Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Camp Scooter" Newsletter


Ok...mission one accomplished: Got My Burger Deluxe!

THANK YOU to the 3 young ladies, Bob The Van Eating Dog fans all, who enabled your humble narrator to have the meal! And Bob LOVES the chewy treats you left him.

Couple of other events of note:

Thank you to who brought the PetCo items for Bob. The treats and toys were greatly appreciated. Bob has plenty of food, and I have no room for the B I G bag you so graciously left us, so I donated it to an animal rescue via the aforementioned 3 young ladies.

Thank you to an old friend who got me a gift certificate to The Budd Lake Diner that was used for coffee this morning and will be used in the coming days.

THANK YOU to Vincenzo's Pizza (973-691-8282) who support "Camp Scooter" all the time!

EDITED TO ADD: I got distracted when typing before and did not give Thanks to the lovely young lady who gave Bob The Van Eating Dog a day at the spa! She has one of these mobile dogie grooming mobiles and I approached when she pulled into the Budd Lake diner parking lot. She offered to pamper Bob gratis and he feels like a new Dog! So a big "WOOF" thanks from Bob! When next she drives by, I will get her number and company name to post. My memory is not what it used to be, subsequent my recent hospital stay.

Next campaign: V E R Y hot and steaming open Roast Beef sandwich with mashed and veggies. A salad would be nice as well.

Hey...if I don't ask....

Ongoing Campaign: Raise funds to reinstate car insurance so "Camp Scooter" can be mobile once more.

Here's hoping....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Greetings From "Camp Scooter"

And Salutations from Bob The Van Eating Dog!

I see y'all from the diner there checking out the blog from your iPhones, Blackberry's, etc. Here's a little note from moi.


I would LOVE a cheeseburger (provolone if available, or American) with Onions, Lettuce, and Tomato! A side of REALLY crispiy fries would be heavenly!

Just sayin'

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dear State Of Wyoming

It's been almost a year since going to your magnificent state has been a goal of mine. But it seems every time I set a date to head out, something major happens. From a heart attack to diverticulitis, bad weather to a laptop epic fail, something get's in the way.

But I am determined this time to make it there, or bust!

One month from today, July 25th, 2010, I plan on departing the Garden State for The Equality State! The Conversion Van Of Wonders along with Bob The Van Eating Dog and I will trek westward in search of the final place to lay my hat. Your state has so much to be desired, such as:

Low Unemployment
No Income Tax
Less that a million residents
Stunning and wide open landscape
Calmer way of life, but for the challenging winters
And I could possibly go grouse hunting with Dick Cheney!
(But I most likely would stay upwind!)

My previous state of intent was Iowa, but that has become so liberal it's like California and Massachusetts mated and gave birth in the midwest. I seek to be in as red a state as possible.

Here is what I bring to the table. Significant backgrounds and experience in:

Video Production
Electronic News Gathering
Commercial Production From Scripting To Producing, Shooting, and Narrating
Automotive Maintenance And Service Advising
Print Journalism

And much more......

My most recent malady prevents me from leaving any sooner, due to follow up care and such. Thus, the date of July 25th, the day after my 55th birthday. I consider this a present to myself.

So, State Of Wyoming, I look forward to tasting, smelling, experiencing, and enjoying all you have to offer. The Conversion Van Of Wonders will be easy to spot as I make my way westward. Anyone spotting it, please feel free to wave or stop by and say "Howdy"!

And should anyone want to help me along in this adventure, donations are certainly welcomed and gratefully accepted. Simply use the "Donate" button to the right.

However, here's the BIGGEST reason I want to be in Wyoming

Devil's Tower!

Rumor has it that the movie "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" was based on actual events there. I present this clip as further evidence. Enjoy, and see y'all soon!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where To Begin?

It's been SOOO long since my last post of any merit or substance and much has happened. The diverticulitis adventure took a fair wind out of my creative sails. Add to that the day to day stuff that keeps getting in my way and....

