auto insurance and registration are due soon.
The police presence has become an issue. Not a hassle, per se. But an issue on my mind. get an idea.

This past Saturday I pulled into a 24 gas station/food mart to use the facilities and look around, keeping warm. When I went back to The Conversion Van Of Wonders, there was a car full for young men being young men on a Saturday night. One was outside the vehicle, leaning on the door, when he pointed to the van and asked me about it.

Now, on a Saturday night, one generally expects a car full of young men to be rather, "lively"! I mean, I would have been at that age.

But this guy was asking me real questions. Thoughtful, pointed questions. I answered them as honestly as I could and after a while wished them a good evening, having been pleasantly surprised by the whole episode.

Next thing I know, he beckons me to the car and hands me some cash he and his friends put together to give me. Frankly came at a perfect time as the weather was getting really cold again and I need some gasoline or I could have froze to death.

Ok...maybe not to death, but certainly to shivering briskly.

Earlier I had some nice folks offer the same support at a different gas station when they could see I was stuck there, due to lack of petrol.

It was a welcome happening. I am surprised, thus far, that I have not run into those who would rather taunt or simply be rude. Maybe once I am really on my way out to where ever, that may happen. But thus far, not a single time.

One afternoon I was dozing in the van outside of my regular convenience store, when I was awoken by the knock of a man and his 2 sons on my window. Seems this man and his family had been touched by the story in the newspaper and wanted to know what I needed and offered assistance in trying to resurrect the laptop.

On top of that, an invitation to dinner!

I was unable to dine with them that evening, but we set a date for the following Sunday and the main course would be......


I LOVE meat loaf! A king amongst foods! Has to be nearly a year since I have had that delicacy, and the lady of the house made it to perfection!

It was beefy!
It was solid and pressed very nicely and firm!
And the flavor was wonderful!

Along with the corn and peas and from scratch mashed potatoes, it was terrific! Warming not just the belly but my heart. For these folks who knew me only from the news story to welcome me into their home for food, PC expertise, and company was a welcome respite for how things had, and have, been going.

She also sent me off with a nice amount of leftover's which I will be enjoying this very evening.

Top that off with random people just coming up to me with good wishes and offerings of support, it takes the edge off the more stressful and frustrating things I deal with.

So in closing, today sucked a lot! As did yesterday.

But these moments help make it a bit better.

Yesterday I sat in the SAME SPOT for over 13 hours due to lack of gasoline. What made it worse is that something in that building causes a horrible buzzing on A.M., so I couldn't even listen to my radio faves while stranded there.

I did, however, discover something about a fav American advertising icon and his never before known sibling. That's for a later posting.

Sidenote: I am noticing more and more hits from people's iPhones, Blackberry's, etc. I am guessing from having the website addy painted on the windows of The Conversion Van Of Wonders. If you have found me via that and see me on the road or in a lot somewhere, feel free to say hello. Bob likes the company!

Until Next Time...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Favorite Candy Time Of Year: Easter AND Passover

I LOVE marshmallow and jelly candies. Both Passover and Easter bring forth a veritable cornucopia of sugary delights! The nice thing about jellies this time of year is, you don't have to deal with the "Chuckles" dilemma! You know if you are a fan of the candy....what to do with the black one. Fortunately, up until my mother was hit with Type II Diabetes, she liked the flavor, thus I avoided the guilt of being wasteful pitching that one away.

With choco covered jellies and jelly fruit slices, that isn't an issue. I love'em all! Especially that hard white stuff the makes up part of the "rind" of said slices. Back in the 60's/70's this company called JoyVah used to make this absolutely heavenly candy called "Jell Joys". It was rectangular and had orange jell on top, red jell on the bottom, and that hard white stuff separating the 2. There used to be a corner store on the corner of Broadway and something, same street as The Ed Sullivan Theater, where I would get those all the time. I was in the habit of buying 7 or 8 at a time, 'cause I lived in New Jersey and knew the importance of stocking up.

SIDETRACK: When I was a kid, I was working in commercials and such. Thus would travel to N.Y.C. on a regular basis. The parking lot mom preferred was in the same block as the aforementioned theater. Actually, Studio 51 which is a part of that same parking structure, was an old CBS studio where they would tape games shows. SO parking, acting, and Jell Joys went hand in hand in hand.

