Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Am Loathe To Write This Entry.... props to a man I don't like at all. Truth be told, I bet if you look up the word "Twerp" in your Funk And Wagnall's, you'll see his photo.

But credit where credit is due!

Seems New York's Finest instigated an investigation in to activities within the Islamic Community surrounding N.Y.C. (including probes in New Jersey) gathering info on extremist tendencies and activity. You can read about it HERE.

Makes perfect sense to me. I mean, it's not like the Avon Ladies of America are "ding donging" the homes of Mary Kay representatives after attaching C4 to their Pink Cadillacs. Or Mabelline-ists are tossing Molotov Lip Balm at Estee Lauder counters in Macy's.

It's Radical Islamists! And said murderers find their guidance and inspiration inside of radical Mosques and the neighborhood Madrasah. It is well known a few of the Islamic Schools in the U.S.A. are under scrutiny for what they are teaching beyond reading, writing, and burquas.

Age old Saying: Where's there's smoke, there's hate making.

The NYPD was absolutely right in conducting this project. And...surprise, surprise...Nanny Mayor Bloomberg supports his force, wholeheartedly!

The same mayor that supported "The Cordoba Project" in creating Parks51, the Al Queda "Victory Flag" at Ground Zero. Who banned smoking everywhere he could because he knows what's best for us. Banished Trans Fats to the border of New Jersey and makes faces at dinners using salt.

Yes, THAT Mayor!

And he has told the naysayers to go pound, well, salt!

Newark "Brick City" Mayor Corey Booker is distressed over pursuing something based in reality, but politically incorrect. This is a guy I actually admire, in spite of being boastful of attending "We're All Muslims Day" last year. I tweeted him, saying I found that disappointing, and he tweeted back something about "hate". Go figure.

SIDETRACK: My first full time job after college was with an outfit called Trytel Video. We imported movies from the Middle East for Arabs living here. (It is where I learned that Mich. was a HUGE Arabic enclave) The company was based in London, owned by a Kuwaiti, my facility managed by a Pakistani. The sales manager was Paletinian (his wife was the spitting image of Claudine Longet), the secretary Armenian, and the accountant a Jew.

I felt like a pale, white Christian kid cautiously navigating the streets of Beruit! But I digress...

They knew I was married to a Jew and had a mother-in-law who kept Kosher. The manager of said facility gave me a copy of an Arabic magazine article listing ready made products that use any manner of pork renderings in their manufacture to give to the mom-in-law for her to avoid.

During Ramadan, it was explained to me that a tradition was for someone to offer to a friend , Lamb, for the breaking of the day long fast, which was given to me.

We all watched together as Anwar Sadat was assassinated, and they explained to me what I was seeing and the significance of what they could hear from Egyptian television. They lamented what it might do to the peace that existed between Egypt and Israel.

We all got along famously, thank you. My experiences there were quite nice and enlightening. I am not a "hater". I just consider myself a realist.

It seems the same liberals and progressives who can't wait for "Marriage Equality" can't get on their knees fast enough for a faith that would behead "same sex"

During the late 60's and well into the late 70's I was what one may consider a "Hippie". Hair down to there, parted in the middle, driving around in a Volkswagen Van. Given my appearance and mode of transport, it made perfect sense I would be pulled over from time to time.

Came with the territory.

They never found any illegal substance, I had stopped smoking pot or using anything mind altering when I was 15.

I found it was a LOT easier to simply let any cop look all they wanted to and be done with it. I even had an officer from the Wharton, New Jersey P.D., during a stop on Rt. 15 near Picatinny Arsenal, call me a "...gentleman and a scholar"!

It is what it was...I looked the part. All my friends looked the part. A lot of my friends still used dope and all, and we hung out together.

It's called common sense. I didn't feel put upon. One time I drove back forth past a Rockaway Twp. cop parked to catch speeders, over and over again, to see if I would get pulled over. I felt ignored and unwanted.


If you aren't going to advocate Peace, denounce Hamas, Al Qaeda, and terrorism overall...refuse to accept Israel's right to exist...guess what.

You Are Suspect! At minimum, a sympathizer to those would seek to do us harm.


Look, as long as you don't want to behead me, fly planes into buildings, or honor kill your daughters, have a great life.

If you have any sympathy at all for above said activities, kindly talk louder on the phone so we can hear better what you are saying. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

I could go into how this controversy over a common sense approach is all Jimmy Carter's fault and The (Frank) Church Commission, but I have gone on for quite a bit, already. (The Church Commission and Carter are directly responsible for the intelligence failures that led to 911)

So to Mayor Michael Bloomberg I say....

Well done, Sir! You are doing the right thing, here.

Now...just stop all that nanny stuff, and we could go have a beer!

Until next time......

Friday, February 3, 2012

Watch Out America, I Will Be Going On A Road Trip!

This coming July in The Lone Star State, Glen Beck's Non-Profit arm, Mercury One, will be holding a 3 day event in Dallas. If you "Right Click" the above banner, you can open the link in a new tab and see Glenn's announcement detailing what this event means and expects to accomplish.

I have signed up as a volunteer, hoping that through this event, I can give back in my own way the generosity and care others have shown me these last few years in The Conversion Van Of Wonders. Not sure what my responsibilities will be, but I look forward to executing them with enthusiasm.

The video below is from GBTV and is a longer version of the above radio segment. It will also give you a flavor for what Glenn is doing on television now, since his departure from Fox News. Frankly, the past few episodes have been harrowing, focusing on real, significant threats our nation is facing. Those specific episodes will be available at Glenn Beck's main webpage for free this week. What was detailed regarding The Arab Spring, George Soros, The Teetering Economy and other concerns for our nation and way of life....survival..are chilling. Well worth your time to view and learn.

BLATANT PROMO SIDETRACK: Glenn offers a FREE 2 Week Trial of his new network. Click the red GBTV above and give it a try now. It is well worth it!

That's why an event like "Restoring Love" is so significant.

Enjoy the episode below, and give serious consideration to being a part of this