Wednesday, December 18, 2013

If you Are Looking At Me Right Now...

..on your mobile device while seeing the van, stop by and say "Hello". What's written on the windows is true and I welcome any support. BTW, the date above is set for the future so this Updates post stays on top.

 01/07/14 6:45 A.M. C.S.T.: This blog is now dormant. Feel free to read through if new here. I am now posting on my other blog, "The Pundit Nomadic" linked HERE!

12/09/13 5:30 P.M. C.S.T : The very last (God willing)  Homeless Advisor posting below. Please read and pass along to your friends. Thanks for following and reading all these years!

11/17/13 5:14 P.M. C.S.T. : I know it's been a while.... I'm working on what should be my final post to this blog. I have a place to "Homeless" is no longer accurate.  Hopefully will post in a day or so. Then I'll be writing on my other blog "The Pundit Nomadic". See you then.....

10/22/13 10:00 A.M. C.D.T. : blood work came answers yet. I have an appointment today with my G.P. Hopefully I'll have a picture of what's what. From the internet, it looks like I have colon cancer! Ummm..don't think so. Anyhow....we'll see.

10/01/13 8:27 P.M. C.D.T. : I get my blood work tomorrow and then they will schedule my biopsy. I'll be curious to know if Mickey Mass is still there. I already decided no surgery.  We'll see......

09/19/13 5:24 P.M. C.D.T. : Still no call with an appointment for the biopsy. Thus, nothing new to report. Thanks for stopping by, though. Please keep Prayers and good thoughts for me.

AKKKK..what is wrong with yours truly? Watching Football and this song has been playing in my head, thus had to go watch it. Makes me all teary eyed and stuff. Weird kinda cocktail of the head. can see it HERE.

Addendum 09/04/13 12:57 P.M. C.D.T. : Just spoke with my doctor....he saw the CAT Scan. It's not good. Will be seeing him tomorrow. As you may imagine, I am a tad shaken. Will let ya'll know....

09/03/13 8:07 P.M. C.D.T. : Over the last few days I have been feeling this coming. Sunday and Monday I spent the days in bed for the most part. This morning breathing was a challenge, to put it mildly. Suffice to say, I couldn't make the appointment.

Still waiting for the promised phone call so I can at least learn what the most recent C.T. scan shows. 

08/26/13 3:30 P.M. C.T. : Talked with my pulmonary guy. He called so he wouldn't forget to call, but...his computer wouldn't fire up to view the scan so he had no opinion.  Thus, no word. I have an appointment on September 3rd...hopefully have some info then.

Spent all of yesterday in bed. I think it's either allergies or coming down with a cold. Whatever it is, Mickey and all augment the impact. Today was MUCH better, thus figure allergies.

We'll see.

08/18/13 1:15 P.M.C.T. : Had my CAT Scan on Friday. Tuesday for me was miserable and became a "Lost" evening. Spent two days in bed. Hoping to get some results tomorrow. See if Mickey Mass has vacated or left entirely. Here's hoping! Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.

07/24/13 10:33 A.M. C.T. : Well...Happy Birthday To Me! Merry Scootmas, everyone! Ok..where are the presents?!?!??!

07/23/13 9:20 A.M. C.T. : To the miserable, cowardly,  malcontent in Landing, New Jersey. Stop hiding. Come out and say who you are and I may publish your venom! As for the "shrinking"'s a wee bit smaller because it is more defined. I am not making up what I am being told. It is what it is.

07/21/13 8:20 A.M. C.T. : Had my appointment yesterday with my G.P. Meds added to the mix. Prevailing thought (read:hope) is that it is an infection and not cancer. We'll see. In the meantime, I'd like to sell a kidney so I can get a full blown R.V. ! Would be HUGE change in my life.

06/16/13 7:15 A.M. C.T. : HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all those Men who stepped up to the place, without needing an appearance on The Maury Show! Well done!

PREFACE: It's a good idea to know what this reference relates to in some of the following posts: HABITRAIL

Monday, December 9, 2013

She's Come Here To Sing.....

The saying goes, "It isn't over until the Fat Lady sings".

Hopefully, this will be the last ever post in my blog. I'm not homeless anymore...and God willing, I'll stay that way.

By and large, it's been an interesting chapter in my life. Exposed to a lot of things I never thought I'd be. Met MANY really nice and wonderful folks....ran into very few, ardent detractors...some quite vile. As I compose this, I am debating whether to expose them or not...we'll see.

Last month my apartment was robbed...took my MacBook and some other items. Fortunately, I had renter's insurance, but with a high deductible. When you think about how long I lived in The Conversion Van Of Wonders and some motel rooms of questionable repute, ironic it happens when I am in an apartment, proper.

Go figure....

This month has been a tough one. As of this writing, I have just over $2.00 to get through December. I have food...I buy that at the beginning of the month..and hope it will last until January. Christmas is a non-starter, as was Thanksgiving. But I know where I live night after night and it's warm!

Just got through a really nasty ice storm. From what I am to understand, that's common here in Texas as opposed to snow. Frankly, I can do quite nicely with out either, thank you!

And for the last few days, I have been sleeping like never before. I am hoping I am not coming down with Mono...that would REALLY suck!

As far as Mickey Mass goes, haven't heard from him lately. I put off my biopsy wanting to be put on Anti-Fungal meds and then take a couple of pictures to see if Mickey has left the building. Reason being, in the tests done ahead of the biopsy, I tested positive for Aspergillus which is quite common when one has compromised lungs and had significant doses of Prednisone over an extended period of time. Before I get poked and a bit of myself extracted, let's try something a little less invasive. However, my lung guy has not gotten back to me in over 3 weeks.

Guess I'm on my own for now.

In the future I will be writing on my other blog, The Pundit Nomadic, that has been dormant for quite some time now.

I am working on 3 projects that I hope will be announced shortly after the 1st of the year. As I said before, I didn't come to Texas to be flat on my back! I am determined to be off of disability before 2015. And fortunatley, I have a home from which to launch said endeavors! is with mixed emotions I step away from this journal. It was a great outlet for me and exposed me to many great folks, some opportunities, and gave me my 15 minutes of fame.

All in all, I've been pretty blessed!

In closing allow me to thank you all for reading, your prayers and good thoughts, material support, and encouragement.  

It's been quite a ride!

Be blessed and have a GREAT Christmas and the very best Happy New Year possible.

See you on the other site.....