Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let's Get Physical !

As you can imagine, in this weather, exercise and the physical fitness of your humble narrator becomes a concern. I mean, I don't walk outside much at all, especially since Bob The Formerly Van Eating Dog got re-homed and doesn't need me to walk him.

What to do, what to do!

Well I saw this thing at The Home Of Falling Prices in the "As Seen On T.V." section right between The Snuggie and E-Z Cracker and thought, "WOW...that's JUST what I need to build up my pecs!" Draw back is, it's not free. So I had to do as I often find myself doing....improvise. Work with I have.

Been working with it MANY times a day using what I have available. I discovered that using a sock while exerting myself is extremely handy and avoids any...mess. Suffice to say, I hardly come out of the van at all for much of anything.

A side effect though is not quite as healthy as one would hope. After each exercise session, I find I need a cigarette. Go figure...

Anyhow....I need to go back to "Getting In Shape" and will write more when I feel completely physically fit!

!!!!!EDITED TO AD!!!!! I JUST found this and it helps me a great deal in my exercise regime!

Hilarious Shake Weight Exercise for Women - Watch more Funny Videos
Until next time...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Honest...I REALLY Had Planned On....

....wrapping up the whole stuff on, well, Christmas. Christmas Eve, which came after a very memorable Christmas Adam, was busy as anything for your humble narrator, and I want to share it all.

Right now I am completely fascinated by the Blizzard of '10 (WOW..that name sucks! It's better when it has an "O" in The Blizzard Of 'O8! 10 is just...ummm..blah) Been watching the doings here at Camp Scooter South in the parking lot of The Home Of Falling Prices. This is a pretty significant act-O-nature! What I find really special is that I can blog to the world in The Conversion Van Of Wonders in a parking lot. When the area lost power a bit ago, I didn't! Kinda makes me feel..Awesome! the next day or two I WILL update all that stuff. I have many people to acknowledge and thank. Been a heckava month, to say the least.

Until then...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Really Quick Update....

The laptop, not to be outdone by your humble narrator, decided to have a stroke and be non-functioning for a couple of days. Is limping along right now, but still can't get some stuff to work right.
Big Doings At Camp Scooter South:
I think I may have saved some one's life today. I was walking back from throwing away my garbage when I saw this woman sitting on the curb looking like she was confused and searching in her bags. It struck me, this is winter and NO ONE sits on a curb, especially at The Home Of Falling Prices parking lot with the horrific winds we get here. Thus, I go back and ask her if she is ok. She tells me she is "shocking". I tell her, it's the wind...messes up your hair, but I wouldn't call that shocking.

She meant she is a diabetic and I could see she was zoning out pretty rapidly and had been there for quite some time. I called out to a guy walking around the lot to have him call the police.

SIDETRACK: I learned from my own "911" experience 10/05/09 that using "911" from a cell is sluggish. So I gave him the direct line for the Mt. Olive Police Department and I took the phone and put in the call.
I give'em directions to her. About 10 parking spaces south of The Conversion Van Of Wonders. With the phone guy standing by her, I went back to get something with sugar. I grabbed a can of The Real Thing and a bag of Great Value Fruit Snacks...which is what I use to get my daily supply of fruit! I would have brought the premium "Phineas And Ferb Fruit Snacks" (which are REALLY good) but I couldn't reach'em. I also took along a blanket to get her a bit warmer. I hesitated giving her either of those sugary delights, simply because it wasn't clear at that time, if she was diabetic or hypoglycemic. As it turned out, she is diabetic.
Long story short...cops arrive....paramedics arrive...she is taken into the ambulance and ultimately all is well.
So back I go to get the laptop back to speed. Y'all take care.
Until next time....

Friday, December 17, 2010


I can't stop sleeping, and when awake...I am pretty tired. Hopefully I am not coming down with something. Maybe it's just some fatigue...who knows. In any event, that's why I haven't posted a lot lately. And I have so much to put out there.

Bob is settling into his new home quite nicely AND has made a new friend!! You can't see it in this picture, but Bob The Formerly Van Eating Dog's hoodie is emblazoned with the familiar Harley-Davidson emblem. I bet he is glad he is there and not here in this weather.

I forgot to mention that Bob is now possessed by Aliens and his eyes glow at night and after he uses his heat vision. This picture was taken just after he vaporized a cat. You should see him levitate, it's pretty cool!

Anyhow, I am hoping this weekend I get some writing done as well as finish stuff here in The Conversion Van Of Wonders. Also finding a renewed interest in living and the holidays. What a difference a coupla weeks make!

Lastly, did any of you catch me on the radio Thursday morning? Please let me know.

Until next time....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Been Remodeling....

Thus still have to write the final chapter of the storage stuff saga. Lots to tell there.

I took the stuff I had in the Conversion Van Of Wonders and put that in the new storage bins. Now I have a full size bed to sleep on...I'll be posting pics soon. I also threw out a LOT of stuff.

Also been busy trying not to freeze to death. Current temp at Camp Scooter South is 18 degrees, WITHOUT wind chill! The winds here are significant.

The new generator is keeping me alive.

Anyhow....I will get all caught up and continue on my way back to feeling Christmas.

Until next time, here is a post from last Christmas HERE . Enjoy.....

YAY ME!!! Just did spell check no misspellings!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear Santa.....

If you or any of the elves have spare or about to expire Hotel or Miles Points....I mean c'mon, you circle the globe....I could sure use'em. All the current activity up there in your Workshop at The North Pole is pushing one nasty cold snap my way, Monday.

