Saturday, July 23, 2011

The 56th Observation Of "The Dawn Of The Downward Spiral"

This Year's Grand Marshall: Presidential Candidate Herman Cain

This guys is AMAZING!!! He is one of my favs heading into the Republican Presidential Primary Season. Why do I make him Grand Marshal, you ask?

A. He saved the Godfather Pizza chain, ties in with the Food of Observance.
B. "Godfather" in the movies does stuff that requires a Tombstone!
C. I wanted a celebrity Grand Marshall.

As always, you commenmorate the Observation by partaking of the following:
A tasty, freshly baked Tombstone Pizza with your choice of toppings.

A "Black Russian" beverage. Learn about them and how to make one HERE.

Last but not least, this years song. Since "The Dawn Of The Downward Spiral" falls on a Sunday this year, the musical selection is, indeed, appropriate.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Today July 15th

EDIT: Looks like Monday.

I am supposed to be on The Sean Hannitty show, not sure what time. Show begins at 3 P.M. Eastern. You can listen HERE.

I Am A Ticking "Time Bomb"

The above photo represents two parts of yours truly.

A. New news about my colon.
B.What I am with a dentist.

Ticking Time Bomb In Mah Belly! (Fat Bastard dialect)

A year plus after my colonic adventure, I got some new and kinda disturbing news. Someone was reading the hospital post stay report and found that the area affected has a severe/extreme chance of rupturing, therefore sending your humble narrator into an adventure in Peritonitis. The would solve a lot of things, no?

Ok...some housekeeping and a bit of history:

Pre Lock Out:

March 2009: Fake Heart Attack and a series of Mini Strokes.

Post Lock Out:

Oct. 5th: Non-fake Heart Attack, Stent inserted and restores blood flow. You can see video of that HERE. Upon release obtain a great set of "Scrubs" and move back into the van. Meds to keep the stent happy as well as follow up Cardiologists keep me here through winter. No heart damage.

(The whole series about my cardio adventure can be seen HERE.)

April/May 2010: 2 week stint in hospital with Diverticulitis and 103 fever. After release, returned to van and an additional 10 days with drain attached.

July 2010: Effects of aforementioned strokes make themselves known. Issues with memory, coordination, speech appear. Appointments and test with Neurologist keep me here through winter of 2010/2011.

Set Target Date Of May 15th To Leave Area. Prolonged winter and extremely wet weather makes The Conversion Van Of Wonders' overhaul impossible.


At first it was thought that the starter on the van was kaput. Made awful grinding noise and then nothing. Turns out it was the battery wasn't pulling it's weight and the new battery shows the starter who's boss!

Now it turns out the front end is in horrible shape. When at the garage having the starter double checked, the owner notices the front tires are down to the steel belt in an odd way.

Major front end issues.

While driving the front brakes grind like nothing I have heard before. Seems a caliper got "stuck" and ground down everything there to nothing, all but breaking through to the middle of the rotor.

Major brake issues.

Why am I telling you all this?

I have been accused of being a fraud. In a series of texts from a former acquaintance it was alleged I have no plans of leaving for a new life out of Jersey and am a con man. My first attempt at hitting the road was October of 2009. I was literally a couple of hours away from embarking when a bit-O-plaque decided to say "Howdy" and give the EKG some excitement. The rest is medical history.

Now that the organic issues are near the more neural guy appointment and maybe two for the dentist....mechanical issues take the traveling center stage.

I have been known to state it's like God is saying I can never have a home again, but I will certainly not be leaving the "HELL" that is New Jersey.

SIDETRACK: I have tried numerous times to clear the air with aforementioned individual, but he refuses to talk. Actually saw him last night, but no progress.
A "con" likes nothing better than a "mark" who walks away with no repercussion. If I was truly conning this guy, the distance would be quite welcome.
It doesn't add up.

But I digress....

Why am I posting all of this? Quite simply to clear the air among my faithful readers.

The car issues are secondary to me because I face another auction for my stuff in storage. That happens, the repairs are moot. Won't need the van.

Anyhow...thanks for reading. Hope this explains my not leaving on schedule.

This clip from "Glee" pretty much sums up both my chosen solutions. Enjoy.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

You Can Help The U.S.O. Today For FREE! And make a way cool cake.

EDITED TO ADD: This promotion is over, but you can still show your support directly by going to: and making a donation.

From Twitter @ the_USO Check out the @TasteofHome flag cake recipe if you need a dessert this holiday! Every view is 10 cents to the USO!

They will donate up to $100,000.00 to The U.S.O.

If you make this cake, bring me a B I G piece!

Ya'll have a Safe and GREAT 4 of July Weekend!