Sunday, December 18, 2011

Well..This Certainly SUCKS!!!

QUICK UPDATE: Got a new generator courtesy of my friend John. Same brand and model. When you consider all I put the previous generator through, you'll understand why I wanted same. More details will follow. I am more than a tad fatigued.

Original Post Below:

It's 3:15 A.M. as I write this. Using my inverter off of the car battery with engine running. I have The Conversion Van Of Wonders cranking in the hope of generating's a no go.

A few hours ago the generator died. Thus goes heat and electric. It's about 24 degrees in here.

Wish me luck! I have a friend already expected today who knows about these things, and maybe it can be repaired.

I don't think it can. It ended in a kinda bad way.

I don't have the resources for a new one. Not sure what I am gonna do.

Here's hoping....

Merry Christmas To Me.

Time To Revisit The Unfinished Concept Piece: "The Happy Homeless Christmas Special"

You can see it HERE!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Going "Green" For The "Green"

Since my appearance on The Glenn Beck Radio Program, I find myself infused with a bit of renewed vigor! I mean, the response has been great, the comments VERY positive, but for a couple of malcontents, and now I have a much broader audience.

Then again, I live in The Conversion Van Of Wonders here at Camp Scooter:South East in the impoverished nation of Afscootistan (A.H.A.)

How do I generate revenue in a way that respects the Earth and ca$he$ in on those "Climate Change" dollar$?

My New Act: "The Eco-Friendly Comic"

I recycle old jokes! No cluttering up the comedic landfills with new, and ultimately discarded, material! I pull them from the toxic dumps, shake them off, and use them in my act! For example:

A friend of mine is in the coffee business...he says life's a grind!
2 guys walk into a bar. They both say "OW!"
A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Lawyer walk into a bar. The bartender says, "What is this...some kind of a joke?"

You get the idea. And here is the WAY coolest part!!!

I can apply for, and probably get, some of that Stimulus Money for Renewable Energy / Recycling Venture Enterprises Barry Huseamus O'Bama like to promote when he visits companies that soon afterwards, go out of business. Meaning, I don't even have to book myself into a comedy club, I only have to say I am "developing the project"!

Solyndra ain't got nothing on yours truly!

I'll be on my way to fame and fortune whilst biding my time here at The Home Of Falling Prices and The McRib. I'll just be in a position to have a much nicer van!

Is this a great country, or what???

Until next time....
Merry Christmas to ME!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Wonder If This Is What "Bi-Polar" Feels Like

Been a heck of a weekend! The appearance on Glenn Beck's Radio Program created a whirlwind of activity here at Camp Scooter:South East...and in email and blog hits.

Contrast that with what my life and feelings have been like since last August. All my stuff gone and my "Marty" gone. To say I was in s funk is a huge understatement.

Morose is more like it.

This new happenstance has been both humbling and overwhelming. Quite the experience.

The support that has been offered and given keeps things in one piece here. In fact, I found myself in a position to do something I haven't done in a while.

I was able to donate 2 turkeys to my town , Mt. Olive, for a couple of families here.

SIDETRACK: Mt. Olive is the Township. Budd Lake is one half and Flanders the other. I wonder if I have been Google Earthed yet?

It was the response to Glenn having me on the program that allowed me to do this. All I did was make a phone call or 2 to see who needed said dead poultry. It's his fan base that did the rest.

What was surprising, in a pleasant way, was that the Houses of Worship I reached out to first had plenty of turkeys to give out. One church actually had leftovers! Speaks well for the communities here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

For myself, I will spending the day here at Camp Scooter:South East and probably causing trouble on Twitter. I am grateful for a number of things, but I am just not in to the holiday aspect of Thursday at all. I simply won't be celebrating. If you plan on stopping by, please respect that.

Perhaps next year I will Decree a Day of Thanksgiving for all in Afscootistan (All Hail, Afscootistan)

For everyone out there...
For Glenn, Stu, Pat, and Keith, as well as everyone at Mercury Radio Arts....
To all who reached out in person and online this past weekend....
For those who are my "regulars" up here....

The Happiest and Safest and Warmest and Cherished Thanksgiving ever to you and yours.

God Bless!

P.S.: J.M.S.: The last words you and I said to one another were "Good luck". I thought it was a fitting and proper ending to things, business and personal. Why you are starting in again, who knows. Let it go. When I pray at night, I add you, your wife and children in my request for God's blessings. I don't expect the same in return. Just...let it all go. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Irony! Here I Am About To Do...

Edited To Add:

WOW!!!! The support here has been wonderful!!! I was blessed being on the show, but that Glenn allowed me to mention the blogs....amazing!!!

For whatever reason, I haven't been able to post all of the "Comments" here, but they do forward to my email and I am reading them all. For those who have asked, I can't use PayPal because I don't have a bank account to transfer the funds to. So in response, I can accept at Walmart via a cash transfer. I would just need the Transaction Number emailed to me at .

God bless you's hoping you and yours have a GREAT Thanksgiving, and please, continue to support and follow Glenn as he, Stu and well as ALL the staff at Mercury Radio Arts..... do the good and hard work. of THE BIGGEST Talk Shows in America, The Glenn Beck Radio Program at 9:00 AM Eastern, and I am out of gas and freezing!

You can listen in here:

With anything news-ish, something may come up to preempt my appearance, but as of right now, all systems go...except for heat.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Please Note!

New Posts Featured Below This One:

I worked out a deal with a friend of my who does scrapping. He knows that business, I know my way around the internet. So for any material that comes my way via this ad, we split the money. For me, it means heat for the winter. Been living in my van about 2 and a half years. My only source of heat is my generator and electric heater.

So, any scrap or other materials you are looking to get rid of, he will pick up within a 20 mile radius of Budd Lake. For substantial loads he will go further.

Look, you need the stuff gone, and we need the $$$. It's win win! Reply to email shown here or in the comments section, and thanks for reading.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

So Much Loss....I Lost A "Marty"

First....please view this clip from "Back To The Future II"

What's missing from that clip, if you haven't seen the movie, was that Doc Brown's Time Traveling DeLorean had just been struck by a bolt of lightning midair, and disappeared. That fact makes the arrival of Western Union more significant.

SIDETRACK: If you haven't seen the 3 Back To The Future Movies, you really should. Probably my all time fav trilogy. In the first one, there is not one single wasted frame of film! It will also help you "get it" for this posting.

The significant thing for your humble narrator was the relationship that Marty and The Doc shared. No matter how brained....impossible...improbable...yadda yadda yadda...anything The Doc said, did, or wanted to do, Marty "gets it". Thus, when a letter arrives from 70 years in the past after seeing a flying car holding the writer of said missive disappear into the ozone...Marty just accepts it all. In his head he must be saying.."That's just The Doc".

I need a Marty. Allow me to correct that....I need my 2nd Marty.

I am Doc Brown. Not saying I am a man of science, nor a genius. I quite frequently would come up with ideas, projects, goals, etc. that seemed improbable. But 99 times out of 100, I would accomplish it. Sometimes I would get something done, and get quizzical looks or comments from those around me. At some point, it would sink in with them . Not that it automatically meant approval...but at some point they understood.

