Thursday, July 29, 2010


P.A. System: "Cleanup Aisle 13...Blonde Cleanup Aisle 13.."

They must have "Red Light Specials" instead.

"Goya Bimbo" I guess for non-jews only.? Must be a shiksa!

Friday, July 23, 2010

55th Observance Of "The Dawn Of The Downward Spiral"

For years was called my birthday.

Then it became ScootMas.

To commemorate the 55th observance of "The Dawn Of The Downward Spiral" one need only enjoy:

A Black Russian and ...

..Tombstone Pizza.


What once was ambivalence has evolved in to a yearning. I don't fear it anymore.

EDITED TO ADD: Who knew this was celebrated the same day as "The Dawn Of The Downward Spiral"!

Just Another Day At "Camp Scooter -South"

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Startling Discoveries!

A: I was putting my socks on this morning and, when looking down at the opening, it looked familiar in an appealing way. Who knew socks had 2 uses?!?!?!?

B: When looking at the scans of my brain, the grey matter's folds and all it looks like the scans of my intestines. I figured that makes sense because of all the $H1T that pops into my head.

Just saying.....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anyone Remember This Ad?

That's your brain on drugs, sunny side up, cooked in butter.

It's better if your brain is cooked in bacon grease...but I digress...

Here is my brain on C.D.

No real results yet, so I continue to wonder. At least now y'all can see where my angst and nut case ideas come from. Anyone reading this who can read CT Barin Scans, I have the whole performance on CD I can send you.

Less than a week from the 55th Anniversary:

The Day The Downward Spiral Beagn.

Updates soon....

Pity is for the living, envy is for the dead. - Mark Twain.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Real Quick Blah-B-Blah

EDITED TO ADD: I had a very nice lady approach me this morning at "Camp Scooter:South" and asked if I needed anything. Truthfully, my current needs boil down to gasoline and cash, and that's what I said to her. She was unable to help me with either of those items, but I thanked her for her offer and concern. What I SHOULD have remembered is that the Mt. Olive "Cupboard" is running very low on items to offer those in need.

So if any of you who are considering your humble narrator but are uncomfortable with, or unable to, give anything other than items and such, PLEASE consider the needs here. This is a link to the local paper's story on that situation.


Seems your humble narrator may have a some new medical issues to deal with Had a follow up with my G.P. re my most recent hospital visit, and she has concerns ala neurological.

So...some new scans, blood work, etc. coming up to see if I may have had a small stroke or two and some other things. Will keep y'all posted.

Would certainly help explain some things I have been experiencing lately. As regards here, my inability to write on a regular basis.

We'll see....

It certainly pushes back my July 25th, 2010 deadline to be on the road.


Friday, July 2, 2010

BIG Problems For "Camp Scooter"


Had a visit from the property owner here and was told I could have until monday morning to get my auto insurance squared away and vacate. I told him that even if I had to tow the car out, I would be gone by monday morning. He said, essentially, fair enough!

Well, the police were just here and apparently he or his superiors reneged on his promise and I have to vacate by 5 P.M.

Seems some "neighbors" complained to him about me. NOT the Budd Lake Diner nor any business right where I am, but some "neighbors"! I find that odd, because the police told me this morning, I have definitely been flying under the radar.


These "neighbors" will be hearing from my counsel in short order to find out why they dislike homeless folks so much...especially one who formerly lived in this "neighborhood" for some 27+ years!

I am still focused on July 25th, 2010 as my date to depart New Jersey, and leave these "neighbors" behind. I can not say enough about how great (and I mean this sincerely) the local Police and businesses have been to me. By and large, most people have been really nice as well. And don't get me wrong...I understand this fellows concerns about one of these "neighbors" filing a complaint with the town about me on this property, if indeed that is what happened. Who needs that aggravation and expense.

That being said....

Your humble narrator and Bob The Van Eating Dog hope to insure The Conversion Van Of Wonders in time to avoid my loss of licence which would, in effect and for real, mean my demise, and confiscation of said van.

Depending on the emerging facts, I may or may not publish the owners name and company. The company is a major Texas Oil and Gas concern, ala B.P. And we all know the kind of great press B.P. has been getting as of late!

So, please keep good thoughts and , of course, any help is GREATLY appreciated!

Will keep y'all updated...

Video soon to follow!

EDITED TO AD: Camp Scooter Video

Find electric AND good net is impossible today. I have 5 minutes of battery left. And "Angel" came by and solved everything. More to tell when I have net and juice together!

Thanks for good thoughts!


It will be interesting to see if you are the one who called the property owner. They are being advised to hold onto any and all communications, including phone logs, emails, caller i.d. logs, etc. that have anything to do with that property dating back 7 days. I intend to find out who complained and see if they ever called about cars for sale parked there...overnight trucks...etc. Or just has this thing about folks who live in a van with a dog. At that point, counsel gets involved.

Will keep y'all posted...