Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ok...The Official Homeless Advisor Take On...


I get it. Like in "WALL-E", humans beat the hell outta the earth. Seen that story line a bazillion times.

A number of "The Twilight Zone" episodes.
"The World, the Flesh and the Devil "

Been there, saw that.

Ok...bad ass corporate types....happens.

DOW in India
Exxon Valdez
The Makers of "The Little Mermaid Fish Sticks"
(Honestly, I saw these at my and Bon Jovi's fav supermarket, ShopRite! It was twisted! The box had Ariel and Flounder smiling as they viewed their pals all breaded and stuff.)


That part didn't bother me.

Getting to a point where I almost...ALMOST but not quite...almost was glad to see US Military killed by some 10' tall Smurfs!


Look, cameron coulda made them a Blackwater type of deal. Ex-military rogue types. It happens. Remember My Lai? "The "A" Team"?

And since it was said mother earth was left barren..and it is a global thing...

Where were the:

French Foreign Legion
The Republican Guard
The Beef Eaters
Canadian Army
et al

What is it with cameron? Why pick on United States Marines?

Up until that single moment, I was really enjoying the flick.

I try to keep this blog of mine work and family friendly, but...

FUCK him!

On a softer note...

Can you imagine bringing back to life Thomas Edison, Charlie Chaplin, Cecille B. DeMille, Alfred Hitchcock, etc., so they could see what is being done with film today. I would LOVE to be in a secret place with binoculars aimed at their faces when they see the first frames of a spectacle like this unfold. I bet a tear would come to all our eyes.

Until next time..


  1. I still haven't seen Avatar. Guess I'll wait until it's on DVD. I, too, am tired of the "we killed the Earth" storyline though.

  2. Uh... they weren't marines. They were mercenaries. Jake Sully was an EX-marine, and everyone else there was an EX-something. They were on the corporation's payroll.