But still never really, "got it".

The one Marty I have is my best friend, The Bronx Italian. He has known me for some 29 years, and at first, thought I was often out of my mind.

Now..he "gets it". At least most of the time.

My other Marty is now gone. 3 weeks ago he decided he didn't want to be on this plane anymore, and desired to create his own path to the next level. A D.I.Y. project for the hereafter.

In the interest of privacy and deep respect for his survivors, I will refrain from directly identifying him, as well as his occupation.

He was quite talented at what he did, and over all successful for many years. Was known among notable others in his profession...names you would recognize...faces that are familiar.

He was my friend for 15 years.


He had actually approached me about starting an enterprise using the collective talents, knowledge's, and experiences we had, combined. I looked forward to it and approached this opportunity with an attitude and exuberance I hadn't felt in years.

It was a timely and greatly needed service. I see others offering the same thing now, and doing quite nicely in their endeavors.

It was during the initial efforts in developing things, I saw for the first time my Marty's demons. It was a monster that was eating him from the inside out...from his soul on up. It made the venture unattainable and I found myself in a position of watching after him...keeping him on track.

It needed to be done.

All in all, he seemed to be coming around. Went through detox, worked his 12 Step and got on with his business.

Thing is, the more I came to know about him, the more I admired him. He was a pilot, hunter, BIG ASS Mountain climber..Kilimanjaro kind of peaks...and on and on.

His one really big passion....automotive. Especially Antique English motorcycles and sports cars. When speaking to his wife subsequent to his passing, I brought up said passion. She said he probably would have been a lot happier being a technician.

I don't disagree.

To me, he was also a fan. He often called me "amazing"...go figure...and oft would say I should have stayed in college. There were times he would call on me for my knowledge or expertise as it related to something he was working on. And I, having considered his occupation while in college, was keenly interested in what current project he had and how it was going. We could go on for hours about that stuff.

He also would hire me from time to time and that certainly helped my great homeless adventure along.

The last time I heard his voice, he called me to say he had sent me some cash to The Home Of Falling was out of the blue. Surprising, to say the least.

He didn't sound quite right, though. He sounded tired....spent. I figured he, perhaps with his wife as well, had an active weekend and was just out of sorts. I tried calling him a few days later, but his cell was disconnected. Sent him an email letting him know that, in case it was a problem technical not financial.

He had technical problems with that cell service before.

After a more than a week had gone by, I called his office. (Unlike him, his secretary was NOT an admirer) Asked to talk with him, she told me he was dead....had died 5 days prior. The death notice was not put in the paper until the morning of my call to her.

She didn't tell me what brought about his demise. I reached out to someone he shared office space with, and she told me the rest of the story.

It was monday night, out in the woods...where no one would hear.

I was devastated. I had no idea.

That's why, as I suspected, the announcement was days later and services were "Private".

Now, when God and I have our almost nightly conversation, I add my Marty's Soul to my list of "Could ya?" 's.

Saddest part of all, I think....

Is that unlike your humble narrator....this guy had a "Purpose".

It's a tragedy and a waste.

In closing I ask that you, my faithful readers, keep a good thought for his survivors...and for those you love and care for.

For me...well, I don't know how to adequately express for myself on this.

Just more loss....more sad, empty loss.

I end by saying, on his behalf...

"Go Steelers!"

Until next time......

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

You All Can Help Me Win Somethin'

EDITED 10/26/11: Well..I didn't win. Was fun , though. So for all of you who voted for me, a great big Thank ou!!! Those who didn't...NO McRIB FOR YOU!!!!!

I hope to post this weekend.

EDITED 10/24/11: The contest ends TODAY at Noon Eastern Time!!! Please use the link below to vote Thumbs Up on the last picture on Page 1. Thanks!

If you go HERE and click the "Thumbs Up" by the picture you see below, I could win some cool stuff! The image will be at the very bottom of the contest page 1.

Would be nice for a change. Pass this around to your friends as well. Winner is TOTALLY determined by number of votes!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It Has Been Said....

..that God/Fate/Life never gives you more than you can take!

I add: But will sometimes take away more than you can handle.

Everything is gone...all I have is what is in this van. My physical timeline destroyed.

Gifts, documents, pictures, collection....everything.

All for just under $100.00!

Here's the deal:

I was unable to hit the mark for rent in June and that pushed everything into July. Public Storage will add $50.00 to the prior months rent for a "Lien" fee. I have 2 bins, thus $100.00. On July 2nd, I was able to muster up enough to pay for June and July, but just short of the $100.00 "Lien" fee. What's interesting, no lien is created. No document, no court paperwork, nothing. I emailed the company and asked what that fee paid for....they couldn't tell me.

I was told that the Regional Manager could waive it, but it was solely at his discretion.
That manager's name is Christian Festa. I reached out to him and he told me there was a new D.M., but that the new guy would bend to Christian's will.

I explained the situation, had just enough to get on track, but would he waive the $50.00 "Can't show What It Goes To" Fee.

He said no...and frankly in a quite arrogant, boastful way. He even bragged about blowing off people who were hospitalized that asked for some break. He said he "couldn't" help me. I asked:

"You can't or choose not to?"

He affirmed the latter.

SIDETRACK: I spoke with the new guy yesterday about reaching out to the parties that got my stuff, about possibly being able to get the personal stuff, as well as whatever else they didn't want. He said sure and did so.

God Bless Him!

So for just under $100.00 as of July 2nd, I lost everything on August 24th.

Edited 09/16/11

I just got off the phone with the Public Storage facility my stuff was sold off at. The truly nice young lady let me know that a couple of small items were left behind and I could come get them.

A photo album and a box-O-something.

That's it.

2 units...2 buyers.

What possible use could these guys have for personal stuff? Videotapes of my kids being born and growing up. Footage of their mom, who died when they were 7 and 3. 8mm and Super 8mm film that I shot myself. The bundles of papers that document my kids school years?

I could go on and on, but what's the point? It's my timeline, so who really cares.

I am done. I will pray enthusiastically for the Almighty to get me outta here. The day after the auction, I had mused out loud about making that a D.I.Y. project and wound up under observation for about 18 hours.

That whole ordeal created it's own set of setbacks. It was a waste of everyone's time and resource. They should have known I am not handy at all, thus aforementioned project would have been thwarted by yours truly's lack of skill.

I have maybe 8 hours of gasoline left and most of a pack of smokes. When the gas runs out, the generator goes silent, and that's that. My diverticulitis has been acting up, and that may end up being my salvation. Next on the list is figure out ways to aggravate it.

Not suicide, just altering my menu to accommodate natures way.

Look, I am not begrudging the right to make money, nor the right of the winning buyers to the spoils of sorrow. But let's look at the numbers:

Public Storage , in round numbers, lost $135.00 on one bin, and had to pay me $200.00 on the other. Net loss of $335.00 for a lifetime to be wiped out. The upper bin was rented for one month hence, but now lays empty. Figure a couple of months before rented again, more loss.

All for less than $100.00!

Good business model. Christian certainly helped out the company on this one. Maybe Solyndra should review his resume for consideration.