I tried reaching out to JoyVah to see if they made Jell Joys anymore, but never got a response. I would LOVE to get those again.

And marshmallows...delicious air filled lumps of sugar and gelatin. During Passover you get the best ones. Firm and tasty, like the old "Campfire" brand that came in boxes used to be. I guess another word for "Kosher" would be Marsh-O-Licious!

Enter WalMart, my fav store in the world. So far in the last 4 days I have eaten over 4 dozen choc covered marshmallow eggs! At $.98 per dozen they are cheaper than real eggs and have that chocolaty, marshmallowy goodness to boot! When I was a kid, candy makers would used all kinds of forms and food items to make into sugar coated marshmallow treats. I can remember marshmallow Hot Dogs, Turkeys, Circus Peanuts, Animals, and so much more. Some of those are still made today and CVS carries the hard candy coated and multi-colored Easter Eggs that are absolute fillings and caps magnets. But well worth the pain!

So as I make my way through another holiday I will avoid, I can not separate myself from the objects of my obsessions. This year the day after said holiday will be my shopping spree of those things Easter/Passover-ish of a jelly and marshmallow nature. Why in the midst of all the stuff going on with moi and the world, am I musing about said delights?

I need a break! Plus, blogging from the public library surrounded by, ummm,"interesting" types is a tad inhibiting regards topic selections. Once I am on my own, internet/laptop wise, I'll have some observations on the experience here.


Not only does this bill invade our liberties in everything from health care to education funding, but under the behavior modifying aspects of it, my fave candies may disappear! I am hoping to maybe getting to D.C. this weekend for a "Storm The Bastile" type of protest. If I go, I promise lots-O-pictures.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Overall Goodness Of People

Seems a number of folks have taken the time to read the article about Bob The Van Eating Dog and myself versus PNC Bank and life in The Conversion Van Of Wonders.

I have been approached with offers of everything from laptop repair to dinners to cash and even Bob got a present today! And it seems MANY have done or are doing battle with the holders of their mortgages. Common culprit, Bank Of America, but that's no surprise.

Warms my heart and restores my faith. In spite of challenges of their own in this tough economy, they reach out and offer a hand.

God Bless everyone of them.

Until next time...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Follow Up: Newspaper Story Regards Your Humble Narrator

NOTE: The newspaper linked to here, The Mt. Olive Chronicle, is a weekly paper, thus the end result of me versus PNC Bank is not noted. I spoke with the author/editor Phil Garber this morning and updated him on the resolution. It will be updated in next week's edition.

So here for your viewing pleasure is said article.

Couple of personal notes:

The reason I went to the extremes I did regards the bank is, I was told by PNC Corporate that I was at the end of the road, stonewalled as it were, regards further refunds of penalties drawn. Had I been aware of an alternate route, I'd have been eating much sooner and saved money on glass paint!

I feel the penalties hit not just those in my situation hard, but anyone homeless or not, living hand to mouth...a paycheck away from desperation. The current economy has plenty of folks in that pinch!

I still need a new laptop.

My beard is not fully grey! It has a center of strawberry blonde in the middle, framed and balanced quite nice by grey. So, there!

Anyhow, thank you Phil Garber for highlighting my situation and for all the work you have done at The Chronicle these many years.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Food, Glorious Food!!! Now I Can Eat!

Interesting day I had. Woke up normally. Lit my first cig of the day before I get the coffee going. Listen to WABC then WOR after 6 A.M....

Status Quo.

Then I decided to do stuff.

Waited for Staples to open so I could get some of that there glass paint for The Conversion Van Of Wonders to display my dissatisfaction with PNC Bank. I cleaned ALL the exterior windows and started to apply the message. Photos to follow.

I chose a site that would give me the angle I needed to include the PNC logo as well as the side windows in the shot. Since this IS the Internet, after all, I covered my rear licence plate so not to put it out online.

Figured I was being prudent. Later on that would prove to be a mistake.

I get out of the van and shot maybe 10 pics, then grab a different cam to do some video. Satisfied with what I had done, I settled into the driver's seat to listen to some Rush Limbaugh and let the words on the windows speak for themselves.

I notice in the side view mirror, a police car pulling up behind me. I get out, smile on my face and approach the officer.

Probably not the best move.

