Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Random Stuff....

Mixed bag of things today.

Got approved for my health care for another year. UNDERSTAND this is NOT Obamacare nor taxpayer funded care. It is a self sustaining H.M.O. and not forcibly paid for by you!

Tomorrow I have a CAT Scan scheduled to see if Mickey Mass has vacated, or is something more....problematic. I have been on anti-biotics for a month and we'll see if they had an impact.

Given Gov. Rick Perry's "KMA" attitude towards Washington, D.C. , unlikely I will have to face the "Death Panels"!

Got some personal unpleasant news from back east. Happens and I'll grow past it.

SIDETRACK: There was a website I saw years ago that promoted, during the heyday of "MetroSexual", the embrace of "RetroSexual". Translation: Man Up!

On that site I saw this expression for the first time:

"It is what it is, and I'll deal with it"

That has served me really,  REALLY well, over the years!


Random stuff.

Texas Experience: One night outside my apartment, I was enjoying the Texas air and two guys...rather scruffy looking....were carting off a decent sized flat screen. One said to me:

"I know what this looks like....."

Then tried to sell it to me, or anyone I might know who wanted one.

I have NEVER seen more "Red Heads" in any other place than I have seen here in Texas.
Now, those who have been following me from the beginning, or went and read past postings, know my affinity for crimson haired girls. You can read one example of my in infatuation with "Ariel" (my dream girl) HERE! Thus, I am tuned in to noticing that. Must be a lot of Scott DNA. #PassTheHaggis

When I go out for a walk I love the feeling of the Texas Sun on my back. My face and eyes, not so much.

This area is the most culturally, ethnically, religiously, and racially diverse place I have ever lived, and the connection between each of us is solid. There is a sense of "We are all in this together" that I haven't ever felt before.

Working on the new living space. Paid my rent a month in advance, exclusive of any deposit. I am locked solid to the end of September. Will post pics, soon.

Texas is the only place I have seen Special Truck Editions names after the state, or something related. I mean, you don't see "The Snookie Edition" of a Ford F-150 or "The Christie Cargo Carrier" GovMotors C4500!

SIDETRACK REDUX: Soon I'll post pics of said vehicles.

Along that same vein, I see a LOT of homes, apartments, vehicle, etc. with "I AM A Texan" type of ornaments. Don't see that in many places.

Found out that The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders can pass inspection, once I register it here. Seems that vehicles over 20 years old are exempt from emissions inspection Take THAT Al Gore and your tree huggin' pals!

Lastly and in honor of #MockObamaDay ...an old posting HERE!

And...about to be an Official Texan!

Until next time.....

Friday, August 9, 2013

Milestone And Forward....

Today marks four years since I lost my home of some 30 years. I was NOT a product of the meltdown of folks who got homes they couldn't afford. I afforded mine for quite some time, thank you!

For four years I lived in The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders. Some of those years in a Budd Lake WalMart parking lot, some not. Using addresses of friends and family to keep my driver's license alive, as well as, my registration. But that's changed....


An apartment actually in Euless, Texas. My OWN address, my OWN home! And nothing would make me happier than to say I worked my way up.  I survived and, in some ways, thrived as best as anyone could in my circumstance.

I tried to take a light hearted approach about it all when writing here. I mean, I was basically safe and pretty comfortable when in the WalMart lot. and even heading to Texas I had help from family and loyal friends. Without that support and encouragement I'd have been lost.

Here's the thing....

I can't say I "DID" this. I got a bad Set-0-Lungs and am now on disability. Certainly my C.O.PD. is largely a result of behavior (smoking), but this incident put it all over the top, I think. You can read about it HERE. Subsequent to this, symptoms I had been feeling and blowing off (that) became much more intense. I chalked it up to Jersey Shore air and the "weaponized steam smelled like Italian dressing on a fruity salad, with a teasing hint of "clean".

So it's a combination of things:

MAJOR help from the following:

The Knight family

Chris and John from Flanders.

John from Warren County who kept my generator working, and replaced it when it died.

Michelle and John from Flanders who bought the big generator when the smaller one died, that Black Friday back when. They also tried to help me save my "stuff"...only later to be lost in  a Storage Auction. (B.T.W. stay away from Public Storage, they are ruthless. Deal locally when getting a storage place!"

Amy in Budd Lake who was a great help from Netcong road.

Barb from New Jersey who was a steady and constant source of help.

Mo from the convenience store here in Euless, who kept me going by helping me along as time went by.

The Mitzvah Circle who helped along the way.

Mark Horvath of Invisible People who got Glenn Beck to notice me. His site is HERE.

Pastor Fono of The Church of Tonga (Methodist Wesleyan)  who gave me support when I needed it most. If you want to help him build his church you can donate:

Pastor Salesi Fono
Church of Tonga
1000 Cresthaven Drive
Euless, Texas  76040

(He is seeking his tax exempt status, thus any donation is from the heart and not tax deductible, currently)

Pastor Brad Carignan who brought me back to my faith and does GREAT work world wide! You can offer something to the Pastor and his wife Josie in two ways:

The Church website can be found HERE.


He and his wife do significant work in the battle against human trafficking via their other effort called "Rescue Her".  It's world wide and a great worthy cause. You can find them HERE. I was able to make a significant donation to them, myself.

All the folks who not only tolerated and helped me at WalMart and McDonald's in New Jersey, but also the gang at the QT in Euless who not only supported me, but when I had another radiator hose go kablooey, took a collection on the spot so I could get a new one.

The folks at Soup Mobile who helped me, via another charity when I had the scariest day of my life. You can read it HERE.

I know I am forgetting some folks...I will update at I recall.

And then there is Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and Gov. Rick Perry .


Because these three inspire me to be more than I  thought I could be.

Mark: His radio show promoting self determination versus reliance on Government. I sabotaged my initial forced application for disability not wanting to throw in the white flag. Mark is a hands on advocate for America, and his "Landmark Legal" foundation well worth of your support!

Glenn: For his focus on God and what I can be in spite of myself. Glenn brought me into the spotlight and inspired me to volunteer for his event "Restoring Love" event at Cowboys' Stadium.

SIDETRACK: I know they changed the name recently, but I refuse to call it anything else!

His focus on the Constitution, as well as Mark's, is essential and important. And speaking of Glenn....

His charity effort "MercuryOne" , who was first boots on the ground for Hurricane Sandy and the tornadoes in Oklahoma is more that worthy of your support.

Glenn's charity also helped me when I was most vulnerable along with Soupmobile. Thanks to Joe and Ted for their encouragement and help.

And Rick Perry? Because of his K.M.A. attitude to Washington! Texas holds the promise for me to find something....be inspired to create...an effort and enterprise that transcends my lung thang....and makes me more that I think, right now, I can be.

LOVE it!!!


This is step in the right direction for me. I don't have to struggle for the day to day survival I did prior.

God please Bless ALL those who have helped me along!!!

Here's hoping this holds together....

Until next time...