I appreciate all the folks from around the world who have to come to this corner of the ether to read my ramblings and musings. It was kinda neat having people interested in what this deranged unit had to spew. But this is it.

If you are going to pray for me and/or keep good thoughts, PLEASE do so with the point of view that "whatever" is in my best interest. If it is to wish me good health, etc., kindly direct your efforts at someone who desires and needs that.

It sure ain't me.

Added 09/24/11

Got the very last of what was left behind today.

It wasn't much. And it mostly served to remind me of more that is lost. I just hope that whoever the 2 parties are, whatever they are going to discard, they find a way to connect with me.

And to make me feel even worse, today was my oldest son's 30th birthday and I had completely forgotten it. The "Bad Brain Days" have been coming back coupled with all this stuff.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Missing Kitty Alert: Mice Rejoice!

Zander needs a special diet. He is described as calm and affectionate. Zander is a rescue cat who bolted from his new home. Tell tale signs he's around...mice tremble at his name!

If you see him, call the number above.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Just Been Hard To Gather My Thoughts

I know many of you have been checking back, often multiple times during the course of the day. This is just to let you know I ain't dead yet. I am clearing my head and will do a decent sized post in the next couple of days.

Thanks for hanging in there!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene? Bleh!

The storm sucked!

As of today, cigarettes all gone, I have lapsed car insurance, my phone card has run out, and my life went to the highest bidder.

You'd think this stupid storm woulda dropped a tree on my head!

Hope y'all stayed safe!

Oh...and my generator is sending motor oil....somewhere. It's not burning it nor leaking. It just disappears.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Really Hate Looking Like I Am, Or Actually Being, Stupid!

Update 3 08/23/2011

As of this writing, there is little over 12 hours for me to save things, and all but non-existent chance of doing so. Some stranger will have my lifetime in their hands.

I was not able to raise anything near what is needed.

Fait Accompli

Over the next few days, unless a miracle happens, I will compose my final post for both blogs. Gonna gather my thoughts and prep up.

UPDATE 2 08/23/2011

Ok..that was JUST a warning! If I don't raise the funds I need as listed below by tomorrow morning, I unleash the BIG one!!!

Save have been warned! Earthquakes are harmful to homeless and other living things!

UPDATE 08/23/2011:

Morning started out with someone giving your humble narrator a hale and hearty "FU5K YOU!" while pulling away in his box truck. From the expression on his face, I am guessing it is the guy whom, with his posse, has a keen interest in my banking habits and concerns over me continuing to smoke.

( I have more info on him for a future posting)

Guess he's upset I didn't take his advice. But I digress....

Thus far, still at the initial $100.00 with just over 24 hours to go. If you are interested in helping me along, please leave your info in the comments section. (i.e. email, etc.) PLEASE STATE IF YOU DO NOT WANT IT PUBLISHED!!!! Comments do NOT go straight to the blog, I have to approve them. Thus, your information is safe.

Original Post Below:

In this case it should be... STOOOPID!

This week upcoming is not a good one for yours truly. Two very significant and life altering events.

A: On Thursday my auto insurance dies.
B: On Wednesday all my stuff is up for auction.

Now some may say....

"Hey, wait. Didn't you just go through this?"

Well...not just, but within the last twelve months. Similar crisis this past November.

Here's the deal:

Some months back I came in to a bit of money, which I used to pay people back, finish insurance payments for the balance, at that time, of my automotive policy and a few months in advance on the storage units.

SIDETRACK: One of the debts goes back when I was hit with my diverticulitis, May of 2010. The service shop owner had given up on seeing the money, and completely surprised when I showed up, cash in hand.

In spite of prevailing opinion, I either pay or give back in some way my obligations, and favors done for me.

In May, I actually found a bit-0-work and that helped.

June, July, and August have been awful!

What really killed me was the winter. Prolonged and bitter, especially on here on Mt. Scooter. All that and gasoline prices.

It wound up costing me daily, JUST for gas, $30.00 on average. Averaging $930.00 per month. It kept me alive through that long and nasty bit-0-hiber. But the gas, along with other expenses, ate up the cash pretty quickly. And really, to what end?

(No, cigarettes did not play a big role. Most of the time I got the filtered cigars that are $2.00 a pack.)

Some of you may ask: "Hey, don't you beseech The Almighty on an almost daily basis for a resolution to you needing air?"

That is correct, and if He was inclined to accommodate me this would all be moot.

But here I am, typing away.

This is what I am hoping for:

I need to raise wee bit over $1,000.00 before 9 A.M.Wednesday, August 24th. I am seeking loans and offers for help. I will pay back any loans in the order that the money was pledged. And I won't ask for the funds until I have commitments equaling the amount I need to raise.

I will pay back through cash or effort. I am not adverse to work. I am not in a condition to do heavy lifting, but anything else is open. I am also an excellent driver and have references to prove my reliability. If I can get this nailed down, I'll take my vehicle to get the brakes done and then be mobile once again.

There is someone who had offered to help with the whole shebang, but is waiting for a client to send him what he is owed. That finally happens, everyone gets paid back, toot suite.

Look, overall I had hopes of at least getting myself to the point I could rebuild my life to some degree and have a place to live. But what is the point of an abode if it's going to be empty. The trails of my life will be in the hands of a stranger who gave the highest bid.

I don't feel that anyone owes me anything. I don't approach this that way. It's basically the luck of the draw, sometimes.

It took me 3 days to sit down to start to write this, and two days to complete. I was hoping something would come along....and I was avoiding it.

If you like reading my stuff....
If you like me, personally....
If you despise me, personally.....

Please give what I ask a wee bit of consideration.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What A Way To Start Year 3!

Weekend sucked!

Rains of a Biblical Dimension. Raining today, even as I type this!

No Gas=No Electric for 3 days.
(I mean NO electric. No generator, no car battery, no U.P.S., and cell phone hanging by a thread)
Small Space, HIGH humidity! Everything damp at minimum.

I was waiting to be eaten by a bear!

Thus, my internet access was non-existent. Fortunately, my cell has minimal web, so I could at least check my email. Overall, my email is not all that exciting. Junk mail, notices, missives from my kids on occasion.

That all changed!

BACKGROUND: I moderate comments made to my two blogs. I believe in the 1st Amendment and all, but this is MY podium. You want to express yourself unhindered, make your own blog.The unposted comments go to email where I can choose what to do with them. Had a quite nice one for The Pundit Nomadic blog which I passed on through. Then, I found a series of mundane, one or two word insults, for this one.

That was to change.

Frankly, all the comments were from one guy using different names. What was new is that he cut and pasted one post and emailed it directly. Thus began a series of erratic and contradictory frothing and rants from one, apparently, deranged individual. It ended pretty much with this:



"OH TRUST ME BROTHER....WE'LL BE UP THERE. WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT. MY POSSE IS COMING FROM NY....AND MOST OF U HOMELESS FUCKS ARE MENTALLY DERANGED AND UNSTABLE SO I DONT KNOW IF U HAVE A LOADED AK47 OR SOMETHING...i aint scared of shit you asshole. you will see me Very Soon. trust me. the last thing im scared of is a sawed off old punk ass loser such as you. so ill be there...I have some business in that T-Mobile store so ill be back in the area Soon.... i dont care if youre the right or wrong guy. u dont mean shit to me. youre just a waste of space...."

