Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Electricity Is Fleeting For Me....

Thus, lack of posting. Internet access has been dicey as well.

Still sick...hack..sneezing...etc.

May have a couple of days work this week, as well as helping out a friend of mine inbteween driving privileges. Given that the generator is still awaiting the Voltage Regulator and I use The Conversion Van Of Wonder's engine for energy and heat, gas has been a real issue once again.

Anyhow...this will be brief and hopefully will be more productive in a few days. Thanks for sticking it out with me.


  1. Keep your head up, hopefully things will work themselves out soon. Good luck and God Bless!

  2. saw you and bob today at the gas station and had to check out your story. just finished reading much of it for the last few hours and don't know what to say just yet. except that you are a 33! look it up as a numerology number and you will see what i mean. basically it means that you're essence is that "All Things Are Possible". enjoy...........

  3. a tree or plant does not dwell on the potentiality of its fruit, nor the fruit itself. it innately, and solely focuses merely on the action that leads to that potentiality of bearing fruit. we humans are no different.

    BE, and therefore LIVE life, in its fullest, regardless of any "positive" or "negative" manifestations of that BEing, for
    neutrality of BEing breads empowerment of Self ....... enJoy!

  4. dear "Noble Mobile",

    sorry for my intrusion, but this is what i do. i know you hold tight to the vest and yet you venture outside the box as well. so her goes "Nothing"!

    I Am a number NINE. I Am a humanitarian spirit. I am universal compassion, tolerance and wisdom. Your "plight" is my domain.....

    do you identify Your-Self as a victim or is this merely Your Path?

    8/4/2009 downward spiral or upward?

    9/11/2001 downward or upward event?

    8+4+2+9= FIVE (Self emancipation, re-source-FULL-ness, mobility and transformation). hence the "Noble Mobile"

    9+11+2+1=23= FIVE (Great Change and over-ALL goodness for the masses!)

    Your 9/11 Duration Formula:

    9/11/2009 to 8/4/2009 = 2884 days

    2+8+8+4= TWENTY TWO

    (22) UN-limited potential of MASTERY in ANY area, not only spiritual, but Physic-ALL (heal thy Self!), E-Motion-ALL (accentuating female energy flow to 70%), and Men-TALL (limiting male ego to 30%) as well.

    I know You can perfect "It", now get to work!

  5. i meant 9/11/2001 in the duration formula, but you're a smart guy and i assume you got that!

  6. forgive my intrusions....

    best wishes scooter!

  7. No apology neccesary. It was an interesting read, as well as my visit to your web destination. I will be visiting there again soon.