Seems the police had gotten a call from the bank about some bearded guy taking pictures of the bank and shooting some video. To top it off, the patrolman saw my licence plate was covered by a paper towel. I was told to assume the position against the vehicle and was summarily "frisked". After finding no WMD's on or around me, he asked what was what.

I explained about my issues with PNC Bank and that today was the 1st day of the Conversion Van Of Wonders being adorned with my message, visiting different branches through out PNC's territory.

The folks inside were neither amused or inclined to ignore me. It's a bank, after all. Fair enough.

After asking my name, the officer recognized me (my currently homeless guy appearance throws some folks) and the air was considerably less thick. You all, if interested, have read pretty much everything I had to share with him. While this was going on, 3 other patrolmen appear, including one I know from before.

The first officer goes inside the bank to explain things, while the other three and I are chatting about what's up with me, am I really homeless and living in The Conversion Van Of Wonders with Bob The Van Eating Dog. Stuff like that.

Patrolman #1 comes back outside and says the manager of this branch wanted to talk with me to see what she could do. I told him, that HQ in Pittsburgh let me know THEY were the final word on stuff, and to stop wasting my time. He again suggested I go have a chat with said manager, and I figured..OK. If nothing else, I could get some coffee.

SIDETRACK: One of the items I painted onto the windows was the link to this blog. I stepped away from the 'puter I am using to check on Bob and have a quick smoke, when a fellow came up to me and asked me if I was The Homeless Advisor. I said yes, thinking he had read the blog. However, he is recently displaced from shelter and thought I could help him out.

Former Navy, living in his Jeep parked outside his old apartment where most of his stuff still is. Everything I suggested to him, he knew about and was trying to make some headway in finding a place to live.

I felt kind of useless, wishing I could offer up more for him not just because he is without housing, but he is former military. I have a van, a mansion compared to the front part of a Jeep. I am just lucky that way. I wish him well. His name is Michael.

Inside the bank, the tellers view me with more than a bit of curiosity. I mean, here is this guy with the pronouncement of a hunger strike aimed at rattling the cage of their employer, taking pictures of their workplace.

(The patrolman said I was accused of being belligerent, loud, and cussing up a storm! A time like that is why I am grateful God allowed us to invent video. My time there is captured for the record. No obnoxious behavior from this boy to be found! I'd like to know who made that accusation and why!)

I am greeted mid-lobby by the aforementioned manager and led into her office. I share my tale of frustration and woe, leading to being stonewalled by the contact I had at corporate. She digs into the record...sees what's what...considers the situation...and VOILA! She makes it good...handled...done!

I must say her manor was more than pleasant, quite personable. and warm. She listened..that was important to me. And she got it!

15 some minutes later, all seems well with the world. My account fixed and I am sent home with some swag, to boot.

Mugs and cocoa. A box-O-pens. A Snuggie kinda thing. Some chocolates, a road hazard emergency kit...way cool stuff!

My issues solved and a bonus! Is this a great country or what????? This young woman should be promoted to P'Burgh and put in charge of all things, PNC! Kudos to her!

And that first patrolman? He should be made head of any crisis/hostage negociating unit. He put the meeting 'twixt said manage and I together. Kudos to you, as well!

So, I got to eat. Went to B.K. and had 2 Whopper Jr.'s with cheese and onion rings. Paid for using my PNC Visa card.

I am giving myself some time off from being an activist, channeling Gandhi and just hang for a bit, refocusing on getting out of Jersey. The weather has been MUCH milder these last few days, and that helps a great deal.

I still feel that the the fees are too high and that they as well as newly imposed hours of operation and service charges are problematic to a fair portion of PNC's customer base. Perhaps I'll pick up that mantle again soon, but for now, I am in survival mode.

To my readers, thanks for following and for your support. In the video I shot today, I was going to ask y'all to send the address of other PNC branches I could park in front of. That's moot at this point. Since I do have a fair amount of glass paint left, I will be adorning the side and rear windows with the link to this blog. If you see me some where, please introduce yourself and say hello to me and Bob The Van Eating Dog.

Until Next Time...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hunger Strike Day 2: And PNC Rips Me Off Even More!

Yesterday I had water, coffee, and a few Doritos. Thus it begins...

I looked at my PNC Bank account this morning and saw that they charged me $21.00 for the overage THEY created!!! To refresh your memory:

QUOTE: Yesterday's Post

Using PNC's "clock"...which exists only on Planet PNC...they attributed the $25.00 to the next day, thus incurring another $36.00 "Fee"! Meaning...

