Sunday, July 29, 2012

The "Restoring Love" Week And Event Were GREAT....But Then.....

.... I had to drive away from the stadium!

LOTS to share and tell. Great people, great vibe, great inspiration and message!

The rest of my time here in Texas..not so much.

Yin/Yang and all that!

I will write at length tomorrow. I am kinda a good way...from all things Restoring Love. Thus, I took the day off and became food without a face.

To the lovely blonde woman from Georgia I was talking with in the lot, PLEASE reach out. My head was overloaded from everything, and it struck me that you had something more to share with me after I was half way back to my motel.

Until next time....

1 comment:

  1. Met you in Dallas after hearing you on Glenn's show. I'm the little brunette engineer from Las Vegas that had a vision I shared with you. May God bless you in your travels. If you ever make it to Fabulous Vegas you have a place to hook up for water and electric and a friend.