Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Camp Scooter" Newsletter


Ok...mission one accomplished: Got My Burger Deluxe!

THANK YOU to the 3 young ladies, Bob The Van Eating Dog fans all, who enabled your humble narrator to have the meal! And Bob LOVES the chewy treats you left him.

Couple of other events of note:

Thank you to who brought the PetCo items for Bob. The treats and toys were greatly appreciated. Bob has plenty of food, and I have no room for the B I G bag you so graciously left us, so I donated it to an animal rescue via the aforementioned 3 young ladies.

Thank you to an old friend who got me a gift certificate to The Budd Lake Diner that was used for coffee this morning and will be used in the coming days.

THANK YOU to Vincenzo's Pizza (973-691-8282) who support "Camp Scooter" all the time!

EDITED TO ADD: I got distracted when typing before and did not give Thanks to the lovely young lady who gave Bob The Van Eating Dog a day at the spa! She has one of these mobile dogie grooming mobiles and I approached when she pulled into the Budd Lake diner parking lot. She offered to pamper Bob gratis and he feels like a new Dog! So a big "WOOF" thanks from Bob! When next she drives by, I will get her number and company name to post. My memory is not what it used to be, subsequent my recent hospital stay.

Next campaign: V E R Y hot and steaming open Roast Beef sandwich with mashed and veggies. A salad would be nice as well.

Hey...if I don't ask....

Ongoing Campaign: Raise funds to reinstate car insurance so "Camp Scooter" can be mobile once more.

Here's hoping....

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