Sunday, July 15, 2012

What I Am Noticing Here In Mississippi


New and disconcerting animal noises.

New and disconcerting animals.

I learned there is something called a "Gatorfish" that grows to a formidable size and resides in the lake behind the house I am at. And these small but really hungry ones that jump out of the water to eat. Sometimes one will jump and jump, almost loking like a skipped stone.

(Better than having Walking Catfish back there. They are nasty and poisonous!)

There are so many Waffle House restaurants here, they are almost within walking distance of one another.

They get some might fierce storms! The one last night woke me around 3 A.M. C.T. with significant thunder.

No one sounds like Forrest Gump.

Shrimping is HUGE here.  The boats are kinda neat looking.

On the work front, been prepping a site for launch around September, may be a bit earlier. It's going to be a new operation utilizing Citizen Journalists and the stories they can cover. If any of you watched the Occupy Wall Street stuff live, streamed from an iPhone, you get the idea. Both live and packaged stuff will be presented there.

Stay tuned....

Back to toiling for your humble narrator. Will post again, soon.

Until then.....

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