Sunday, November 13, 2011

Please Note!

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I worked out a deal with a friend of my who does scrapping. He knows that business, I know my way around the internet. So for any material that comes my way via this ad, we split the money. For me, it means heat for the winter. Been living in my van about 2 and a half years. My only source of heat is my generator and electric heater.

So, any scrap or other materials you are looking to get rid of, he will pick up within a 20 mile radius of Budd Lake. For substantial loads he will go further.

Look, you need the stuff gone, and we need the $$$. It's win win! Reply to email shown here or in the comments section, and thanks for reading.


  1. I live in Budd Lake and have an old boiler which is iron. Is that good?
    What is your exact e-mail address

  2. Yes it will THANK YOU! The email is

  3. Loved your bit with Glenn, listen every day. I'm 61yrs (kid of the 50's) mem of tea party. will be interested in tracking your progress, you are a fresh voice (wide awake) Do wish you alll the best your made of the good stuff ( a survivor) I'm from upstate NY always listening in.

  4. god bless you scooter say hi to glenn for me please visit my web site

  5. Scooter, just heard your glenn beck piece. Where are you in Morris County? I am located near Morristown. Maybe bring you a pack of cigarettes or something. I am a member of the free-market, capitalist movement as well. Hope all is well...

    Contact at

  6. Dear Person In Randolph....

    When you decide to come forward, then I'll publish you, maybe. This post is seeking a ton of ads on Craig's List and other places. People need metal stuff taken friend does "Scrapping"...I use this vehicle to find said material and we split it. Don't know how you can consider that freeloading.

    Perhaps it just that easy to hide behind the wall of the internet, sitting in your office at the paper and type that stuff. I will say you are in the Top 100 readers of my blogs, HUNDREDS of visits since November. Obsess, much?