$33.00 Cash Instantly Available
$25.00 Withdrawal (Pay Attention To This One Now)
$8.00 Balance
$15.00 Shell Oil Charge
- $7.00 Overage
-$32.00 Total Overage

Two $36.00 "FEES" for the same $25.00! Add to that the $7.00 Per Day "Fee" they are adding everyday since last week FOR OVERAGES THEY CREDITED BACK adds up to pennies short of being $100.00!!!


So they count back 3 days at $7.00 per day using the clock on Planet PNC to charge me for this overage. Add to that the overage charge for MONEY THAT WAS DEPOSITED BUT NOT CREDITED THEN REIMBURSED the total to date is : $121.00. That's more than 10% of the money going in after midnight, tonight.

Tomorrow, The Conversion Van Of Wonders will have it's windows decorated with the following message:

"My "HUNGER STRIKE" Against PNC Bank's Fees And Practices"

This will be on both sides as well as the rear windows with the link to this site. Look for me as I will be parked outside of different bank branches over the course of time. Stop by and see Bob The Van Eating Dog and myself to say hello.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ok...Maybe Not So Dilligent!

This Is A Thread In Progress. You Should Begin Reading It HERE First Before Reading Further.

UPDATE: Hunger Strike Reboot!

I had to reconfigure how I am doing this. I ate yesterday, Sunday, simply because I wasn't feeling well since Saturday. I resume again this morning, with a vengeance! I will be adding broth and more water. I think I overdid the coffee.

Seems the fellow I worked with at PNC did not handle things as thoroughly as I had thought. Thing is, the $7.00 Per Day Interest...err..."Fee" begins AFTER 4 days of being overdrawn. Well, even though he made the overdrafts moot the clock was ticking on the "Fees". That's why I am seeing the $7.00 per day now.

But it gets better!

After he said he refunded all of the $36.00 "Fees", I was told that $33.00 and change were made available immediately. I went to the ATM and found that to be true. I took out $25.00 cash, leaving a balance of $8.00. Subsequent to that, a charge appeared from Shell Oil that I thought had already come through. Although I still think the $36.00 "Fee" charged against an $7.00 overage is near Loansharkville, I said fair enough, my error.

This is where you have to pay attention,

Using PNC's "clock"...which exists only on Planet PNC...they attributed the $25.00 to the next day, thus incurring another $36.00 "Fee"! Meaning...

$33.00 Cash Instantly Available
$25.00 Withdrawal (Pay Attention To This One Now)
$8.00 Balance
$15.00 Shell Oil Charge
- $7.00 Overage
-$32.00 Total Overage

Two $36.00 "FEES" for the same $25.00! Add to that the $7.00 Per Day "Fee" they are adding everyday since last week FOR OVERAGES THEY CREDITED BACK adds up to pennies short of being $100.00!!!

Now do you get the "with a vengeance" part?

I need your help! Please pass this blog along using THIS link to everyone you know. Encourage them to read all the posts and to contact those I have listed. The newspaper interview should appear this coming Thursday and I will post it when it appears online. I also ask you email the Chairman of PNC Bank, James E. Rohr at and send him the link as well.

This is more than just me. These outrageous fees affect so many others, and during this tough economic time, it's simply not fair. Some ask, what am I seeking with all of this. I can tell you what I am NOT seeking.

I am in NO WAY interested in seeing some regulations put in place by the State or Federal Govt. There is way too much govt. involvement in things as it is.

I don't want anyone to think I encourage withdrawing your business from PNC, either. That's not the point.

I don't want to see PNC create "classes" of customer. What structure of fees and services they create should apply to the richest and neediest of their base.

I want PNC in and of itself, to develope a heart and a conscience. To develope systems and rules that are fair to both the bank and the customer. And to set up a reasonable series of fees, not the over the top, egregious ones in place now.

Right now, I am trying to keep warm and have gas in the Conversion Van Of Wonders. I will fast until I see this is either futile or resolved. And not just resolved to my benefit, but to foster concern and compassion by PNC to those amongst it's clientele dealing with some tough times right now.

I had hoped to have an open letter to Chairman Rohr posted today..and that may still happen. But I would prefer to create when I would have a more measured attitude when creating said missive. Right now, I am fuming. This "Double Dip Fee" is irking my liver to a great degree.

