Saturday, February 6, 2010

So The Other Day....

I am in my fav Addiction Emporium (beer, smokes, lottery), $andy'$ Di$count Liquor$ Rt. 46 East, Budd Lake New Jersey. and over the P.A. system the Jennifer Hudson version of this song comes on.

Now the reason this catches my attention is that the significant acquaintance had a special attachment to the musical this song came from, Dream Girls", otherwise I may not have paid any attention to it. I lost interest in most things Broadway once it became "Haddasah Shows", meaning get'em in from "Lonk Igland" via bus for the Wednesday matinees, and Webber and Rice split. I wish the producers had listened to Bob Barker re: neutering "Cats" before it hit the Great White Way. So "Dreamgirls" was not on my radar.

SIDETRACK: LOVE Disney on Broadway, at least what I saw. Was treated to "Beauty And The Beast" with Andrea McCardle as "Belle" for my birthday one year. Just sayin'..

Anyhow, I hear Hudson's version of this, having seen and heard the chick from "Glee" do it, and this young lady blew Hudson's version away. Thus, I offer it here. Only full version I could find apparently comes from South of The Border. Happens.

Anyhow...enjoy this and see you soon.

Until next time....

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  1. That girl from Glee is amazing. She has got more soul than Hell.