Friday, June 25, 2010

Dear State Of Wyoming

It's been almost a year since going to your magnificent state has been a goal of mine. But it seems every time I set a date to head out, something major happens. From a heart attack to diverticulitis, bad weather to a laptop epic fail, something get's in the way.

But I am determined this time to make it there, or bust!

One month from today, July 25th, 2010, I plan on departing the Garden State for The Equality State! The Conversion Van Of Wonders along with Bob The Van Eating Dog and I will trek westward in search of the final place to lay my hat. Your state has so much to be desired, such as:

Low Unemployment
No Income Tax
Less that a million residents
Stunning and wide open landscape
Calmer way of life, but for the challenging winters
And I could possibly go grouse hunting with Dick Cheney!
(But I most likely would stay upwind!)

My previous state of intent was Iowa, but that has become so liberal it's like California and Massachusetts mated and gave birth in the midwest. I seek to be in as red a state as possible.

Here is what I bring to the table. Significant backgrounds and experience in:

Video Production
Electronic News Gathering
Commercial Production From Scripting To Producing, Shooting, and Narrating
Automotive Maintenance And Service Advising
Print Journalism

And much more......

My most recent malady prevents me from leaving any sooner, due to follow up care and such. Thus, the date of July 25th, the day after my 55th birthday. I consider this a present to myself.

So, State Of Wyoming, I look forward to tasting, smelling, experiencing, and enjoying all you have to offer. The Conversion Van Of Wonders will be easy to spot as I make my way westward. Anyone spotting it, please feel free to wave or stop by and say "Howdy"!

And should anyone want to help me along in this adventure, donations are certainly welcomed and gratefully accepted. Simply use the "Donate" button to the right.

However, here's the BIGGEST reason I want to be in Wyoming

Devil's Tower!

Rumor has it that the movie "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" was based on actual events there. I present this clip as further evidence. Enjoy, and see y'all soon!

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