Saturday, April 14, 2012

Off To Work I Go....

I am off to my first gig along my Road To "Real Love" and rest-0-mylife adventure! I'll be down the shore here in N.J. for about a week or so, working with a family organizing and such in their home.

I have done work for these folks before, dog sitting back in January. They had heard me on The Glenn Beck Program in November, and had driven the 100+ miles northward to meet me.

A whole new audience to gawk at The Sovereign (And Adorned) Conversion Van Of Wonders, Afscootistan (A.H.A.) !

Heading out later today, after getting a couple more repairs done and then...1st step to breaking my chains.

Wish me luck!

Until next time...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Well, Here's Something That Doesn't Happen Every Day!

So I am sitting in this parking lot, eating lunch and minding my own business, when I see these gypsies to pull the "Quick Body Work" scam on some kid with a pretty well dented fender. The main guy's back is to me, and I am trying to get the kids attention to not fall for this.

Ultimately, the main guy gives up and heads back to the Dodge Mini Van his buddies are in, and the kid comes over to talk with me.

SIDETRACK: The thing the intended victim kept saying was he didn't have the money. The Gypsy guy asks if he has a credit card, of all things!! Who knew the campfire dwellers are now in the Cyber Age. They are probably using THIS.

Anyhow....moments later, said minivan is circling The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders, and it's occupants making weird noises and some kinda chant, while gesturing with their arms. Ultimately, they left after loudly proclaiming some not so kind feelings toward your humble narrator.

If only gypsies looked like this.....

...put curses on me as the day is long!

Ahhh....Disney's "Esmeralda"!

I guess I have to now find a chicken to kill or something.

Until next time...

Friday, April 6, 2012



Lost House August 4th, 2009
Heading Out On To My New Life October 5th 2009
Heart Attack October 5th 2009
Heading Out April 2010
103 Fever And Severe Bout Of Diverticulitis April 2010
(2 Week Stay In Hospital And 10 Days After With A Drain)
Plan On Leaving July 25th, 2010
Evidence Of Small Strokes June 2010
ALL Of 2011: Mechanical Issue With The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders

See a pattern?

My date for departure is now set as on or before April 15th.

April 4th 2012: Mid-afternoon felt like I had been poisoned! Couldn't think, and increasing mid region pain. Fell asleep in spite of myself. Just couldn't keep my eyes open.

April 5th 2012: Woke up in pain in many places and passed a dollop of "The Red Elixir Of Life" when attempting to reduce aforementioned abdominal pain.

Not good!

I made a firm resolve to myself that if I really felt I was about to die, I would pull myself along on my belly with my hands to cross the state border. I am determined to not expire in The Garden State.

I was in a lot of intense pain. Then I thought to myself:

"OH SH&T! Here I go again!"

The pain would stop...I'd move and walk....BANG! Back it comes.

The amount of depression and despondency I felt was overwhelming. I felt trapped and ever so alone.

You get the picture.....

Today I feel a fair bit better. I still have some pain, but not nearly as much as the last 2 days. I have had this growing "Circle-O-Pain" around my belly for a number of months now. Don't really care to know just what it is.

Ignorance is bliss, no?

Anyhow...much has been done on the van.

Tune up all but finished. Trying to find a Timing Light to finish it off.
Electric sofa bed moved to the very back of the vane, opening up a nice bit of floor space.
Took out the passenger seat, opening up space there, as well.

SIDETRACK: That seat was devoured by Bob The Formerly Van Eating Dog. Coincidentally, Bob came to visit a few weeks ago and he looks great! He asked to say "Hello"to you all.
Organizing all the stuff I have inside there.
Still looking for tires and a trailer hitch.
And various odds and ends.

So, I sally forth and continue to keep my focus on leaving. Seriously, I am hell bent on leaving here...and certainly not to reach room temperature here.

Today is do more organizing. Being Good Friday, many things I need to go to or accomplish can't be achieved. So I work with what I can.

To you all, have a wonderful Passover or Easter and keep me in your thoughts from time to time.

Until Next Time....