Yadda, yadda, yadda!

This is the very first threatening anything I have gotten.

Welcome To Year 3.

This guy calls yours truly "deranged"...but in the course of things,he says he does, but then doesn't live in a section of this town. He is, but then isn't, unemployed with a disabled wife. And on and on....

Oh...and it seems a local bank I have had some dealings with needs to reaffirm to employees their "Client Nondisclosure/Confidentiality" policies. You can see why, here:


"My mom is one of the managers at XXXXXX (bank name). She Told me all about you....Client privilege? My mom doesnt hide anything from her family. I Know More About you than you think."

NOTE: Any and all typos seen in quotes are his.

SIDETRACK: As one shouldn't hold accountable another for the sins of the Father, I would not take her to task by naming said institution due her son's inane ramblings.

Using the email addy of his, I traced back to his Facebook page and some other info about him. Again, much of it contradictory. I do know he LOVES adult beverage, especially beer!

In spite of the fact that he seems deranged what with his ramblings and rants being all over the place, I was very strongly encouraged to contact the local authorities by a number of folks, which I have done.

What was his original gripe?

I buy cigarettes! Honestly, that I on occasion will buy cigarettes!

SIDETRACK:When I first began my engagement here at The Home Of Falling Prices, I had some guy sitting in his car, staring at me for the longest time. I open the door simply to step outside and he started ranting about me smoking, yelling.."That's it buddy...keep fucking sucking on that cigarette..", then drove off in a hurry.

Some people, no?

Towards the VERY last of the communications he said he works in the military, goes back and forth from the Philippines, is NOT unemployed and hacks into others email accounts to do stuff....blah,blah,blah....

You all get the picture here.

Bob Geldoff once sang, "Tell me why I don't like Mondays.."

The rain and lack of power made Monday quite miserable. This deranged-O-nutcase made it pass pretty quickly.

Welcome to Year 3!

Until next time....

P.S. Author Stephanie email me, please.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Well, Happy Effing Anniversary To Me!

Two years ago, today, I began my great homeless adventure!


Trust me, if nothing else, it has been an exercise in survival and instincts. One must be able to improvise in order to make the best of things.

This past winter, we hit actual temps overnight of -15 degrees. Winds gusting to 75 MPH. The little space heater I have, along with my generator, maintained 71 in The Conversion Van Of Wonders.

Some I know of lived on park benches during this past year.

As I write this, the Dow is down 300+ points. Unemployment is staggering. Gas prices are killing the economy.

And Barry Huseamus O'Bama is celebrating his 50th birthday (or is that 57th based on his prior knowledge of how many states there are ?). Then he heads out on a campaign....*cough*...listening sort of tour in key battleground...*cough*...heartland states.

Your tax dollars at work.
Every time I have tried to get out of this place something happens, be it medical or mechanical. Curse-0-De-M's. The most recent example being detailed in the post below this one.

Just can't get out of my own way.

Anyhow....2 years and counting. Sometimes I resign myself to dying in here...never getting out and moving forward. Rarely do I feel anything resembling optimistic. Who knows...

Don't get me wrong. I REALLY appreciate those who have supported me and continue to do so. It's tough though, believe it or not, to hear people tell me how smart I am.

Really? I mean, I live in a van.

In hindsight, it has also enlightened me to others I never should have given the time of day in years past.

(Just found out that the brakes can't be done tomorrow. Pushed off to next week. I am NEVER getting out of here, other than feet first at room temp!)

So begins Year 3. One more Commemoration Of "The Dawn Of The Downward Spiral" to observe next July. Another holiday season to ignore. The summer wasted. Opportunities I had, and will have, to turn down.

Welcome to my life. You who read this should, daily, thank whatever higher power you believe in for the good things in your life.

Good things can be quite fleeting.

The coming year or so is going to be a really tough one for this nation and the world. I regret to say that some of you can see your future reflected in my situation. Be smart, smarter than you have ever been before in your life! Your wits and instincts are what will allow you to navigate survival for you and yours.
In closing, tonight I hang out the festive Tiki and Palm Tree/Pink Flamingo lights, maybe crack a cold one. If you're in the area, stop by and say hello.

No rush, though. Looks like I am stuck here for some time to come.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I actually wanted to use a different word.

I got all prepared for today, to do the brakes and tires. Yesterday the very nice and generous man who got me the calipers, rotors, and pads came by with tires. The front ones are down to the steel belts and not really safe to rolling around with at 55+ MPH.

I put just enough gas in the generator so it would be empty in time for this morning. The thing weighs 100lbs. empty, thus if any gas is in it, I can't lift it. Add to that, my hernia is bulging a bit and uncomfortable from the swelling.

Then, 4 A.M. came...welcomed by abdominal pain of significant amounts.

My old friend, diverticulitis wanted to say hello. I kinda thought this was coming. My innards were grumbling with an occasional tweak of pain that I attributed to something I ate. The other warning sign is mah' belly (Fat Bastard voice) is bloating. I eat once a day and I don't menstrate. Thus, wondering if this was a sign was warranted.

Suffice to say, I had to postpone the work on The Conversion Van Of Wonders. I need to be able to lie down when I must and, if the van is on a lift, that isn't feasible. One of the problems of driving what you live in.

I am just about to throw in the towel. My stuff is on the verge of being auctioned, Thursday it will be 2 years living in here, and I simply can not seem to get out of my own way.

I had to turn down a couple of days of driving because the van is not safe to take anywhere. I took down an ad I had on Craig's List for that type work, for now. I have been misspelling quite a bit and running into other "Bad Brain Day" issues.

SIDETRACK: I see that a few from Twitter follow me here. The thing with that site, by being limited to 140 characters/letters, my misspelling issue is less of a problem. Thus, I tend to post shrunken dopey things I have to say there frequently.

This is not to say the occasional, sometimes frequent, blessing comes my way. The brake and tires are perfect examples. In the week or 2 prior, I was given generous support by a couple of long time friends.

So I deal with the flare ups for today, and hope this doesn't blossom into a full blown happenstance.

I am tired and HATE being grounded.

More later...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ok...quick catch up....

One of the problem of this whole "day in a life" type of blogs, is you write stuff in your head as you are observing or experience...stuff. Then I try to sit and write something I already wrote in my head, 3 or 4 stories behind NEW stuff I am writing in my head.

I need constant supervision.

I think what I may do is pick days and MAKE myself write. Tried that once....give it another go.

Tomorrow I get my horrid brakes done. These are shot completely. Need new calipers, pads, and rotors. The story of how these came to me has many elements:

1 Obama Yelling Guy
2 Divine Providence
3 Karma

I hope that curries your curiosity.

Anyhow, on Thursday the 4th I will be observing my 2nd Anniversary of living in The Conversion Van Of wonders. Time flies!

Anyhow, I have been grounded going on 3 weeks now because of the brakes. After tomorrow, I will be mobile again.

Yay me!

