Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's Official, R.I.P. Toshiba Laptop!!!!

Posting from Staples where the staff here tried to reevive said laptop to no avail. Thus, postings to be erratic at best. If anyone you know has a used laptop for cheap sale or donation, lemme know. It was my window to the world! My thanks to the folks here at Staples in Budd Lake for the help and letting me log in from time to time.

I do, however, have some observations of logging on via a local library!


Keep me in your thoughts. Another storm coming this wednesday!

Untilo next time...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ok...Something Nice Happened..

Yesterday I went to a long time friend of mine's hair salon and caught up on things. After she learned what was what, and had a LONG look at my LONG beard and shaggy hair, offered to groom me up!

You have NO idea how that felt! I am pretty much touch starved, and having someone wash me hair and shave me face and trim and shape me beard. It was wonderful! And the result terriffic!

So a HUGE THANK YOU to Darlene at Makin' Waves Salon in Stanhope, N.J. A very taleneted girl for your curls!

Now, I am a well groomed homeless guy getting ready for the storm of the year!

She made dealing with this stuff a WHOLE lot better!

Laptop still DOA, typing at my son's.

Until next time....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It Got Even Suckier!

My laptop threw a clot and is now dead! I am blogging from a Staples near me. I am lost without it. In The Conversion Van Of Wonders, it was my window to the world, my entertainment, my sanity. I was planning on leaving NJ this thursday, but with a coming storm and no laptop, ain't happening. And the substitute place I was staying at told me today I can't go back,

WalMart parking lot for moi.

No electric, no laptop, no money..and sleeting.

Welcome to my life.

Until next time.....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Full Disclosure And Random Thoughts...

Back in the 80's there was this great, I mean REALLY great cop show called "Hill Street Blues" that gave birth to another great, REALLY great and ground breaking series, "N.Y.P.D. Blue". When TV Guide rated a bunch of T.V. shows, Hill Street was named Best Drama up to that time.

I was a faithful viewer!

Kindly take note of the actors at the top of this cast picture, the blonde and the quite Italian looking guy. The actors, Betty Thomas ( who also directed "The Brady Bunch Movie" and "Howard Stern's Private Parts") as Sgt. Lucy Bates and Ed Marinaro as Officer Joe Coffey. A particular story arc involving these two get at play here.

Now understand it has been some 30 years since the episode played, so I don't in a crystal clear fashion recall all the details. But enough to make my point.

Basically, they encounter one of Chicago's homeless guys and take a special interest in him. They get him some help, clean him up, a new wardrobe, and Joe says:

"Hey Luce, there's a person under there!"

As with any one, homeless or not, there is a person in there.

I sometimes wonder how people perceive me. I like to think I am kinda literate here and express myself even better when speaking. So well, in fact, I tend to simply dominate most conversations without really trying to. It just happens.

I paid attention to Bill Clinton and learned a lot from him. Spin is everything!

But I digress.....

I sometimes am curious as to how others may perceive me. My appearance, demeanor, etc. Currently my wardrobe consists of 2 pairs of sweats, black jeans, sweat and t-shirts. I am letting my beard grow in a "Homeless Guy" style.

SIDETRACK: I am growing out the beard even more for next year's Halloween Costume. I plan as going as Aqualung.

This year I went as the unknown homeless bearded stranger offering kids candy from a van.'s a joke!!!! I really didn't have any candy, but again I digress....

Why? Why try to look the part? Why grow the long beard?

It ain't because Z.Z. Top needs a singer.

It seems to fit. Plus I tend to play with it, much like Betty Boop's inventor Uncle would stroke his when he got a flash of brilliance. It's like a string of beads or isometric ball.

I've come to like it.

So, yeah, I kinda look the part. And some are surprised I am not some delusional addict that is better at drooling than expressing.

It's fun to watch. Keeps'em off balance.

But I also have an opposite issue. There are more than a few who think I am a fraud. Not really homeless and living in a conversion van. I am a fraud! That I am seeking some kind of sympathy pretending to be homeless...err....addressless.

