Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well, This Should Dispel Those Nasty Rumors!

Seems an appearance I made at a Town Hall Meeting of New Jersey Govenor Chris Christie went viral. Apparently, the idea of a homeless guy being conservative is attention getting on either side of the political fence. To be lionized, blogged, written, commented and YouTubed about is humbling. What really surprised me was the number of people, both in person and in print, that said I brought tears to their eyes.

Then we have the doubters!

In a few places I (and by association Gov. Christie's office) found myself accused of being a "plant". Those who believed that figured, no way was a homeless guy not a raging marxist liberal, ranting against Bush and the "rethuglicans". That or out of my mind.

I am here to tell you, I am no plant. I found out about the meeting a few hours before it began and decided to attend. And I am pretty sure that "plants" get to watch the proceedings from inside the auditorium as opposed through an open door from the outside.

And if I was a plant, doing a favor for the current administration, I am sure I wouldn't find myself in the situation I am in now.

No money and a shot fuel pump! I have a place that will do the labor gratis, but I need to raise the cash for the parts involved. So guess what I am about to do.....

I am blatantly seeking donations to get things moving again. All told I need a bit north of $200.00. The pump is the major issue, but there are some other things what need addressing.Anything I get over that amount goes to day to day and the deductible for my Colonoscopy next month.

Thus, if anyone out there can help, please consider doing so. It would be GREATLY appreciated and would help the cause along nicely.

It also dispels that rumor I was a Christie plant. I mean, I am sure the N.J.G.O.P. wouldn't want me stranded after I have "performed" so well for them. You can find it by Googling "Christie Homeless Guy".

So, until next time.....

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