Saturday, September 24, 2011

It Has Been Said....

..that God/Fate/Life never gives you more than you can take!

I add: But will sometimes take away more than you can handle.

Everything is gone...all I have is what is in this van. My physical timeline destroyed.

Gifts, documents, pictures, collection....everything.

All for just under $100.00!

Here's the deal:

I was unable to hit the mark for rent in June and that pushed everything into July. Public Storage will add $50.00 to the prior months rent for a "Lien" fee. I have 2 bins, thus $100.00. On July 2nd, I was able to muster up enough to pay for June and July, but just short of the $100.00 "Lien" fee. What's interesting, no lien is created. No document, no court paperwork, nothing. I emailed the company and asked what that fee paid for....they couldn't tell me.

I was told that the Regional Manager could waive it, but it was solely at his discretion.
That manager's name is Christian Festa. I reached out to him and he told me there was a new D.M., but that the new guy would bend to Christian's will.

I explained the situation, had just enough to get on track, but would he waive the $50.00 "Can't show What It Goes To" Fee.

He said no...and frankly in a quite arrogant, boastful way. He even bragged about blowing off people who were hospitalized that asked for some break. He said he "couldn't" help me. I asked:

"You can't or choose not to?"

He affirmed the latter.

SIDETRACK: I spoke with the new guy yesterday about reaching out to the parties that got my stuff, about possibly being able to get the personal stuff, as well as whatever else they didn't want. He said sure and did so.

God Bless Him!

So for just under $100.00 as of July 2nd, I lost everything on August 24th.

Edited 09/16/11

I just got off the phone with the Public Storage facility my stuff was sold off at. The truly nice young lady let me know that a couple of small items were left behind and I could come get them.

A photo album and a box-O-something.

That's it.

2 units...2 buyers.

What possible use could these guys have for personal stuff? Videotapes of my kids being born and growing up. Footage of their mom, who died when they were 7 and 3. 8mm and Super 8mm film that I shot myself. The bundles of papers that document my kids school years?

I could go on and on, but what's the point? It's my timeline, so who really cares.

I am done. I will pray enthusiastically for the Almighty to get me outta here. The day after the auction, I had mused out loud about making that a D.I.Y. project and wound up under observation for about 18 hours.

That whole ordeal created it's own set of setbacks. It was a waste of everyone's time and resource. They should have known I am not handy at all, thus aforementioned project would have been thwarted by yours truly's lack of skill.

I have maybe 8 hours of gasoline left and most of a pack of smokes. When the gas runs out, the generator goes silent, and that's that. My diverticulitis has been acting up, and that may end up being my salvation. Next on the list is figure out ways to aggravate it.

Not suicide, just altering my menu to accommodate natures way.

Look, I am not begrudging the right to make money, nor the right of the winning buyers to the spoils of sorrow. But let's look at the numbers:

Public Storage , in round numbers, lost $135.00 on one bin, and had to pay me $200.00 on the other. Net loss of $335.00 for a lifetime to be wiped out. The upper bin was rented for one month hence, but now lays empty. Figure a couple of months before rented again, more loss.

All for less than $100.00!

Good business model. Christian certainly helped out the company on this one. Maybe Solyndra should review his resume for consideration.

I appreciate all the folks from around the world who have to come to this corner of the ether to read my ramblings and musings. It was kinda neat having people interested in what this deranged unit had to spew. But this is it.

If you are going to pray for me and/or keep good thoughts, PLEASE do so with the point of view that "whatever" is in my best interest. If it is to wish me good health, etc., kindly direct your efforts at someone who desires and needs that.

It sure ain't me.

Added 09/24/11

Got the very last of what was left behind today.

It wasn't much. And it mostly served to remind me of more that is lost. I just hope that whoever the 2 parties are, whatever they are going to discard, they find a way to connect with me.

And to make me feel even worse, today was my oldest son's 30th birthday and I had completely forgotten it. The "Bad Brain Days" have been coming back coupled with all this stuff.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Missing Kitty Alert: Mice Rejoice!

Zander needs a special diet. He is described as calm and affectionate. Zander is a rescue cat who bolted from his new home. Tell tale signs he's around...mice tremble at his name!

If you see him, call the number above.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Just Been Hard To Gather My Thoughts

I know many of you have been checking back, often multiple times during the course of the day. This is just to let you know I ain't dead yet. I am clearing my head and will do a decent sized post in the next couple of days.

Thanks for hanging in there!