Sunday, November 6, 2011

So Much Loss....I Lost A "Marty"

First....please view this clip from "Back To The Future II"

What's missing from that clip, if you haven't seen the movie, was that Doc Brown's Time Traveling DeLorean had just been struck by a bolt of lightning midair, and disappeared. That fact makes the arrival of Western Union more significant.

SIDETRACK: If you haven't seen the 3 Back To The Future Movies, you really should. Probably my all time fav trilogy. In the first one, there is not one single wasted frame of film! It will also help you "get it" for this posting.

The significant thing for your humble narrator was the relationship that Marty and The Doc shared. No matter how brained....impossible...improbable...yadda yadda yadda...anything The Doc said, did, or wanted to do, Marty "gets it". Thus, when a letter arrives from 70 years in the past after seeing a flying car holding the writer of said missive disappear into the ozone...Marty just accepts it all. In his head he must be saying.."That's just The Doc".

I need a Marty. Allow me to correct that....I need my 2nd Marty.

I am Doc Brown. Not saying I am a man of science, nor a genius. I quite frequently would come up with ideas, projects, goals, etc. that seemed improbable. But 99 times out of 100, I would accomplish it. Sometimes I would get something done, and get quizzical looks or comments from those around me. At some point, it would sink in with them . Not that it automatically meant approval...but at some point they understood.

But still never really, "got it".

The one Marty I have is my best friend, The Bronx Italian. He has known me for some 29 years, and at first, thought I was often out of my mind.

Now..he "gets it". At least most of the time.

My other Marty is now gone. 3 weeks ago he decided he didn't want to be on this plane anymore, and desired to create his own path to the next level. A D.I.Y. project for the hereafter.

In the interest of privacy and deep respect for his survivors, I will refrain from directly identifying him, as well as his occupation.

He was quite talented at what he did, and over all successful for many years. Was known among notable others in his profession...names you would recognize...faces that are familiar.

He was my friend for 15 years.


He had actually approached me about starting an enterprise using the collective talents, knowledge's, and experiences we had, combined. I looked forward to it and approached this opportunity with an attitude and exuberance I hadn't felt in years.

It was a timely and greatly needed service. I see others offering the same thing now, and doing quite nicely in their endeavors.

It was during the initial efforts in developing things, I saw for the first time my Marty's demons. It was a monster that was eating him from the inside out...from his soul on up. It made the venture unattainable and I found myself in a position of watching after him...keeping him on track.

It needed to be done.

All in all, he seemed to be coming around. Went through detox, worked his 12 Step and got on with his business.

Thing is, the more I came to know about him, the more I admired him. He was a pilot, hunter, BIG ASS Mountain climber..Kilimanjaro kind of peaks...and on and on.

His one really big passion....automotive. Especially Antique English motorcycles and sports cars. When speaking to his wife subsequent to his passing, I brought up said passion. She said he probably would have been a lot happier being a technician.

I don't disagree.

To me, he was also a fan. He often called me "amazing"...go figure...and oft would say I should have stayed in college. There were times he would call on me for my knowledge or expertise as it related to something he was working on. And I, having considered his occupation while in college, was keenly interested in what current project he had and how it was going. We could go on for hours about that stuff.

He also would hire me from time to time and that certainly helped my great homeless adventure along.

The last time I heard his voice, he called me to say he had sent me some cash to The Home Of Falling was out of the blue. Surprising, to say the least.

He didn't sound quite right, though. He sounded tired....spent. I figured he, perhaps with his wife as well, had an active weekend and was just out of sorts. I tried calling him a few days later, but his cell was disconnected. Sent him an email letting him know that, in case it was a problem technical not financial.

He had technical problems with that cell service before.

After a more than a week had gone by, I called his office. (Unlike him, his secretary was NOT an admirer) Asked to talk with him, she told me he was dead....had died 5 days prior. The death notice was not put in the paper until the morning of my call to her.

She didn't tell me what brought about his demise. I reached out to someone he shared office space with, and she told me the rest of the story.

It was monday night, out in the woods...where no one would hear.

I was devastated. I had no idea.

That's why, as I suspected, the announcement was days later and services were "Private".

Now, when God and I have our almost nightly conversation, I add my Marty's Soul to my list of "Could ya?" 's.

Saddest part of all, I think....

Is that unlike your humble narrator....this guy had a "Purpose".

It's a tragedy and a waste.

In closing I ask that you, my faithful readers, keep a good thought for his survivors...and for those you love and care for.

For me...well, I don't know how to adequately express for myself on this.

Just more loss....more sad, empty loss.

I end by saying, on his behalf...

"Go Steelers!"

Until next time......


  1. Sorry to hear of your loss Scoot. I know you've considered your own DIY from time to time, you'd leave as big a hole in the folks around ya if you'd take that path. Hoping things are going ok, and good luck with the oncoming winter! -Sam

  2. So sorry for your loss. Heard you on GB today and you did amazingly. Your friend would be so proud of you though as real friends do he would have found a way to bust your chops over something :) I know you miss him. Never forget, even as you move foreward.
    Prayers for you...

  3. Outstanding interview today...the one thing that struck me was your upbeat attitude and your ability to articulate. I know Glenn will serve as a good sponser and friend - I wish you the very best...

  4. Aloha Scooter! Just heard you on GBTV (we get things later way out here). I immediately went to your blog and love it. Love your style. Love your spirit!

    I comment on this blog because I recently lost a dear friend who, "out of the blue" took his life with a gun, at the cemetary, at his grandparents grave. He always seemed like such a strong man. Unemotional. In total control. Makes ya wonder.

    Keep up your good work!

    Your newest fan from the "Gimme State" of Aloha!