Sunday, December 26, 2010

Honest...I REALLY Had Planned On....

....wrapping up the whole stuff on, well, Christmas. Christmas Eve, which came after a very memorable Christmas Adam, was busy as anything for your humble narrator, and I want to share it all.

Right now I am completely fascinated by the Blizzard of '10 (WOW..that name sucks! It's better when it has an "O" in The Blizzard Of 'O8! 10 is just...ummm..blah) Been watching the doings here at Camp Scooter South in the parking lot of The Home Of Falling Prices. This is a pretty significant act-O-nature! What I find really special is that I can blog to the world in The Conversion Van Of Wonders in a parking lot. When the area lost power a bit ago, I didn't! Kinda makes me feel..Awesome! the next day or two I WILL update all that stuff. I have many people to acknowledge and thank. Been a heckava month, to say the least.

Until then...

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  1. Scooter can't waite to hear it all! Glad to see you survived the blizzard of 10! Your right, it just doesnt sound right. lol
    Mary LU