Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Ok...I hate doing this. Last night was extremely TOUGH! I was all prepared to sleep in the van....motel money ran out. And since contracting pneumonia, lost the job I had and have been unable to work. Around 10 P.M. I was gasping for air. The cold had made it very difficult at best to catch my breath sitting still. I had to convince the motel here to trust me on the rent and given me a room.

Once I was inside and warm, breathing became easier but still labored to a degree.

I took the entire Cipro amount and had hoped that was that. My former boss had this and it ultimately led to him being sick to the point of kidney failure. I am hoping to avoid that if possible. So far, it's all been respiratory with a couple of times with a fever.

Before it got so bad last night, I had talked with a manager of a mattress store who uses sign holders/spinners about possible work for today. I don't think I'll be able to do that...but we'll see. I woke up wheezing and trouble taking deep breaths.

Bottom line, I am, with help from family and friends, holding on to this room.  Please take my word, I would rather have been able to stay in the van until I gathered my own resources, but my lungs would have none of that.

Until next time....

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Season Is Coming Upon Us....

...when happiness abounds and parking lot space wars are in full earnest!

For your humble narrator, I am happy I'll be in a motel room for the holiday, as opposed to the alternative. Much to my chagrin, it does get cold here in Texas!

EXTENDED SIDETRACK: Here's a couple of things I have come to learn about Texans.

They are most certainly a VERY proud lot! I see signs...emblems...icons ...adoring vehicles and homes exclaiming their citizenship, grateful and honored to do so!

Manners count here in Texas! Instead of saying "no problem" to my "Thank you"..I hear the old school "you're welcome"! Ain't that refreshing! Their churches are the sizes of small towns, and every one holds open the door for everyone else! Even the Gang Bangers I have happened upon will address me as Sir.

Very cordial and polite. I am impressed.

Then they get behind the wheel.

It all changes!

I have never, ever seen such aggressive driving in my life. It seems turning the key and stepping on the gas creates a reflex action that makes one intolerant of anyone else on the road.

Oh...and then there are the "I dare you" and "I am doing this just to piss you off" types.

Of the later variety, I have encountered a few, but one in particular driver-ette a number of times. Here's how it works....

Where I am in Texas, nearly every highway has service roads that run along side of them. Every so often there is an opportunity to turn off...either right or left...or make a U-Turn. There are oft times a designated, particular lane just for turning round around. Here's how that works...

You come to an intersection, usually next to an overpass,  that has up to 4.1 lanes. One for turning right only. Two for going straight. One for left turn only....and a sub lane for a U-turn. that?

So, there's this time I am in the "going through" lane with the left and U-Turn lane next to me. Oddly, both of those are empty..and I look back.

There is this "older" woman staying JUST far back enough so that anyone who would want to use the U-Turn lane can't get to it. I look at her via my side view mirror, and she is looking at her's...seeing who she is pissing off. I figure she is just having a bad day....or one of those "Change-0-Life" flare ups.

Fair enough....

However, after repeated sightings of her and her way of doing of things, I have come to discover this is her M.O. for getting back at the world. Not a safety thing or a Texas's a "she devil" thing unique to her.

Amusing..but I digress....

I don't have tons I am grateful for. But for that which I am, they are significant.

I am grateful for:

God for poking His finger in my back when I want to just lay down, stop trying, and sleep forever.

That the 3 people I love and care for the most are overall safe and healthy after Sandy redecorated and customized the state of New Jersey.

The week I got to work at "Restoring Love" and the people I met there. The single best week of my life in the last 10 years.

The state of "Texas" and the vibe I get here...even if I am a Novice Texan.

Those who wish me well and have supported me these last few years. I'd most likely be dead if not for your help.

For those who are my detractors because, frankly, they make me stay honest with myself and face my bullshit.

The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders. She has loved me when no else (besides my sons) would. She's been transport, shelter, love shack, media center, and WiFi connection to the world.

Fringe...the TV show on Fox. Even though the plot right now is giving me headaches...I LOVE this show. Gonna miss it when it's over in just a few episodes.

Milwaukee's Best! Official Adult Beverage of Afscootistan. It makes the world go away on occasion.

I could go on, but I am at the point where I am digging for stuff to say I am grateful for.

This is a decent list.

You all be well, have a safe and GREAT Thanksgiving, with and for, you and yours.
(Was that even a real sentence?)

Please keep me in your thoughts and if you do pray for me...pray that what God feels would be best for me and not anything specific.

Oh..for Christmas...I want Santa to bring me a DeLorean equipped with a working Flux Capacitor so I can go back to November 6th and change a couple of things. Where's Doc Brown when you need him most?

Until next time....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Really Wanted To Write One Of My More....

...optimistic and whimsical posts at this point, but tis not to be. Things have taken a turn.'s official...lost the FiOS gig. Hard to do door to door when breathing is an issue. It is what it is and I'll deal with it. Went on an interview yesterday for a driving position...we'll see how that works. Looking at other opportunities as well. Wish me luck. 

