Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Brief Update...

Regards the tree branch sculptures.....

Turns out the type of tree they are done on are Live Oaks and are protected, meaning you can't cut'em down. For the ones that were devastated by Katrina, a local artist decided to create these mini sculptures and do something akin to shellacking the wood to preserve what was left behind. The work was done by a Marlin Miller of Florida. You can read more about it HERE.

A turn of events regards my continuing education in stuff. Seems there may be opportunity for me in a segment of the I.T. industry that I am being enlightened to. As you , my faithful readers know, your humble narrator would welcome a nomadic lifestyle, while accumulating funds to begin the beguine of a conventional home dwelling. The toughest part of this endeavor is getting used to the "language". I already understand the bulk of the concepts and inner workings...I just use different words to name stuff. I'll know more in a week.

I am still waiting to hear from Mercury One regards a volunteer assignment leading up to Beck's "Restoring Love" event.I am hoping to learn about that, soon.

Odd...everyone here has an accent. Everyone here asks me where I am from.

The devastation I see here from Katrina is significant. The town I am in, Pass Christian, took the direct hit from the storm. The homes, buildings...the town....were wiped off the map. Everything here, with but one or two exceptions, is new construction. Frankly, real estate bargains in shore area, abound.

Across the street from where I am staying
And most new houses are built on stilts.
And some aren't....for those who like to tempt fate!
Yesterday I saw Pelicans in real life for the first time. I can't wait to have some time on the shore of The Gulf to shoot some video and stills.

Last but not least, I'll have my own domain and migrate my blog off to another location. It will open up a LOT of possibilities for my musings and absurdities.

Ok..back to class for moi.

Until next time.....

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