Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene? Bleh!

The storm sucked!

As of today, cigarettes all gone, I have lapsed car insurance, my phone card has run out, and my life went to the highest bidder.

You'd think this stupid storm woulda dropped a tree on my head!

Hope y'all stayed safe!

Oh...and my generator is sending motor oil....somewhere. It's not burning it nor leaking. It just disappears.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Really Hate Looking Like I Am, Or Actually Being, Stupid!

Update 3 08/23/2011

As of this writing, there is little over 12 hours for me to save things, and all but non-existent chance of doing so. Some stranger will have my lifetime in their hands.

I was not able to raise anything near what is needed.

Fait Accompli

Over the next few days, unless a miracle happens, I will compose my final post for both blogs. Gonna gather my thoughts and prep up.

UPDATE 2 08/23/2011

Ok..that was JUST a warning! If I don't raise the funds I need as listed below by tomorrow morning, I unleash the BIG one!!!

Save have been warned! Earthquakes are harmful to homeless and other living things!

UPDATE 08/23/2011:

Morning started out with someone giving your humble narrator a hale and hearty "FU5K YOU!" while pulling away in his box truck. From the expression on his face, I am guessing it is the guy whom, with his posse, has a keen interest in my banking habits and concerns over me continuing to smoke.

( I have more info on him for a future posting)

Guess he's upset I didn't take his advice. But I digress....

Thus far, still at the initial $100.00 with just over 24 hours to go. If you are interested in helping me along, please leave your info in the comments section. (i.e. email, etc.) PLEASE STATE IF YOU DO NOT WANT IT PUBLISHED!!!! Comments do NOT go straight to the blog, I have to approve them. Thus, your information is safe.

Original Post Below:

In this case it should be... STOOOPID!

This week upcoming is not a good one for yours truly. Two very significant and life altering events.

A: On Thursday my auto insurance dies.
B: On Wednesday all my stuff is up for auction.

Now some may say....

"Hey, wait. Didn't you just go through this?"

Well...not just, but within the last twelve months. Similar crisis this past November.

Here's the deal:

Some months back I came in to a bit of money, which I used to pay people back, finish insurance payments for the balance, at that time, of my automotive policy and a few months in advance on the storage units.

SIDETRACK: One of the debts goes back when I was hit with my diverticulitis, May of 2010. The service shop owner had given up on seeing the money, and completely surprised when I showed up, cash in hand.

In spite of prevailing opinion, I either pay or give back in some way my obligations, and favors done for me.

In May, I actually found a bit-0-work and that helped.

June, July, and August have been awful!

What really killed me was the winter. Prolonged and bitter, especially on here on Mt. Scooter. All that and gasoline prices.

It wound up costing me daily, JUST for gas, $30.00 on average. Averaging $930.00 per month. It kept me alive through that long and nasty bit-0-hiber. But the gas, along with other expenses, ate up the cash pretty quickly. And really, to what end?

(No, cigarettes did not play a big role. Most of the time I got the filtered cigars that are $2.00 a pack.)

Some of you may ask: "Hey, don't you beseech The Almighty on an almost daily basis for a resolution to you needing air?"

That is correct, and if He was inclined to accommodate me this would all be moot.

But here I am, typing away.

This is what I am hoping for:

I need to raise wee bit over $1,000.00 before 9 A.M.Wednesday, August 24th. I am seeking loans and offers for help. I will pay back any loans in the order that the money was pledged. And I won't ask for the funds until I have commitments equaling the amount I need to raise.

I will pay back through cash or effort. I am not adverse to work. I am not in a condition to do heavy lifting, but anything else is open. I am also an excellent driver and have references to prove my reliability. If I can get this nailed down, I'll take my vehicle to get the brakes done and then be mobile once again.

There is someone who had offered to help with the whole shebang, but is waiting for a client to send him what he is owed. That finally happens, everyone gets paid back, toot suite.

Look, overall I had hopes of at least getting myself to the point I could rebuild my life to some degree and have a place to live. But what is the point of an abode if it's going to be empty. The trails of my life will be in the hands of a stranger who gave the highest bid.

I don't feel that anyone owes me anything. I don't approach this that way. It's basically the luck of the draw, sometimes.

It took me 3 days to sit down to start to write this, and two days to complete. I was hoping something would come along....and I was avoiding it.

If you like reading my stuff....
If you like me, personally....
If you despise me, personally.....

