Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ok...Something Nice Happened..

Yesterday I went to a long time friend of mine's hair salon and caught up on things. After she learned what was what, and had a LONG look at my LONG beard and shaggy hair, offered to groom me up!

You have NO idea how that felt! I am pretty much touch starved, and having someone wash me hair and shave me face and trim and shape me beard. It was wonderful! And the result terriffic!

So a HUGE THANK YOU to Darlene at Makin' Waves Salon in Stanhope, N.J. A very taleneted girl for your curls!

Now, I am a well groomed homeless guy getting ready for the storm of the year!

She made dealing with this stuff a WHOLE lot better!

Laptop still DOA, typing at my son's.

Until next time....

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