Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Really Quick Update....

The laptop, not to be outdone by your humble narrator, decided to have a stroke and be non-functioning for a couple of days. Is limping along right now, but still can't get some stuff to work right.
Big Doings At Camp Scooter South:
I think I may have saved some one's life today. I was walking back from throwing away my garbage when I saw this woman sitting on the curb looking like she was confused and searching in her bags. It struck me, this is winter and NO ONE sits on a curb, especially at The Home Of Falling Prices parking lot with the horrific winds we get here. Thus, I go back and ask her if she is ok. She tells me she is "shocking". I tell her, it's the wind...messes up your hair, but I wouldn't call that shocking.

She meant she is a diabetic and I could see she was zoning out pretty rapidly and had been there for quite some time. I called out to a guy walking around the lot to have him call the police.

SIDETRACK: I learned from my own "911" experience 10/05/09 that using "911" from a cell is sluggish. So I gave him the direct line for the Mt. Olive Police Department and I took the phone and put in the call.
I give'em directions to her. About 10 parking spaces south of The Conversion Van Of Wonders. With the phone guy standing by her, I went back to get something with sugar. I grabbed a can of The Real Thing and a bag of Great Value Fruit Snacks...which is what I use to get my daily supply of fruit! I would have brought the premium "Phineas And Ferb Fruit Snacks" (which are REALLY good) but I couldn't reach'em. I also took along a blanket to get her a bit warmer. I hesitated giving her either of those sugary delights, simply because it wasn't clear at that time, if she was diabetic or hypoglycemic. As it turned out, she is diabetic.
Long story short...cops arrive....paramedics arrive...she is taken into the ambulance and ultimately all is well.
So back I go to get the laptop back to speed. Y'all take care.
Until next time....

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