Please give what I ask a wee bit of consideration.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What A Way To Start Year 3!

Weekend sucked!

Rains of a Biblical Dimension. Raining today, even as I type this!

No Gas=No Electric for 3 days.
(I mean NO electric. No generator, no car battery, no U.P.S., and cell phone hanging by a thread)
Small Space, HIGH humidity! Everything damp at minimum.

I was waiting to be eaten by a bear!

Thus, my internet access was non-existent. Fortunately, my cell has minimal web, so I could at least check my email. Overall, my email is not all that exciting. Junk mail, notices, missives from my kids on occasion.

That all changed!

BACKGROUND: I moderate comments made to my two blogs. I believe in the 1st Amendment and all, but this is MY podium. You want to express yourself unhindered, make your own blog.The unposted comments go to email where I can choose what to do with them. Had a quite nice one for The Pundit Nomadic blog which I passed on through. Then, I found a series of mundane, one or two word insults, for this one.

That was to change.

Frankly, all the comments were from one guy using different names. What was new is that he cut and pasted one post and emailed it directly. Thus began a series of erratic and contradictory frothing and rants from one, apparently, deranged individual. It ended pretty much with this:



"OH TRUST ME BROTHER....WE'LL BE UP THERE. WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT. MY POSSE IS COMING FROM NY....AND MOST OF U HOMELESS FUCKS ARE MENTALLY DERANGED AND UNSTABLE SO I DONT KNOW IF U HAVE A LOADED AK47 OR SOMETHING...i aint scared of shit you asshole. you will see me Very Soon. trust me. the last thing im scared of is a sawed off old punk ass loser such as you. so ill be there...I have some business in that T-Mobile store so ill be back in the area Soon.... i dont care if youre the right or wrong guy. u dont mean shit to me. youre just a waste of space...."

Yadda, yadda, yadda!

This is the very first threatening anything I have gotten.

Welcome To Year 3.

This guy calls yours truly "deranged"...but in the course of things,he says he does, but then doesn't live in a section of this town. He is, but then isn't, unemployed with a disabled wife. And on and on....

Oh...and it seems a local bank I have had some dealings with needs to reaffirm to employees their "Client Nondisclosure/Confidentiality" policies. You can see why, here:


"My mom is one of the managers at XXXXXX (bank name). She Told me all about you....Client privilege? My mom doesnt hide anything from her family. I Know More About you than you think."

NOTE: Any and all typos seen in quotes are his.

SIDETRACK: As one shouldn't hold accountable another for the sins of the Father, I would not take her to task by naming said institution due her son's inane ramblings.

Using the email addy of his, I traced back to his Facebook page and some other info about him. Again, much of it contradictory. I do know he LOVES adult beverage, especially beer!

In spite of the fact that he seems deranged what with his ramblings and rants being all over the place, I was very strongly encouraged to contact the local authorities by a number of folks, which I have done.

What was his original gripe?

I buy cigarettes! Honestly, that I on occasion will buy cigarettes!

SIDETRACK:When I first began my engagement here at The Home Of Falling Prices, I had some guy sitting in his car, staring at me for the longest time. I open the door simply to step outside and he started ranting about me smoking, yelling.."That's it buddy...keep fucking sucking on that cigarette..", then drove off in a hurry.

Some people, no?

Towards the VERY last of the communications he said he works in the military, goes back and forth from the Philippines, is NOT unemployed and hacks into others email accounts to do stuff....blah,blah,blah....

You all get the picture here.

Bob Geldoff once sang, "Tell me why I don't like Mondays.."

The rain and lack of power made Monday quite miserable. This deranged-O-nutcase made it pass pretty quickly.

Welcome to Year 3!

Until next time....

P.S. Author Stephanie email me, please.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Well, Happy Effing Anniversary To Me!

Two years ago, today, I began my great homeless adventure!


Trust me, if nothing else, it has been an exercise in survival and instincts. One must be able to improvise in order to make the best of things.

This past winter, we hit actual temps overnight of -15 degrees. Winds gusting to 75 MPH. The little space heater I have, along with my generator, maintained 71 in The Conversion Van Of Wonders.

Some I know of lived on park benches during this past year.

As I write this, the Dow is down 300+ points. Unemployment is staggering. Gas prices are killing the economy.

And Barry Huseamus O'Bama is celebrating his 50th birthday (or is that 57th based on his prior knowledge of how many states there are ?). Then he heads out on a campaign....*cough*...listening sort of tour in key battleground...*cough*...heartland states.