In the meantime, I still have COPD,  with a side of pneumonia, and trying to hang on to the motel room for another couple of nights. Anyone who may want to help please reach out. Trying to get some cash for my other meds that were prescribed. 

It was suggested to me that I consider applying for disability, but not interested in doing that right now. To me, it's tossing in the towel. Am I somewhat limited physically at this point...yes. The pneumonia is, hopefully, temporary and I will get some lung capacity back. The COPD, not so much....but is workable.

For right now, seeking out some resources to keep he motel at least until the Cipro cycle is done. And I continue to seek employ and be back as a functioning member of society, not a number leeching off the public dole. 

As for is the best you can get!!!! I am leaving the ad up for now because I can forward any leads to my former boss. He did a LOT for me these last couple of months and I'd like to repay that. And maybe he'll spiff me a little on what sales he gets from my referrals. At this point I can go coast to coast with that.

SIDETRACK: Glenn Beck Fans: Want DISH Network for The Blaze T.V.? I can do that for you now, too!

I refuse to give up or give in. But this just got real for me. When I was at Camp Scooter SouthEast: Afscootistan I had my generator and a friendly environ in which to live and stay warm. Here....not so much. Not that I have dealt with hostility, but I can't just pull the generator out to run my electric heater to stay warm at any old place. The Conversion Van Of Wonders' heating/air conditioning systems don't work, so that alternative is a non starter. And who said that Texas was allowed to be cold???? Not moi!

Anyhow...keep me in your thoughts if you would and your prayers.

Until next time......


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Well...It's Either Pneumonia Or....

INSTANT SIDETRACK: It would be helpful to read my post just below before reading this one.

 ....or something........else.

That's what I came away with from my most recent E.R. visit, and is based on the above photo's noticeable "Black Spot". I think it's my left lung.

My breathing became impossible this evening so I relented and went to get examined. The Breathing Treatment I received helped a LOT! But there is more going on.

I was prescribed Cipro which, if this is bacterial, will help AND put me in good stead should an anthrax attack occur! I will with all diligence take said medication, as well as, the inhaler that was also prescribed. There is a 3rd medication recommended  but I don't recall what at this moment,

In 4-6 weeks the doctor wants me to be re-X-Ra yd (Blame spellcheck for that one) to see if it's something....... else.

You faithful readers may recall an element of my standard prayer....

I ask God to please either lead me to my purpose or please bring me home by whatever method He chooses.

We'll see how this plays out. At least my (likely former) boss will see I wasn't kidding or being lazy. Here are the other 2 pictures. The "blob" I believe is my heart. Proof positive, I actually have one!

SIDETRACK: Just when you think....
I just heard on the radio a fundraiser for a little boy who was.... Pediatric Alzheimers. May God bless him and his family.

Until next time.....

Saturday, November 10, 2012


EDITED TO ADD: In the face of adversity, I get this REALLY nice...but somewhat from a James Waters in Bowmont, North Dakota. I won't repost the whole missive, but will publish portions in a day or two. REALLY nice things he said to me...

And LOTS of it!

I've been coughing for some 3 months now, and it is increasing in intensity! It started when I had that episode with weaponized Radiator Steam for a number of miles on the New Jersey Parkway this past spring,

Now you, my followers, know my current job situation. I was in a make it or break it situation. I had until close of business yesterday to get 2 more sales.

I simply could not get it done. Not that I think I was incapable, but I couldn't move.

Yesterday started like this.....

I was back in the Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders for some 5 nights. Due to the living part of the van being in complete disarray, I had to sleep in the front seat, fetal style behind a Jack In The Box restaurant. Upside was I had GREAT internet speeds from their WiFi!

Anyhow, sleeping in the fashion I was did not do my body any favors. Combine that with the hard, and I mean REALLY hard coughing....

You get the picture.

So I am awake and sipping day old coffee when a very nice woman and her husband pull up next to me and engage in conversation. She asked if I was going to be there for a while, and I said yes. I was lamenting the God Awful results of the election and worrying about the future. (Hanging around behind a Jack In The Box, a company that long ago forsake The JackSteak,  seemed like the proper place for said lamentations.)

In short order she returned, handed me a very interesting and inspirational book that held a nice amount of cash! We talked some more, but her grandchild in the back of the truck protested and she needed to head out.

(WOW....having a dose of Deja Vu typing that! Not the incident, but me typing about it..and not in a good or even neutral way. Hmmm....)

I immediately deposit a chunk in my bank account, so I could go about booking a room somewhere on Priceline. And also recharge a Walmart Gift card to get gas. (Walmart offers $.10 off per gallon if you use a gift card to purchase) And go about getting online to book a room.

While parked, I am approached by another very nice woman who saw me in my prior spot and came up to talk. She handed me a bag with a gift card and some cash, as well as, some energy beverages and other items. We talked at length, she wished me well, I thanked her, and went about beginning my day and getting to work.

Then it began...slowly... as something just irritating.