I just haven't been writing!

And there is so much to tell. The groups of 'tween boys who asked me the most intelligent questions about my situation. The car fire I saw today at WalMart. ALL the people who offered me such support when the car was down for the count, fuel pump wise. And the tech shop owner who offered to fix it, no labor and parts at cost.
Not to mention finishing posts I started here with the promise of a follow up. And of course the man I met who belongs to a group that you and I quote at least once a day, on average.
Tonight I have until 12:01 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time to be mobile. After that, my insurance lapses for the time being and I will be grounded. So, I'll have a fair bit-O-time to muse here and get caught up. Look for more frequent and consistant postings, especially since I am counting down to FINALLY getting my way outta New Jersey!!!
In the meantime, feel free to visit me. I will be at the abandoned Shell gas station on the corner of Rt. 46-W and Woodland Ave., 07828. And while in the area, stop in for some delicious Italian food at Vincenzo's right near by. Tell'em the homeless guy sent you. They have fed me very, VERY well!
Until next time...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well, This Should Dispel Those Nasty Rumors!

Seems an appearance I made at a Town Hall Meeting of New Jersey Govenor Chris Christie went viral. Apparently, the idea of a homeless guy being conservative is attention getting on either side of the political fence. To be lionized, blogged, written, commented and YouTubed about is humbling. What really surprised me was the number of people, both in person and in print, that said I brought tears to their eyes.

Then we have the doubters!

In a few places I (and by association Gov. Christie's office) found myself accused of being a "plant". Those who believed that figured, no way was a homeless guy not a raging marxist liberal, ranting against Bush and the "rethuglicans". That or out of my mind.

I am here to tell you, I am no plant. I found out about the meeting a few hours before it began and decided to attend. And I am pretty sure that "plants" get to watch the proceedings from inside the auditorium as opposed through an open door from the outside.

And if I was a plant, doing a favor for the current administration, I am sure I wouldn't find myself in the situation I am in now.

No money and a shot fuel pump! I have a place that will do the labor gratis, but I need to raise the cash for the parts involved. So guess what I am about to do.....

I am blatantly seeking donations to get things moving again. All told I need a bit north of $200.00. The pump is the major issue, but there are some other things what need addressing.Anything I get over that amount goes to day to day and the deductible for my Colonoscopy next month.

Thus, if anyone out there can help, please consider doing so. It would be GREATLY appreciated and would help the cause along nicely.

It also dispels that rumor I was a Christie plant. I mean, I am sure the N.J.G.O.P. wouldn't want me stranded after I have "performed" so well for them. You can find it by Googling "Christie Homeless Guy".

So, until next time.....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Akkk..where to begin....

I am sitting in The conversion Van Of Wonders that is not so wonderous today while dealing with a chest cold AND allergies AND H E A T!!!!

The van started sputtering 2 days ago and running really rough. Once I parked and tried to start it again, it was a no go. In so much as I had run out of gas many times this past winter, as well as putting old gas in to stay warm and mobile, I and others figured it was an overtaxed and clogged fuel filter.


Right now dunno if it's the fuel pump. relay, or if I even have spark. Bob The Van Eating dog is with me until this afternoon, but once gone back to the shore, I can pull out the seat and the dog house over the engine and do the spark check.

And here I thought I would get to write about a LOT of stuff from the past month and a half or so. Best laid plans and all that.

So, if anyone is in the Budd Lake area and wants to stop by and say "Howdy". you can easily spot The Conversion Van Of Wonders from Rt. 46 Westbound at the Minute Mart and Vincenzzo's Pizza Restaurant. I MUST say these folks take very good care of me.

SIDETRACK: JUST now a very nice young man came up and offered me some cash. This helps TONS!!!

One bonus is that I do have electric and internet, so I should be able to write something this evening in the way of getting y'all caught up. Since my hospitalization, it's been pretty interesting and enlightening. I hope to get to regular updates and stories soon.

Until next time....