Anyhow, thanks for sticking with me and I will post more often.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

The 56th Observation Of "The Dawn Of The Downward Spiral"

This Year's Grand Marshall: Presidential Candidate Herman Cain

This guys is AMAZING!!! He is one of my favs heading into the Republican Presidential Primary Season. Why do I make him Grand Marshal, you ask?

A. He saved the Godfather Pizza chain, ties in with the Food of Observance.
B. "Godfather" in the movies does stuff that requires a Tombstone!
C. I wanted a celebrity Grand Marshall.

As always, you commenmorate the Observation by partaking of the following:
A tasty, freshly baked Tombstone Pizza with your choice of toppings.

A "Black Russian" beverage. Learn about them and how to make one HERE.

Last but not least, this years song. Since "The Dawn Of The Downward Spiral" falls on a Sunday this year, the musical selection is, indeed, appropriate.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Today July 15th

EDIT: Looks like Monday.

I am supposed to be on The Sean Hannitty show, not sure what time. Show begins at 3 P.M. Eastern. You can listen HERE.

I Am A Ticking "Time Bomb"

The above photo represents two parts of yours truly.

A. New news about my colon.
B.What I am with a dentist.

Ticking Time Bomb In Mah Belly! (Fat Bastard dialect)

A year plus after my colonic adventure, I got some new and kinda disturbing news. Someone was reading the hospital post stay report and found that the area affected has a severe/extreme chance of rupturing, therefore sending your humble narrator into an adventure in Peritonitis. The would solve a lot of things, no?

Ok...some housekeeping and a bit of history:

Pre Lock Out:

March 2009: Fake Heart Attack and a series of Mini Strokes.

Post Lock Out:

Oct. 5th: Non-fake Heart Attack, Stent inserted and restores blood flow. You can see video of that HERE. Upon release obtain a great set of "Scrubs" and move back into the van. Meds to keep the stent happy as well as follow up Cardiologists keep me here through winter. No heart damage.

(The whole series about my cardio adventure can be seen HERE.)

April/May 2010: 2 week stint in hospital with Diverticulitis and 103 fever. After release, returned to van and an additional 10 days with drain attached.

July 2010: Effects of aforementioned strokes make themselves known. Issues with memory, coordination, speech appear. Appointments and test with Neurologist keep me here through winter of 2010/2011.

Set Target Date Of May 15th To Leave Area. Prolonged winter and extremely wet weather makes The Conversion Van Of Wonders' overhaul impossible.


At first it was thought that the starter on the van was kaput. Made awful grinding noise and then nothing. Turns out it was the battery wasn't pulling it's weight and the new battery shows the starter who's boss!

Now it turns out the front end is in horrible shape. When at the garage having the starter double checked, the owner notices the front tires are down to the steel belt in an odd way.

Major front end issues.

While driving the front brakes grind like nothing I have heard before. Seems a caliper got "stuck" and ground down everything there to nothing, all but breaking through to the middle of the rotor.

Major brake issues.

Why am I telling you all this?

I have been accused of being a fraud. In a series of texts from a former acquaintance it was alleged I have no plans of leaving for a new life out of Jersey and am a con man. My first attempt at hitting the road was October of 2009. I was literally a couple of hours away from embarking when a bit-O-plaque decided to say "Howdy" and give the EKG some excitement. The rest is medical history.

Now that the organic issues are near the more neural guy appointment and maybe two for the dentist....mechanical issues take the traveling center stage.

I have been known to state it's like God is saying I can never have a home again, but I will certainly not be leaving the "HELL" that is New Jersey.

SIDETRACK: I have tried numerous times to clear the air with aforementioned individual, but he refuses to talk. Actually saw him last night, but no progress.
A "con" likes nothing better than a "mark" who walks away with no repercussion. If I was truly conning this guy, the distance would be quite welcome.
It doesn't add up.

But I digress....

Why am I posting all of this? Quite simply to clear the air among my faithful readers.

The car issues are secondary to me because I face another auction for my stuff in storage. That happens, the repairs are moot. Won't need the van.

Anyhow...thanks for reading. Hope this explains my not leaving on schedule.

This clip from "Glee" pretty much sums up both my chosen solutions. Enjoy.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

You Can Help The U.S.O. Today For FREE! And make a way cool cake.

EDITED TO ADD: This promotion is over, but you can still show your support directly by going to: and making a donation.

From Twitter @ the_USO Check out the @TasteofHome flag cake recipe if you need a dessert this holiday! Every view is 10 cents to the USO!

They will donate up to $100,000.00 to The U.S.O.

If you make this cake, bring me a B I G piece!

Ya'll have a Safe and GREAT 4 of July Weekend!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


07/02/11: Fork, meet moi....I'm done.

Overview: When I first saw the ad and reached out to the writer I asked if the RV was still available and was told yes. I asked to be place #1 for the purchse so I could go about fund raising. He said...yes.

Well...that's simply not the case it appears. I would not have gone online and asked for help if it wasn't a somewhat sure thing. I had a few folks stop by and others offer up funds directly to me. I asked them to wait, because something wasn't quite right.

Seems he did speak to someone else who wants it to house "migrant" workers. The buyer was going back and forth on whether to nail the deal, all the while I am in the background pitching a sale to me. I had a person who was going to put up a substantial amount of cash. Could have been a done deal, but I was told wait.

Well...been waiting all day. May a few calls but was never answered. moi.

Then I get a call from my new storage place. I couldn't make June's payment and won't likely make July's.

Good bye my stuff.

Fork....bring your friends.

I will probably end up in the van until I drop dead. Most likely alone. There is a saying:

"Life sucks, then you die"

To which I would add:

"But never soon enough"


NEW UPDATE: Deal is hanging by a thread. There was one in front of me who has a deadline to meet. That passes, the RV is mine. PLEASE keep positive thoughts for yours truly. 07/01/11

EDITED TO ADD: As of this writing, I have yet to hear back from the seller. I know he had someone that was first in line....when I posted originally that was not made know to me....and that was not going well. The ad is still up online so, we'll see what happens.

Some say that hope can be fleeting. Hope isn't...what you are hoping for is!

I found a 34' ROAD READY Winnebago that I can live in. It would give me a home and a chance at really getting my life back. I need to raise $2,500.00 soon....I mean REALLY soon! If you can help or have any ideas, PLEASE let me know!!!!

I will have been living in the van for 2 years come Aug. 4th. Since then I have had a heart attack with stent insertion, 2 week bout and hospitalization with diverticulitis, 103 fever, and drain for an additional 10 days, then a couple of minor strokes. With each I have either returned to, or endured in, the conversion van.

Please consider.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

To Who Ever Stole My Gasoline Overnight

I wish all the worst possible things for you short of death or crippling! I have no electric, thus no air or cooking. To steal from a homeless guy is pretty contemptible.

RE: Randolph using Chrome 12.0 under Win7...try again using your identity and I may publish your comment.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Trails To You...Until We Meet Again...

It's time to retire this blog and on to the next. I am finding what I need to express is beyond the scope I set this up for.

I once had a very smart una-ex tell me that she had ..."one last recovery..." in her. I got it then...and feel it now for myself. My "last recovery" is in the rear view mirror.

(NOTE: Not a "substance" issue for moi. Don't get THAT wrong idea.)