Then BOOM hit hard!

Agony in my rib cage on the right side. It was debilitating and chronic. I could hardly move. I tried walking it off, as it felt akin to a "stitch" one might get when running. I took some aspirin hoping to quell it somewhat, but to no avail.

It was relentless!

I went to the motel I booked and checked in..hoping laying down for a bit and a nice, long, hot shower would help.

Didn't work.

Needless to say, going to work was out of the question. And I may very well have lost my gig.

I will be out and about promoting the fine points of FiOS today, hoping I can get some sales on the board so I have a paycheck this Friday. But as far as I know, my employ will end  come Monday morning. In the realm of hope springing eternal, I am keeping the FiOS banner on this page.

So it's back to the drawing board for your humble narrator.

I ask only for good thoughts and prayers. Given the results of this Tuesday past, I am more apprehensive of my current situation that I'd be if Romney had run a better campaign. I fear for our future as a nation.

Anyhow...hopefully my next buncha postings will be of lighter notes. You all be well and thanks for reading.

Until next time....

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ce Seulement, Jamais, Sera vous. Joyeux Anniversaire


Our Obligation Is Pretty Clear!

This is probably the most fear and hopelessness I have felt in years! This is my last night with housing, van will be running on fumes, auto insurance expires at midnight, cell has 39 minutes left, and less than $2.00 to my name. Thanks to people like Bill Maher encouraging violence on people of my color, I feel more vulnerable than I have in a very long time.

Given all want to help me in the long term? Elect Romney! It will take some time but he will pave the way for the economy to recover. Get government to stand aside and allow us fellow American's to restore wealth and opportunity to the nation. I have had public assistance in the past, and it helped me survive, but not move forward. I came to Texas to rebuild myself, and despite some setbacks, I feel this is the best place for me to be. This state stands on it's own, overall, and has a fierce independence that's lacking in most of this country. If there are things to take care of, Rick Perry doesn't "blame Bush" or Ann Richards...he and the elected officials here simply work to get things fixed...period.

We need that in Washington. We need Romney/Ryan.

If you haven't voted yet, please make sure you set aside the time tomorrow to do so. I know Sandy made a HUGE mess of everything, but looking at it, Obama's FEMA is making some thing worse. Politicians of his ilk are simply in the way. Look at how Bloomberg is handling N.Y.C. He won't let the National Guard in to the city because they carry guns! Declare war on the Big Gulp, but screw the powerless and give generators to the runners in the Marathon.

This stupidity doesn't stop in N.Y.C. Obama takes it national. Wait...make that international.

Think Benghazi...think Libya. Send radicals there weapons for the Arab Spring, and now those arms are used to kill one Diplomat and 4 retired Navy Seals.

Allow weapons at that embassy? Naw...might be offensive to the Mid East leaders Obama bows to...literally. To the contrary, he, Panetta and Clinton ordered the defenders who were there to stand down and denied military assistance to save lives.

This President who took 3 days...THREE finally give in to the others surrounding him and ordered the take down of bin Laden. That order should have been the easiest thing for him to order, EVER! To just say "Yep!" between sips of coffee.

But I digress....

I fear for the future for my sons and grandchildren. Not just economically, but socially and politically, should Obama get a second term.

Thus for right now, personally, I fear for my safety when Romney wins.

Regardless...Romney must win!

Otherwise by Saturday...this nation is lost. Even when Obama loses, just wait till you see the Executive Orders tsunami headed our way.

Come January, Romney can rescind all that.

Let's hope!

Ok..God bless. Now go do the right thing.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

ATTENTION TEXAS: This Is REALLY Important To Yours Truly!

UPDATE 11/03/12: I have today and tomorrow to succeed or....

House of cards! I lose my motel room at 11 A.M. I got it SUPER cheap via the Priceline Name Your Own Price thing. ($25.00 a night and the usual taxes.) That means anyone I try to get to subscribe to FiOS will be after I have spent the night in my van. Providing I have gas....right now I have maybe 1/16 of a tank.

On 11/06 many things come to a head.

America votes.
The birthday of someone very important to me...currently without electric and safety back in N.J.
My car insurance expires.
I make a decision as to how much longer I deal with my life.

We'll see how it goes.


As you all know, I have been out subscribing people with FiOS from Verizon. Things have been off and now I am facing losing the gig. Due to downturn in sales, I have spent the last 4 nights in the van.....again. I lose this I will be set so far back, that Square One will look like a million miles away.


I need to get 4 deals before close of business this coming Sunday. That doesn't happen, I am unemployed. I am able to get ONE night, tonight Nov. 1st, in a motel. This way I can make myself presentable to visit with prospective subscribers.After tonight...unless something comes along...I am back in the van.

Hand to God, this is the truth.

Verizon is offering very aggressive saving and deals for the service. I am a huge TV and Internet period!!! Blows other services away!

So please, in the Plano, Allen, Frisco, etc. areas...if you or someone you know has been considering switching to FiOS please reach out.

Thanks for reading.