I am online.
I take pictures!
I embed video and music.
I have time to write about stuff other than dealing with the elements and "social injustice"!

Take my word, and that of Bob The Van Eating Dog.

We live in a van.


1. I have been hearing a different slant on class warfare/envy! There is a work at home company who bemoan the middle class is being exploited by...get this...the poor!! In the ad, the announcer-ette muses the middle class work but fall behind while the poor are given oodles of cash! They get the "bailouts"!

Hows about that!

Before they started running this rather distasteful ad, I had looked into this outfit. I used a throwaway addy and, man, was there a deluge of spam!!! I mean tons..for days...for months...even to this day!! And you may only hear the ads if you listen to streaming radio online.

This outfit: Just so you know!

2. I had pork loin cutlets, encased in my very own coating, with cole slaw and fresh baked biscuits. That NuWave Oven is great!!! So, just because I can actually cook, doesn't mean I am not really in the current state of affairs I say I am. I improvise and make the best of things.


Here is a video that is a brief, hastily shot and not edited, tour of the conversion van. Not that I have anything to prove, I am just want to set the record straight. I sleep many nights this winter fully clothed, some nights with my shoes on.

It's for real.

To lie to you now, would be my downfall later.

Until next time....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ok...The Official Homeless Advisor Take On...


I get it. Like in "WALL-E", humans beat the hell outta the earth. Seen that story line a bazillion times.

A number of "The Twilight Zone" episodes.
"The World, the Flesh and the Devil "

Been there, saw that.

Ok...bad ass corporate types....happens.

DOW in India
Exxon Valdez
The Makers of "The Little Mermaid Fish Sticks"
(Honestly, I saw these at my and Bon Jovi's fav supermarket, ShopRite! It was twisted! The box had Ariel and Flounder smiling as they viewed their pals all breaded and stuff.)


That part didn't bother me.

Getting to a point where I almost...ALMOST but not quite...almost was glad to see US Military killed by some 10' tall Smurfs!


Look, cameron coulda made them a Blackwater type of deal. Ex-military rogue types. It happens. Remember My Lai? "The "A" Team"?

And since it was said mother earth was left barren..and it is a global thing...

Where were the:

French Foreign Legion
The Republican Guard
The Beef Eaters
Canadian Army
et al

What is it with cameron? Why pick on United States Marines?

Up until that single moment, I was really enjoying the flick.

I try to keep this blog of mine work and family friendly, but...

FUCK him!

On a softer note...

Can you imagine bringing back to life Thomas Edison, Charlie Chaplin, Cecille B. DeMille, Alfred Hitchcock, etc., so they could see what is being done with film today. I would LOVE to be in a secret place with binoculars aimed at their faces when they see the first frames of a spectacle like this unfold. I bet a tear would come to all our eyes.

Until next time..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

So The Other Day....

I am in my fav Addiction Emporium (beer, smokes, lottery), $andy'$ Di$count Liquor$ Rt. 46 East, Budd Lake New Jersey. and over the P.A. system the Jennifer Hudson version of this song comes on.

Now the reason this catches my attention is that the significant acquaintance had a special attachment to the musical this song came from, Dream Girls", otherwise I may not have paid any attention to it. I lost interest in most things Broadway once it became "Haddasah Shows", meaning get'em in from "Lonk Igland" via bus for the Wednesday matinees, and Webber and Rice split. I wish the producers had listened to Bob Barker re: neutering "Cats" before it hit the Great White Way. So "Dreamgirls" was not on my radar.

SIDETRACK: LOVE Disney on Broadway, at least what I saw. Was treated to "Beauty And The Beast" with Andrea McCardle as "Belle" for my birthday one year. Just sayin'..

Anyhow, I hear Hudson's version of this, having seen and heard the chick from "Glee" do it, and this young lady blew Hudson's version away. Thus, I offer it here. Only full version I could find apparently comes from South of The Border. Happens.

Anyhow...enjoy this and see you soon.

Until next time....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hey, Feeling Sick?? This Should Perk You Right The Heck Up!

Almost makes me wanna eat some Strychnine! Bon appetite!