I am spent. When people meet me I am congenial, funny, engaging. In my quiet moments I vacillate between diminishing hope and optimism or praying to God a few times daily to take me away.

I am stuck being above room temperature with nothing to really live for.

I had written in a previous post that when God closes a door He opens a window to...

A. Golden Opportunity
B. Hurl yourself out of

Now there is.....

C. To get a bird's eye view of the scattered debris of your life.

I have taken in that panorama and don't want to add more to that landscape.

Last week I was really feeling pretty good about stuff. Had a couple of pretty good days and a BIG bonus coming on Friday.

I knew better.

Thursday was a day that a two word expression beginning with the word "cluster" describes nicely.

Live and learn....again.

If I am letting any of you who have been so generous with your words, prayers, thoughts, and support down I regret that may be the case. Some people have been really terrific to your humble narrator. It is not unappreciated and did makes things smoother.

To restate from a much earlier posting: I am not suicidal, homicidal, nor AmericanIdol. I am simply spent.

SIDETRACK: That Pia Toscano got the boot because of what I see as her on screen persona. Same thing happened between Chris Allen and Adam Lambert. Adam was WAY too slick versus Chris' heartfelt presentation. This chick had a ongoing "smirk" kinda thing. A.I. is more than a singing's a visual one as well.

I mean...remember Sanjaya?!?!?! Little girl 'tweeners LOVED him! Plus when voting opened up, it was impossible to get a pack of Marlboro Reds or a Slurpee from 7-11's across America dialing in.

Anyhow, Pia's career is going to be just fine.

But I digress....

Too often people would see the side of The Conversion Van Of Wonders and ask for help, thinking I am really a Homeless Advisor. I mean, really, who am I to advise anyone....I live in my vehicle. Just about 2 years now.

The new blog will allow me to blather about stuff in my head, people I meet, things I see and experience. Don't know how many of you will follow along, but I welcome you for the ride.

See you at "The Pundit Nomadic"

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thank You's And Such

Just gonna get down to it! The above card was brought to yours truly by a lovely young lady by the name Veronica. The card read, and I quote....

"I hope you're having a good day, Scooter. Veronica"

Written in absolutely wonderful 6 year old girl font. And what impressed me is that show knows the proper use of "you are"'re! Not UR or your. GOOD girl! She also brought me a box of items, many of which had little chocolate hearts taped to the top. And a real life giving substance....2 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.

HOMER VOICE" "Thiiinnn minnnntttts...MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm..."

When shaking hands I noticed her quite nicely applied nail polish which begged the question, what Disney Princess was she. She replied.."Tinkerbelle"

Now, Tink ( a HUGE "6 year old me" crush! Great legs and blonder hair! Ultimately my tastes matured and I now favor the crimson haired, Ariel is permanently in my heart!) is technically a Disney Faerie, but who am I to quibble. Veronica was an absolute delight to meet, and her family generous in their support of your humble narrator.

Going back to Thanksgiving absolute miserable day for moi! My generator died, car battery was dead. Cold...rainy...all adds up to worst day in quite some time. I was still feeling heartsick over refusing a Thanksgiving Dinner from a VERY nice lady who went out of her way to bring it to me. I know I hurt her feelings, and to this day I get an inner tweak recalling the look on her face.

I was just a morose, miserable ass. And I again regret that incident.

I flagged down a fella who stopped by and gave me a jump start. We talked a bit and one question he asked me struck me in an odd way. I mean, the question, given the circumstance...lot PACKED with folks seeking out the "After Midnight Sales" beginning and me living in The Conversion Van Of Wonders.

"Does it bother you to see all these people spending money and buying stuff, tonight?"

I thought about it before answering. I understood his perspective, but it was wildly out of sync with mine. I answered I thought it was great. After all, these people were spending THEIR money THEY earned, that it was being exchanged for iPads and other gifts bode well for the economy.

(Exalted Leader has seen to destroy that with Obamanomics and rising gas prices. At least the population gave the ebb and flo of spending a good shot before more of his policies crept in.)

I replied that I was pleased to see it, wishing The Home Of Falling Prices my best, and that all of the in store pushing, fighting, tugging, as well as, the battles over parking spaces happening that night was ALMOST putting me into The Christmas Spirit.

He was surprised I think by my response, but he got it.

Once the car was started, I plugged my inverter into the ciggie lighter and fired up the laptop. I went online to complain about the evenings events and allowed the cars heater to warm me up. Shut down the 'puter and moved to the driver's seat to turn the car on and off, saving gasoline thus only waking to heat things up as it got cold inside.

I was dozing the next morning when I got a tap on the window, and a very nice young woman asked me how my generator was. I said it was kaput...she said, "Let's go buy you a new one!" COOL!

Thus begins the full out "Thanks" to all from The Christmas Season!

To Michelle and John, thanks for the generator and ALL your help when The Big Move took place.

Kudos to John for the XP help, as well. To Steve for the laptop "tune up" and the gift-O-gasoline.

To Chris, my "Gas Genie" for keeping things running and warm.

To the mom and daughter team from my old neighborhood with a VERY generous gift. It made a BIG difference in things!

Mary, whom I inspired to exercise more, thank you for all you did.

To Christine, thanks for your efforts and words of support for yours truly. It was heartening.

The folks in the forum based in Hackettstown for their support and good wishes, and stopping by to say "Howdy"!

John, out of the blue via above mentioned fora, who did maintenance on the generator and offered up a very generous gift!

To Sam for the Macbook and ongoing friendship and concern over my status. The Macbook gave me internet in spite of Mt. Scooter's best efforts to thwart it.

To Mark, who I have known since grade school. I have not been the most consistent of buddy, but you have always been there and reached out on a regular basis. That is precious and I thank you for everything.

To "c" for 2 nights of bliss by getting me a hotel room. She is another who over the years has been a steady friend...thank you.

My friend Ron who out of pocket gave me a 3rd night there and done much for me over the years. Our love of all things tech, via his Home Theater website, allowed us to meet. Our friendship has made the connection enduring.

I am sure there are those I am missing right now, and will make addendum's in future posts and they come to mind.

I blame my dain bramage.

So, there. I finally did it. Finished up at 4 A.M. Back to the regular, mundane stuff I usually post soon enough.

Until then....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quick Update

I am S I C K!!!! Some kinda flu just hammered me when I woke up this morning. I never get "sneezy" colds or flu, but not this time. Been non-stop.

I moved across a median and pulled out the generator. I had to keep warm and reduce my gas use. In a day and a half, JUST keeping warm and one 20 or so mile round trip....$80.00!!

Aforementioned round the dentist. 4 hours in the root canal and one post for a crown. I was quite spent to be sure.

Coming Up: Thursday with G.P. for a check up and look at something I have growing on a knuckle. Then Friday back to the Dentist and 2 root canals.

Bob The Formerly Van Eating Dog stopped by and looks great. Pics coming.

Saw an Opthomologist and my eyes are healthy, although getting long in the tooth. I need Bi-Focals! Bleh! I used to have 20/15 vision.

I had been living in the front part of The Conversion Van Of Wonders and could surf, but not really type. I was pretty scrunched up and could only use single fingers while my arms were back, looking like a T-Rex.