Catch you all later...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

DAMN!!! I Need $605.00 Today! Seriously...

Anyone need a kidney?

Will update on my hunger thingie later today. Right now have to sell my body!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Was Right And He Was Dilligent

Before reading this post, I suggest you read the one preceding it if you have not done so already.
(Updates To This Post Follow Text)

My Hunger Strike Continues! is the latest. Upon review the rep from P.N.C. found that what I had stated was correct. That being, my deposit, had it been allowed on Friday, would have covered all incoming charges as well as the $50.00 that deposited on Monday. Those overdraft fees...*FLICK*

That left a balance of $33.00

I withdrew $25.00 leaving $8.00 behind, so I could get some gas and stay warm.

Turns out there was on charge that had not posted yet, from Shell Oil, for $15.00. Shell only takes $1.00 at the moment of sale, gets it all later. I knew that already, but thought it had reconciled already. If my laptop were still alive, I would have seen what' was what. Had I not taken the 25 or only taken 15, I'd have been fine.

I was seven dollars short.

S E V E N D O L L A R S S H O R T !

For that, I am charged:

$36.00 over draft fee. That's 5 TIMES more than the amount!

$7.00 per day for up to 14 days the account is over. And that fee is PER INSTANCE. Meaning should I have had 2 items come up short, it would be $14.00 per day, etc. (The fee used to be $4.00 per day up to 3 or 4 days)

I'd get better terms from a loan shark. Someone give "Knuckles" my email address.

This is usury by proxy, using the term "fees" instead of interest. Whether your a billionaire or a bum, this is unfair and egregious, nee OUTRAGEOUS!

In a time of a real unemployment percentage near 18%, and folks doing their level best to stay above water, this fee system is particularly callous. And in fairness, it's not just P.N.C. These banks got bailed out or rewarded with tax dollars, only to turn around and change their policies and fees to the detriment of the customer...the tax payer.

PNC has cut back hours, now charge for many services done via phone, while offering a glowing assessment of their operation. The added service fees hits those who are less than computer comfortable hardest. Do the action online, free. Need someone to do it for you, pay up.

How many of you have older, seasoned, relatives that can't do email, let alone online banking?

I sought advice of counsel on my actions and he told me to "Stay the course".

So be it.

Since I began my hunger strike, I have had a LOT of coffee, a few saltines, and 1/2 a buttered roll. The roll was over the course of 2 days.
As best I can be, I am dug in. No cash in my pockets until next week as of this writing, and very little gas. But dug in, I am.

You want to help? Here's How:

Send this blog to everyone you know and ask them to read and pass along as well.
Email the link to the following with a message you are sympathetic to my point of view. You may not feel for moi, but at least the points I make here. The emails are: PNC Grow Up Great and Community Involvement

Thanks for reading and your good thoughts.
Until next time...

UPDATE 03/05/10 9:41 A.M. DAMN cold last night in the Conversion Van Of Wonders. I ran out of gas around 1 A.M., thus heat was non-existant. Fortunately, I had pulled into a gas station and the young man pumped in $5.00 which lasted for a little while. Ran out again around 5 A.M. Again, was given some to stay warm at least for a while.

I can't blame this on P.N.C., so I'll take a page from our President's Excuse Prompter List.

I Blame Bush!

I am being interviewed by a local paper this afternoon. They saw the blog mentioned elsewhere and wanted to do a story. They offer an online edition and I will post a link when published.

A special thanks to Belinda who sent me some funds this morning via Western Union. The instant cash helped GREATLY!!! And again, thank you to all who sent funds via PayPal from . I will be depositing those this coming Wednesday.

Last but not least, I want to point out that the rep from P.N.C. was quite personable, professional, and worked diligently for me as much as he could within the bank's rules. I thank him for his efforts.
UPDATE 03/06/10: Discovering the effect prolonged fasting has on my gastro intestinal system. Interesting and unpleasant. 'nuff said 'bout that!
I was feeling dizzy and weak last night, so I did eat a 1/2 a bologna sandwich. I figured health food would be best, so that was my choice. Taking the weekend off from blogging about this and returning to the fight on Monday. Please feel free to send a link to here and encouraging your friends and family to follow and spread the word. I will be composing an open letter to P.N.C. Bank for posting here on Monday.
Enjoy your weekend.....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PNC Bank..I have had it!!!! " The Homeless Advisor Meets Ghandi"


Been a helluva day! I am 53 hours into the hunger strike. I had a LOT of coffee and maybe a dozen saltines to take the edge off. However, about 5 A.M. this morning I ran out of gas and was stuck outside a convenience store that had an electrical problem, keeping me from at least listenning to the radio. Suffice to say, the day sucked.

When I checked my balance yesterday it was +$8.00. This morning -$155.00 and I have yet to see what happened. I prefer not to access my banking info on a public P.C. I will detail what's what tomorroow. How I got gas is kinda interesting. As I said, I was outside this store since around 6 A.M. And throughout the day, the owner of the house kitty corner kept checking up on me. The final time being after dark and pulling his car RIGHT in front of me, headlights in my eyes, then looping back to his house.

So I am hanging inside the store when he comes in asking if the clerk knew who.."..owned that strange van that has been here all night and day..". I raise my hand. I explain my situation, and how until Aug. I had lived in the 'hood for 27 some odd years. He said he had people who had threatened to kill him and thus, has a "unique" interest who hangs around. I explain I am out of gas and cash, and he says he has old gas removed from lawn mowers over the years. He said he didn't know if it would work in the Conversion Van Of Wonders. I said, let's give it shot.

After a clumsily performed emptying of the gas into the van, and a few false starts, voila! I'll have heat this evening. BUT...the same amount of gas as last night, so I have to figure something out.

But I digress....

Tomorrow I will resume my hunger strike and this truly be outside my home branch of P.N.C. Hopefully have more details for you all.

To those who have contributed, THANK YOU!!!! It's in my PayPal and will stay there for the time being. All P.N.C. would do is apply to penalties, and I would rather it not go in that direction.

So, keep warm thoughts for me and see you all on the morrow.

Until next time...

Updates Below Main Text And Video:

As of today, I am literally penniless. I have less than 1/8 tank of gas. And still in the throes of winter.

Despite having made a deposit before some charges reconciled, PNC has hit me with nearly a dozen overdraft fees of $36.00 a piece! Understand, I am a fan of the capitalist system we have here. Quite conservative to the core. That being stated, I expect fairness to be a principle in all of that. I just did many years of battle with my former mortgage company for the same reasons.

PNC will charge $36.00 even if the overage is $3.00. Any deposit made after 3 P.M. is credited on the next business day, but a charge coming in up to midnight that evening will be posted and charged that same day. PNC has a policy that if you can get to a branch before close of business, or an ATM with a cash deposit by 10 P.M., you will avoid charges, Thing is, they will hold and then post charges AFTER 10 P.M. thus they hit you with a fee. I have tried the ATM option and found the money was credited 2 days from the date deposited, thus....a fee.

It's happened to me for the last time!

I will be parked outside the PNC branch at The Village Green, Rt. 46 West, in Budd Lake, New Jersey on a hunger and heating strike. Won't eat,will only drink water and coffee and won't run the car. I am 54 years old with a heart attack under my belt, have not eaten since 1 P.M. Monday, March 1st and just endured a night of sub 30 degree temps. The only thing that may prevent me from being there is running out of gas between the library and PNC. I want my money and for PNC to get fair about things!

Bob The Van Eating Dog will not be participating in the hunger end of things. He has food and plenty of van left to munch on.

PNC received T.A.R.P. (Troubled Assetts Recovery Program) funds even thought they did not need them. Said funds went into purchasing another bank. PNC has cut back significantly the hours of operation at their 800 line. PNC is charging fees for nearly any transaction one of the telephone support people perform for you.

Let me clearly state my issue is NOT with the rank and file proletariot at PNC. For the most part, the staff have been very pleasant, personable, and did their best to help me. Any issues I have had, have been with upper management. One even "scolded" me for being addressless and was very condescending. The issue remians PNC's unbalanced way of doing thingts. Even Bank Of America who is notorious for beating up on customers is fairer areas in these regards than PNC.

So, if in the area stop by and kindly pass this posting along to anyone you can think of. Hopefully will be posting more video soon. Who knows if this will make a difference or not. We'll see. I just had to do something.

UPDATE 1: The bank had a rep call me and we went over a few things. He has reimbursed a few of the charges, with more hopefully to follow. It still isn't addressing the fundamental unfairness of the clock PNC uses. So...still on the campaign.