Saturday, July 7, 2012

Well, Nashville Would Be Nice To Visit...

....this time of year. But only because I screwed up directions!!!

EDITED TO ADD 07/08/12: It struck me that, in the photo of prior post, it looks like one of those..."we should have seen this coming...." pictures in the news of some mass murderer taken before lives were lost. Ouch!

Seems coming off of Rt. 81, I shoulda taken a couple more exits, which I neglected to do. So now I am in Crossville, Tn and more than a few miles off course.


Emailed my friend in Ms. , he said to make a left at Nashville, and that should be that!

I am maybe another 12 - 15 hours from my destination, so I decided to take a day off from driving. Thing is, The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders has no A.C. , and temps around here are reaching into the 100's! Combine that with the shroud over the engine in the driver's section is not tightly fastened, I get LOTS-0-HEAT inside, specifically on my right leg.

It gets exhausting. I needed the break.

I've been calculating my fuel usage and it hovers around 15 MPG, which considering the vehicle is 22 years old and a 5.7 liter, 8 Cylinder engine, that's pretty good!

In Va. I was able to buy gas at $2.86 a gallon, but here it is back up around $3.09. I also found out that Tn.'s Sale Tax percentage is 9.5%. WOW!!!! And food is taxed here.

I think I like Va. a bit better.

Got some gas this morning after getting coffee at the busiest McDonald's I have ever seen! You'd think they were giving food away.

SIDETRACK: Trying to navigate the parking lot required a sexton and a compass! A GPS would have a stroke making the attempt! Seems Tn. has some "unique" parking lot designs.

While waiting for the pump to be free, a very nice lady saw the "Restoring Love" message on the side of my van and came over to say hello. If I recall correctly, her name was Barbara, but as you all know I am awful with names.

She expressed regret not being able to go to Dallas this month due to an ailing pet, but wanted me to hug and kiss Glenn should I meet him.

I might get away with a hug. The kiss, not so much.

When I introduced myself, she recalled hearing me on the show and wished me well.

All in all, was a pretty nice encounter.

The gas station was in a Walmart here, and owned by Murphy Oil. That company has done a LOT to help a fellow by name of Mark Hovath  do some great work with the homeless. It was Mark's video of me (seen HERE) and resulting TwitStorm that got Glenn's notice to begin with. Thus, I was more than happy to patronize that gas pump!

Once the sun goes down a bit, I am going to do some stuff in the van and after settle in for the evening.

Tomorrow's another day.

Here's a picture I shot on The 4th Of July that I intended to use in a posting the day I left N.J. Frankly, I found myself pretty nervous taking the step in the van, knowing I was making one the biggest changes to my life, ever. I all but froze before entering.

I really have no idea what's in front of me. As I have stated, it's thrive or die. I refuse to tread water at this time in my life. So after I shot this picture.... kind of spoke to me. Who knows what's around the bend as I enter the final phases of my life.

We'll see now, won't we?

Until next time......


  1. It's a lovely picture. Keeping you in my prayers.

  2. Keep on truckin scooter. We know you can do this.