Will post more later....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seems The Glass Has a Hole!

This morning I was voted off the island...completely! Two of Mt. Olive's Finest came by to deliver the news. These are both guys I know and two very nice professionals.

It was strictly business.

Seems that the Bully From Bentonville pushed the issue and I was told I am banned from the parking lot completely. They said I broke the agreement. Here are the tenets of said announcement.

1. Out during the day. No specific time given.

There you go.

I was out during the day Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday was raining and I asked the store manager if I could stay for that day.

I have 2 appointments today and am out of the lot now. I would have been out by 10 A.M. with or without said "nudge".

Look, the folks here, with one VERY recent exception, have been great. Even when the blizzards came, one guy of the plow team plowed meticulously around The Conversion Van Of Wonders.

Aside from that one notable exception I'll call "H" it's been amiable.


.... a carpetbagger with no view of the community. Not saying I don't have detractors, but by and large people know me, like me, support me. Just yesterday I went and helped a couple of ladies who ran out of gas to help them on their way, not asking for nor expecting anything in return.

It matters not to that person that I have distinct permission from one other tenant with rights to that lot, as well as one other with no objection to me being there.

Just being a bully. And my sense is "H" wants to be bagman in chief with loftier goals regards ladder de' corporate.

So your humble narrator knows not what he shall do nor go. It is what it is. The night is the problem, and safety the concern. Fortunately we aren't having really cold weather, so not using the generator is less of a problem that would have been a week ago.

Let's hope the weather holds.

Understand, WalMart is still my favorite store in the world. I won't stop buying things there, nor inclined to besmirch the company in total.

I am not expecting this particular post to accomplish anything really, just letting my followers know about my day to day, and maybe venting just a bit. I have a lawyer on speed dial that I've already spoken with. He's working on it.

Will keep y'all posted.

Until next time...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Am A "Half Full" Kinda Guy!

I WILL finish the "Thank You" thread in the next couple of days. Some new doin's here at Camp Scooter- South.

For starters, I have picked May 15th for my departure date to head west. and, wouldn't you know it, it's a Sunday with a preceding Friday The 13th.

Lucky me!

Secondly, The Home Of Falling Prices has selected tomorrow, March 14th, as the departure date for daytime activities of yours truly. I am welcome to sleep here, but during the day they asked I find something else to do.

Here's the thing.....

WalMart has been great to me! Being able to get out of The Conversion Van Of Wonders and walk a few hundred feet to get pretty much anything I need is great! I have great daytime visibility where I sit and meet some really nice people.

So before anyone says anything negative.....please don't.

The young man who came out the other evening couldn't have been nicer and downright apologetic. I hope he got some kinda bonus pay for having to be the messenger. Seems some big wig from Bentonville was not so pleased with the well written upon vehicle parked sideways with a running generator.

C'mon...what's not to like?

The thing that makes it the toughest is the rising cost of gas due to the antics of our Dear Leader President and an over abundance of tree huggers. Toss in couple of oil futures speculators, and you have one very concerned narrator.

SIDETRACK: Speaking of The Anointed One's policies...
The Mid East is on fire.
Japan is in ruins.
The economy is a mess! Did you know that when the regime releases economic, inflation numbers they do NOT include energy and food. Go figure!
And what does Barry focus on?

Playing Golf.
Throwing White House parties.
Dropping "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Speaking of which...

I've been pondering the end of this "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" thing. Nothing says "Brilliant Military Planning" more to moi than completely altering a major cultural element of the military at time of war. Great work Regime and Congress! I heard it's been replaced by "Drop Soap, Don't Bend"…but I digress.

There are some positive aspects to the honorable members of America's Fightin' Forces to be openly gay. I mean, think of the barracks. One would come back from marching and maneuvers wearing new styles in combat wear designed by channelling Versache. A G.I.'s tired feet would feel most welcome in boots designed by Gucci while lugging about a Prada Backpack! At the end of the day, enjoy the balance of the Feng Shui in the barracks they call home. Nicely crafted window treatments along with whimsical accents and tchotchkes designed to brighten up any soldiers evening while relaxing to the great music of Judy Garland, Elton John, and Lady Gaga as they sip Earl Grey Tea.

Don't forget the mess hall! The most memorable of meals prepared by chefs counseled by queer eye food guy Ted Allen. Presentation becomes the name of the game, with said culinary achievement arriving carefully placed on fine china to make the meal as appealing to the eye as the palate.

Old Marching Chant:

"I don't care what you've been told…soldiers have a heart that's bold…Hut 2,3,4….."

New Marching Mantra:

"I don't care what you've been told…."Don't Ask Don't Tell" was getting old….Hut 2,3,4…."

Calisthenics take on a whole new look as the Drill Instructors feel the influence of Bob Fosse and Twyla Tharp in routines that put Broadway to shame, all to the sounds of The Village People and/or "A Chorus Line"!

And for what seems to be a great opportunity for your humble narrator, I am currently in negotiations with the Cable T.V. Network "Bravo" for a shot at reviving an old reality series reworked and called "Queer Eye for The G.I." Location for the series would be...forgive me...Fort Dix.

Damn…I'll never get out of Jersey!

(Now before anyone gets all fussy about the above. I was a child actor, started at age 6, and knew what homosexual was, literally, before I knew Santa wouldn't be visiting me after a certain age. I was on Broadway and did a summer tour of the Musical "Oliver". I am no homophobe, and I have the greatest respect for our Military Personnel and pray for them ALL regularly)

But I digress...back to rising fuel costs....

The generator has been giving me some 16+ hours of running time with 4 gallons of gas.

The van will give me maybe a few hours.

That's my biggest concern. As for being voted off the island during the day? May be the kick in the arse I have been needing. I would have preferred said kick came a bit later. I have a fair amount of post-winter prep to get done before I can securely drive towards the sunset. And there are some spots up here I can move to that are obscured to accomplish some stuff.

Plus I feel a cold or flu coming on.

None the less, it's a glass half full. I have a safe spot in which to lay my head at night. I do have a roof over my head. I survived a damn nasty winter, and probably am better for it. What doesn't kill you...

A. Only makes you stronger.
B. Makes you wish it did.

For now, I prefer to live. I am anxious to get on the road and begin my new life. For better or for worse....a fresh start in territory I find amazing. The great Midwest.

Next Part 2 Of The Thank You's.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Because It's The Right Thing To do!

The iconic Wilfred Brimley! Formerly hawking Quaker Oats, now pimping "diabeetus" necessities home delivered.

SIDETRACK: At some colleges there is a drinking game where you down an adult beverage every time our friend Wilfred mispronounces said affliction.

The reason I feature our friend Wilfred is twofold.

A. He's Diabetic
B. He admonishes us to do the right thing.

My faithful followers may recall my Christmas time rescue of a woman in severe diabetic shock, here at The Home Of Falling Prices parking lot. I was the only one who noticed her and summoned aid for her toot suite! Possibly saved her life.

Here comes "The Right Thing.." part.

She never stopped back to thank me. Understand I did not expect any monetary gain from the aforementioned heroic act, but a thanks would have been nice. Truth be told I have helped a number of folks of here for one reason or another, simply because they needed assistance.

