Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Appreciate Y'All Sticking With Me

Enduring my 2nd bout of conjunctasomething and it's difficult to read anything, let alone type. As soon as my eyes clear up, I'll be back to blathering about this and that, annoying as ever.

Have a tale to tell about my encounter with Numerologists of the 11:11 persuasion. Nice folks, honestly. You can see some comments from one fellow in the "Electricty" post's comments section.

And PLEASE to those who stop by to see Bob The Van Eating dog here at The Conversion Van Of Wonders, no more packages of anything. Bob and I have plenty of food and no space to put anything else. I REALLY appreciate your concern and God Bless you for your generosity, but I have no more space to put anything.

Keep good thoughts, please, for my eyeballs and see you soon.

Until next time...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello Custom Design & Engineering, N.J.

Say "Howdy" back!

Do you guys make anything like this?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Electricity Is Fleeting For Me....

Thus, lack of posting. Internet access has been dicey as well.

Still sick...hack..sneezing...etc.

May have a couple of days work this week, as well as helping out a friend of mine inbteween driving privileges. Given that the generator is still awaiting the Voltage Regulator and I use The Conversion Van Of Wonder's engine for energy and heat, gas has been a real issue once again.

Anyhow...this will be brief and hopefully will be more productive in a few days. Thanks for sticking it out with me.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Not Dead Yet, But......

It's amazing that anyone wonders why I get so morose at times.

I am VERY sick...chest and sinuses, hacking like crazy...have no just's cold out...and no tobacco products.


EDITED TO UPDATE: got better...after getting worse.

Ran out of gas....then battery was drained.

A few people came up and offered me help as well as a very nice young lady who gave me a gift card for Panera Bread. My friend Scott's mom brought some gas and we jumped the car. Making coffee now. Found some stuff to return to The Home Of Falling Prices and that brought in the tobacco products.

The day not as bad as could been!

Until next time....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Just Seems Appropriate: Soundtrack For Today

Go Figure:

This one makes you inclined to screw or slit your wrists, depending on the circumstance. Erotic, gloomy, evocative, haunting, and extremely sensuous!

Above selections are evocative of mood, not any intent,

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I am typing this from the E.R. of St. Clare's Hospital in Dover, New Jersey. The above pictured sphere decided to wanted some very close contact with my left eye at a reasonable velocity.

Musta been my baby blues!

I was playing with the kids of the owner of Vincenzo's Pizzeria (973-691-8282), Carlos, when said bouncy object decided it needed to become one with my eyeball.

Anyhow, I am currently seeing double out of my left eye. Seeing double with 2 eyes is one thing, but seeing two images from one eye is concerning. At least to me. At least enough for your humble narrator to go to the E.R.

It's 9:40 P.M. and I am in the "Eye Room" awaiting the eye guy. I have no doubt Bob The Van Eating Dog is raising hell and that Security will be seeking me out in short order.

Anyhow..will update as is warranted.

Friday, September 3, 2010

There Is An Expression...

What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

I say...

What doesn't kill me, only serves to keep me in New Jersey!
What doesn't kill me, makes me wish it did!

The scales are definitely tipping in the western direction.

This dain bramage thing is surreal...which I guess could be the definition of surreal.

I see stuff that isn't there sometime. Stuff in front of me takes on personality. I stammer when I speak. The other day what I at first thought was a sparrow, turned out to be a small pine cone. It was fluttering on the ground and everything.

The velocity of the vortex that is The Downward Spiral is a taunting and cruel thing. Stops..starts...accellerates...slows down...

I did a REALLY stoopid thing the other day, Tuesday, that is SOOOOOOOOO stoopid I can't admit it. Nothing illegal, just stoopid. And thing is, I can intellectually see it was stupid but have no effect aside from the momentary feeling stoopid. My vision changes a few times a day, to boot! I had to re-teach myself how to drink from a can...non adult beverage...and aim a light to a cigarette.

There are times when I say certain words that create a certain tone, that vibrate in my forehead making me so dizzy that I have to sit down.

That plus my unappealing appearance, I am in big doo doo.

It's weird.

My father had a MASSIVE stroke when I was 10. It left him unable to speak for decades. He could read, understood everything that was said to him, knew what time and channel for his beloved sports...just couldn't speak.

I often thought he would rally moments before expiring, but if that were to happen, he was robbed of it via being intubated. He was gone by the time I got to the E.R. and I saw said cursed tube inserted down his throat.

I, admittedly, made a bit of a scene in the E.R.

I often wondered what he thought. I imagine he spoke english to himself in his head, just couldn't get his mouth to form the words and speak it. He was VERY aware of what was going on around him.

How surreal!

Now I am getting some idea. The hope is that it is stress and anxiety...MEGA stress and emotional anxiety....and/or a B12 deficiency.

Early onset Alzheimer's has been suggested. The plus to that is I forget all the stressful and heartachey kind of stuff at some point.

I found out last week that I have had full tilt boogie Medicaid since June 1st, so I set up an appointment with a dentist. If I am going to become The Official Jersey State Vegetable, I'll go out with a nice smile for all the promotion material.

I see the neuro guy on the 10th. Guess after that I'll have some answers.

Until next time....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Win-Win Scenario! To Moi, God's Perfect Food Is.. an All Beef Sabrett Hot Dog.

In a previous life I had an actual Sabrett N.Y. Trailer Push cart in my backyard, for a few reasons.

A. For Parties

B. NOTHING tastes better than a Dirty Water dog!

C. To help compensate for my unpleasant appearance.

2 out of 3 ain't bad!

As you, my valued readers, know I currently live in The Conversion Van Of Wonders. A hodge podge of of stuff that attempts to create a living environ.
A Full Blown Winnie with a Full Blown Hot Dog Stand all in one! What could be better for your unpleasant looking, yet humble, narrator. All the hot dogs I can eat, right where I can sleep off the nitrates and comfortably allow The Circle Of Life For Food work it's magic!

Anyone have 8K? If so, feel free to let me know!

Until next time....