Your tax dollars at work.
Every time I have tried to get out of this place something happens, be it medical or mechanical. Curse-0-De-M's. The most recent example being detailed in the post below this one.

Just can't get out of my own way.

Anyhow....2 years and counting. Sometimes I resign myself to dying in here...never getting out and moving forward. Rarely do I feel anything resembling optimistic. Who knows...

Don't get me wrong. I REALLY appreciate those who have supported me and continue to do so. It's tough though, believe it or not, to hear people tell me how smart I am.

Really? I mean, I live in a van.

In hindsight, it has also enlightened me to others I never should have given the time of day in years past.

(Just found out that the brakes can't be done tomorrow. Pushed off to next week. I am NEVER getting out of here, other than feet first at room temp!)

So begins Year 3. One more Commemoration Of "The Dawn Of The Downward Spiral" to observe next July. Another holiday season to ignore. The summer wasted. Opportunities I had, and will have, to turn down.

Welcome to my life. You who read this should, daily, thank whatever higher power you believe in for the good things in your life.

Good things can be quite fleeting.

The coming year or so is going to be a really tough one for this nation and the world. I regret to say that some of you can see your future reflected in my situation. Be smart, smarter than you have ever been before in your life! Your wits and instincts are what will allow you to navigate survival for you and yours.
In closing, tonight I hang out the festive Tiki and Palm Tree/Pink Flamingo lights, maybe crack a cold one. If you're in the area, stop by and say hello.

No rush, though. Looks like I am stuck here for some time to come.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I actually wanted to use a different word.

I got all prepared for today, to do the brakes and tires. Yesterday the very nice and generous man who got me the calipers, rotors, and pads came by with tires. The front ones are down to the steel belts and not really safe to rolling around with at 55+ MPH.

I put just enough gas in the generator so it would be empty in time for this morning. The thing weighs 100lbs. empty, thus if any gas is in it, I can't lift it. Add to that, my hernia is bulging a bit and uncomfortable from the swelling.

Then, 4 A.M. came...welcomed by abdominal pain of significant amounts.

My old friend, diverticulitis wanted to say hello. I kinda thought this was coming. My innards were grumbling with an occasional tweak of pain that I attributed to something I ate. The other warning sign is mah' belly (Fat Bastard voice) is bloating. I eat once a day and I don't menstrate. Thus, wondering if this was a sign was warranted.

Suffice to say, I had to postpone the work on The Conversion Van Of Wonders. I need to be able to lie down when I must and, if the van is on a lift, that isn't feasible. One of the problems of driving what you live in.

I am just about to throw in the towel. My stuff is on the verge of being auctioned, Thursday it will be 2 years living in here, and I simply can not seem to get out of my own way.

I had to turn down a couple of days of driving because the van is not safe to take anywhere. I took down an ad I had on Craig's List for that type work, for now. I have been misspelling quite a bit and running into other "Bad Brain Day" issues.

SIDETRACK: I see that a few from Twitter follow me here. The thing with that site, by being limited to 140 characters/letters, my misspelling issue is less of a problem. Thus, I tend to post shrunken dopey things I have to say there frequently.

This is not to say the occasional, sometimes frequent, blessing comes my way. The brake and tires are perfect examples. In the week or 2 prior, I was given generous support by a couple of long time friends.

So I deal with the flare ups for today, and hope this doesn't blossom into a full blown happenstance.

I am tired and HATE being grounded.

More later...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ok...quick catch up....

One of the problem of this whole "day in a life" type of blogs, is you write stuff in your head as you are observing or experience...stuff. Then I try to sit and write something I already wrote in my head, 3 or 4 stories behind NEW stuff I am writing in my head.

I need constant supervision.

I think what I may do is pick days and MAKE myself write. Tried that once....give it another go.

Tomorrow I get my horrid brakes done. These are shot completely. Need new calipers, pads, and rotors. The story of how these came to me has many elements:

1 Obama Yelling Guy
2 Divine Providence
3 Karma

I hope that curries your curiosity.

Anyhow, on Thursday the 4th I will be observing my 2nd Anniversary of living in The Conversion Van Of wonders. Time flies!

Anyhow, I have been grounded going on 3 weeks now because of the brakes. After tomorrow, I will be mobile again.

Yay me!

Anyhow, thanks for sticking with me and I will post more often.