I can only imagine our friend Wilfred giving her the stink eye right now!

I don't want that same gaze upon yours truly from Mr. Brimley, thus I have a LOT of people to thank and need to get caught up.

SIDETRACK: It's been increasingly difficult for me to write stuff. Sometimes no motivation, sometimes nothing comes to mind. Sometimes I simply can't bring myself to even think about it. I am pushing myself today, in spite of having a cloud raining regret and loss upon my head.

Since there is SOOOO much to cover, this is going to be done in 2 parts, and I will do my best not to leave anyone or anything out.

Ok....going back to the storage deal....

If you recall I was going to lose all of my worldly effects to an auction at the storage facility housing them. This led to a significant bout of feeling totally despondent and a plan of retiring my peep hole when the auction took place. I had done a lot of inner work to prepare myself. If anyone doubts that the efforts were not sincere in reaching that result, I had selected a tree on the other side of the fence at the end of the alley where my storage bins were located. The tree was all scraggly and stuff...perfect setting. Truth be told, it would have been spectacular! Those who I shared the specifics with called it hilarious and horrific at the same time.

Always the "Showman". Would have been a helluva YouTube moment.


I decided that if I was to save my stuff, it was going to come about either by my efforts directly or Divine Intervention. I figured I needed to buy myself some time and consulted with an attorney who suggested an end run via technicalities, to hold them off a few extra days. I needed that time for something else I was working on to come into play.

I made use of the advice given and ,MAN, did it ever piss off the owners of the facility. Can't say I blame them, but I was desperate at that point. It was case of hope or rope.

They scoffed at my attempt and the sale would proceed no matter what. My last hope was the thing I most wanted to avoid doing and with whom I had to deal, but it was what it was. I had to make a deal with my personal devil.

That took care of the cash factor and put it over the top. My stuff would be saved, but I was given a VERY tight deadline or I would lose a sizable deposit they insisted on.

Now here's an interesting thing. When at the office, I noticed they had black and white copies of entries of my blog there. Curious, I set out to find what the deal was. So that night I hacked into the security cam system and discovered that none other than.......

...Julian Assange! Mr. WikiLeaks himself hand delivering copies of my blog to the owners, on his way to the pharmacy and then a date.

So what did the storage owners expect to find out when reading the ScootiLeaks documents?

They would find out I have said they treated me MORE than fairly. (Last year on a Sunday, I discovered a leak in one of my bins. The facility immediately arranged an extra bin for me to use and the leak was fixed by not one person, but two!) The one owner offered me suggestions on how to minimize the loss as well as let me get the personal stuff like photos and such before the auction. The end run I tried to pull off was a dumb headed move that irked her a considerable bit and I get it. However, even after that, they worked with me and my stuff was saved.

I can't write anymore today. Will continue this weekend.

Until next time...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I CAN'T SEE!!! Well..ok...

...the Mac is much smaller than the VAIO and I actually have to wear 2 pairs of glasses to read most stuff on here. The Mighty Mount Scooter is melting away, thus internet to The Conversion Van of Wonders is improving. guys are great checking back here and all, and I feel that I have let y'all down. It's just winter and ice and Mt. Scooter and aged eyes. The glasses give me a real headache.

Another day or so and the VAIO should see the servers from McDonald's and Panera making blogging a lot easier. Frankly sometimes I feel like this....

All the ideas and thoughts and thanks and feelings and....

You get the idea.

Keep warm thoughts for your humble narrator and I shall return soon.

Until then.....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2nd Year Observation.... mortem and way overdue updates to follow. Mother Nature melting away Mount Scooter and internet improving.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big Rock Snow Capped Mountain!

Internet access has been VERY spotty! It took several attempts to even post this picture. Thus, my lack of online activity.

Not much new to report, other than I am pretty effectively blocked from WiFi by the mountain behind The Conversion Van Of Wonders. I tell ya', I hated winter as a kid...hate it as an adult...and I am sure I'll hate it in death as well.

Until next time....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It Has Been Said That When God Closes A Door, He Opens A Window...

A: Of Golden Opportunity!

B. For you to hurl yourself out of!

Here's the thing...

2010's demise has, thus far, felt like a cloud lifted over my being...ALMOST! I mean I see a light, but is it a guiding light to 2011 or one of the "Walk into the light, there is love there" kind of orb?

Here's the thing....

A window opened up for me last night that I am not prepared to even give a minor clue about. I will say that if this comes to any manner of fruition, it changes everything! Maybe in a small way or El Grande way.

SIDETRACK: I have been trying to get an expression, with modest success, into the expressive vernacular. "Moy Betre' " (Pronounced Bay-Tray) I tell people it's Spanish for Much Better and I have actually heard a couple of people use it! So when you hear Leno Or Conan use it, you know the source!

Only 3 people aside from myself and those on the other side of this, know anything about which I type. I am keeping it that close to the vest.

So...I again ask your indulgence in any catching up posting. I just want to see how this plays out because, it may all tie together in a really unique way.

Keep watching and thanks for hanging in there!

Until next time...

Monday, January 17, 2011

In Spite Of This Post...I Really Do Luv Y'All

In this video there are more disturbing things than the unpleasant looking kids eating with their mouths open....

EDITED TO ADD: God bless her, but the littlest one at the head of the birthday table looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll.

Or the one guy at the end in his room...all alone...being discovered by his significant other while indulging...

Why is he SOOO stunned she catches him with the puddi puddi? Huh....?

Then there is the mound that lands behind Tokyo. I want it to, in all it's stomp buses and Toyota SUVs while sounding like Bill Cosby saying.."And I am the pudding and the pops and the wholesome goodness, dammit!

Plus so many are eating off of the Devil's Tower of gelatin delight at the same time..after the one little one sticks it's hand in the mound... and another little one it's whole face...

It's the 2 facts that these things eat themselves while smiling and this song will get stuck in your head!

You Have Been Forewarned!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The McRib Is Gone Again!

Official Mourning Period Begins.....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Update On Update

Been having focusing problems with my eyes. I've posting on Twitter because that's quick, but even there it takes some time. The meds I take for B.P. can cause focus issues and have in the past. This generally goes away after a bit. Typing, reading, etc. give me a headache.

Thus...I am considering doing one or two audio blog posts...maybe even use video. We'll have to pun intended.

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quickie Update Sorta:Nose Meet Grindstone

Been having a problem focusing both mind and eyes. And still really tired and napping during the day. So, I know what I have to do.

Act As If!

Act as if I am fine and simply plow ahead. I will bring this up to speed and thank all who deserve it. And there's a bunch!

I dunno...maybe I am exercising too much.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year All!!!!

Here to 2011 being great for us all! 2010 was sucky but not nearly as sucky as 2009..worst year of my life.

Anyhow, for Christmas I was given by my friend Sam a Mac Book that I am just getting used to. So bear with me if y'all would. I am giving this another day, in between exercising, and then I can do a real posting. There are definitely advantages to a Mac! And it should enhance what I can do here.

MANY to thanks and MUCH to FINALLY write about!!! Gimme another day.


Until then.....