And on Christmas Morning....

No need to try to fit it under a tree. Just kinda park it under the "McRib Is Back" sign here near The Home Of Falling Prices. I've been good....honest! Here it is Santa: HOME

UPDATE 12/17/10 The owner of this RV just lowered the price by 500 bucks Santa. So....

Friday, December 10, 2010

I Know..I Know.....

I promised a report, and things are somewhat calmer..thus the soothing, flickering candles... but here's the thing....

Some new changes and some old artifacts getting in the way. Firstly, I am seeing symptoms of the brain stuff again. Not chronic so far but popping in and out. I am not sure if there is something wrong with the keyboard or it's me, but I have to REALLY focus typing or I leave out letters of words. I think I have typed them, but I re-read and characters or spaces are missing. That's new. And some of the smaller stuff coming back.

(I had to go over that paragraph 4 or 5 times to correct things. That is certainly not like me. (4 things in this sentence alone) )

Also a long time, dear friend got me 2 nights at an Extended Stay Hotel. NICE! The first bed I have had in 16 months not visited hourly by a nurse. Sheets...comforter...sweet!

Tomorrow I have a networking meeing and luncheon to attend in the early afternoon, then I will be back here and make myself sit down and get caught up.

Thanks for reading....

Until Next Time....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Feeling Human Again, I Guess.

HuLu in The Conversion Van Of Wonders: Christmas Edition

As you, my loyal followers have known, your humble narrator has not been on the bright side of life lo these many weeks, maybe months. I am feeling a shift...not trusting it yet....but maybe Christmas is still in me. This episode of "GLEE" brough me to tears, especially at the end. If you love this show, you probably already watched this, but it's worth a 2nd look. Even if you don't follow it on a regular basis, this episode should get your right......Here!


Enjoy! I Know I Do...

All Done And Many To Thank!

Spent the day re-arranging/nesting The Conversion Van Of Wonders. Actually have room in here now. Tomorrow I get the bed done.

This has been a "Mental Health Day"...this last week has been trying to say the least. So tomorrow I'll detail stuff.

One interesting that I am not dwelling on moving to my condo in the sky with a view and Triple Play FiOS, my hit count has fallen off a cliff. What else is curious is many find me looking for pictures of The Grim Reaper, because of my entry featuring "The Grimm Adventures Of Billy And Mandy" HERE. Well before my current despondency over current events.

So tomorrow an update and the conection to the WikiLeaks guy!

Until then....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Moved A Buncha Stuff....

...but much more to go. The head meds I am on seem to make cold unbearable. Understand, I have never been a fan of winter. Even as a kid...not for moi! When my kids were little, I had them touch snow while I said "yucky...ewww...." over and over. No sleigh riding with this Daddy!

My late wife was not pleased! Lesson was unlearned, toot suite!

Can't say I didn't make the effort.

Anyhow, I had to stop after a certain point simply because it felt like my skin was being cut by a million razors.

Tomorrow I have a couple of volunteers for limited time. I am really afraid I won't hit the deadline of 5 P.M. Again if anyone reading can lend a hand for a while it would be truly appreciated!

As for other current events, I have started cooking for myself again. When Carlos, owner of Vincenzo's, was feeding me, cooking wasn't an issue. But 2 things happened. He closed his business and I was blessed with a more powerful generator. Thus, I can use my NuWave oven.

I was craving mashed potatoes! Went into the Home Of Falling Prices, that is also at The Location Of Falling Temps (31 degrees and dropping right now with pretty gusty winds), and bought 2 frozen dinners and cooked'em.

Was great!

Tonight I had 10 of those little Hot Dogs, proclaimed by your's truly to be "God's Perfect Food", wrapped in a flaky dough. That was a REAL treat. Love those things!

So if nothing else, I am fed. I topped off each meal with Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets 2-Packs.


Anyhow...wish me luck, as well as those who come to help. Don't forget the email:

to reach out if you can be here. We are starting at around 10 AM.

Until next time...

Saturday, December 4, 2010


OK..I saved my stuff from the auction Saturday, but it MUST BE OUT by 5 P.M. this Monday, December 6th!!! I haven't been able to muster much help so I am reaching out here for volunteers. I am reticent to post my personal phone number this being the 'net and all, thus as an alternative, I created an email addy:

So I can get messages. If you can help, we are doing it today, Sunday, in a storage place at the border of Budd Lake and Hackettstown. Muscle is needed. And if anyone has a truck PLEASE let me know ASAP! It would save me the cost of a trailer.

If I don't get stuff out by the deadline, I will be out a $300.00 deposit. It was the only agreement I could get that would save my stuff.

So PLEASE, email me if you can help and what you can do for this.

Thank you all so much!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ok...The Sale Has Been Halted....

I had to handle a transaction today that, while neccesary well before this storage auction thing, was emotionally taxing. Not going to go in to detail, but suffice to say it took a bit of a toll on your humble narrator.

Thus, the blue rope is put away and now I have a new deadline to meet. I'll elaborate more later, but for now...I am spent.

Until next time.....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


EDITED TO ADD 11/25: PLEASE NOTE! It pains me that I am even alive to type this today, as well as, decline the heart felt and VERY generous offers of food and a Thanksgiving Dinner that have come my way. People can be very nice. But please, if heading over to me with said items or offers please don't. I just turned a very nice lady away and now I have a lump in my throat. This days sucks enough without that added angst.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Now..back to the blog: