Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Was Right And He Was Dilligent

Before reading this post, I suggest you read the one preceding it if you have not done so already.
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My Hunger Strike Continues! is the latest. Upon review the rep from P.N.C. found that what I had stated was correct. That being, my deposit, had it been allowed on Friday, would have covered all incoming charges as well as the $50.00 that deposited on Monday. Those overdraft fees...*FLICK*

That left a balance of $33.00

I withdrew $25.00 leaving $8.00 behind, so I could get some gas and stay warm.

Turns out there was on charge that had not posted yet, from Shell Oil, for $15.00. Shell only takes $1.00 at the moment of sale, gets it all later. I knew that already, but thought it had reconciled already. If my laptop were still alive, I would have seen what' was what. Had I not taken the 25 or only taken 15, I'd have been fine.

I was seven dollars short.

S E V E N D O L L A R S S H O R T !

For that, I am charged:

$36.00 over draft fee. That's 5 TIMES more than the amount!

$7.00 per day for up to 14 days the account is over. And that fee is PER INSTANCE. Meaning should I have had 2 items come up short, it would be $14.00 per day, etc. (The fee used to be $4.00 per day up to 3 or 4 days)

I'd get better terms from a loan shark. Someone give "Knuckles" my email address.

This is usury by proxy, using the term "fees" instead of interest. Whether your a billionaire or a bum, this is unfair and egregious, nee OUTRAGEOUS!

In a time of a real unemployment percentage near 18%, and folks doing their level best to stay above water, this fee system is particularly callous. And in fairness, it's not just P.N.C. These banks got bailed out or rewarded with tax dollars, only to turn around and change their policies and fees to the detriment of the customer...the tax payer.

PNC has cut back hours, now charge for many services done via phone, while offering a glowing assessment of their operation. The added service fees hits those who are less than computer comfortable hardest. Do the action online, free. Need someone to do it for you, pay up.

How many of you have older, seasoned, relatives that can't do email, let alone online banking?

I sought advice of counsel on my actions and he told me to "Stay the course".

So be it.

Since I began my hunger strike, I have had a LOT of coffee, a few saltines, and 1/2 a buttered roll. The roll was over the course of 2 days.
As best I can be, I am dug in. No cash in my pockets until next week as of this writing, and very little gas. But dug in, I am.

You want to help? Here's How:

Send this blog to everyone you know and ask them to read and pass along as well.
Email the link to the following with a message you are sympathetic to my point of view. You may not feel for moi, but at least the points I make here. The emails are: PNC Grow Up Great and Community Involvement

Thanks for reading and your good thoughts.
Until next time...

UPDATE 03/05/10 9:41 A.M. DAMN cold last night in the Conversion Van Of Wonders. I ran out of gas around 1 A.M., thus heat was non-existant. Fortunately, I had pulled into a gas station and the young man pumped in $5.00 which lasted for a little while. Ran out again around 5 A.M. Again, was given some to stay warm at least for a while.

I can't blame this on P.N.C., so I'll take a page from our President's Excuse Prompter List.

I Blame Bush!

I am being interviewed by a local paper this afternoon. They saw the blog mentioned elsewhere and wanted to do a story. They offer an online edition and I will post a link when published.

A special thanks to Belinda who sent me some funds this morning via Western Union. The instant cash helped GREATLY!!! And again, thank you to all who sent funds via PayPal from . I will be depositing those this coming Wednesday.

Last but not least, I want to point out that the rep from P.N.C. was quite personable, professional, and worked diligently for me as much as he could within the bank's rules. I thank him for his efforts.
UPDATE 03/06/10: Discovering the effect prolonged fasting has on my gastro intestinal system. Interesting and unpleasant. 'nuff said 'bout that!
I was feeling dizzy and weak last night, so I did eat a 1/2 a bologna sandwich. I figured health food would be best, so that was my choice. Taking the weekend off from blogging about this and returning to the fight on Monday. Please feel free to send a link to here and encouraging your friends and family to follow and spread the word. I will be composing an open letter to P.N.C. Bank for posting here on Monday.
Enjoy your weekend.....

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  1. Heard you last night on Doug McIntyre's show. Hope everything comes together for you soon. It's pretty rough for a lot of people these days. What I have noticed during my period of unemployment is that when I am making money, there are a lot more freebies available from free lunches at work to free services at the bank. When we are unemployed, all the freebies go away, and not only do we have to scramble to stay afloat by making major and sometimes painful sacrifices, but we end up getting hit up with all the additional charges the bank heaps on us for not having periodic direct deposit or maintaining minimum balances. And then to throw more salt in the wound, we have to deal with large penalties for accidently missing a small payment or exceeding our credit limits (even though the bank may have recently reduced our limit causing us to exceed the new limit with our old balances). It is very frustrating and unfair especially considering all of our money given to the banks to bail them out when they were on the verge of collapse (after they recklessly made bad investments or stupid decisions). The banks are ruthless and as unforgiving as anything I can possibly think of.