Thursday, November 1, 2012

ATTENTION TEXAS: This Is REALLY Important To Yours Truly!

UPDATE 11/03/12: I have today and tomorrow to succeed or....

House of cards! I lose my motel room at 11 A.M. I got it SUPER cheap via the Priceline Name Your Own Price thing. ($25.00 a night and the usual taxes.) That means anyone I try to get to subscribe to FiOS will be after I have spent the night in my van. Providing I have gas....right now I have maybe 1/16 of a tank.

On 11/06 many things come to a head.

America votes.
The birthday of someone very important to me...currently without electric and safety back in N.J.
My car insurance expires.
I make a decision as to how much longer I deal with my life.

We'll see how it goes.


As you all know, I have been out subscribing people with FiOS from Verizon. Things have been off and now I am facing losing the gig. Due to downturn in sales, I have spent the last 4 nights in the van.....again. I lose this I will be set so far back, that Square One will look like a million miles away.


I need to get 4 deals before close of business this coming Sunday. That doesn't happen, I am unemployed. I am able to get ONE night, tonight Nov. 1st, in a motel. This way I can make myself presentable to visit with prospective subscribers.After tonight...unless something comes along...I am back in the van.

Hand to God, this is the truth.

Verizon is offering very aggressive saving and deals for the service. I am a huge TV and Internet period!!! Blows other services away!

So please, in the Plano, Allen, Frisco, etc. areas...if you or someone you know has been considering switching to FiOS please reach out.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I live in Colorado a small town called Fountain. I will keep you and bob in my prayers . I know things will be okay for you. But for some reason if you every get to Fountain Colorado. You have a Friend for life; and a place to stay for as long as you need. I also follow u on Twitter. (Trevor132323 ) please be safe. May God open the windows of Heaven and pour Blessings upon you.
    Your Friend
    Trevor Hoard
    If u need anything please let me know.