Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What A Way To Start Year 3!

Weekend sucked!

Rains of a Biblical Dimension. Raining today, even as I type this!

No Gas=No Electric for 3 days.
(I mean NO electric. No generator, no car battery, no U.P.S., and cell phone hanging by a thread)
Small Space, HIGH humidity! Everything damp at minimum.

I was waiting to be eaten by a bear!

Thus, my internet access was non-existent. Fortunately, my cell has minimal web, so I could at least check my email. Overall, my email is not all that exciting. Junk mail, notices, missives from my kids on occasion.

That all changed!

BACKGROUND: I moderate comments made to my two blogs. I believe in the 1st Amendment and all, but this is MY podium. You want to express yourself unhindered, make your own blog.The unposted comments go to email where I can choose what to do with them. Had a quite nice one for The Pundit Nomadic blog which I passed on through. Then, I found a series of mundane, one or two word insults, for this one.

That was to change.

Frankly, all the comments were from one guy using different names. What was new is that he cut and pasted one post and emailed it directly. Thus began a series of erratic and contradictory frothing and rants from one, apparently, deranged individual. It ended pretty much with this:



"OH TRUST ME BROTHER....WE'LL BE UP THERE. WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT. MY POSSE IS COMING FROM NY....AND MOST OF U HOMELESS FUCKS ARE MENTALLY DERANGED AND UNSTABLE SO I DONT KNOW IF U HAVE A LOADED AK47 OR SOMETHING...i aint scared of shit you asshole. you will see me Very Soon. trust me. the last thing im scared of is a sawed off old punk ass loser such as you. so ill be there...I have some business in that T-Mobile store so ill be back in the area Soon.... i dont care if youre the right or wrong guy. u dont mean shit to me. youre just a waste of space...."

Yadda, yadda, yadda!

This is the very first threatening anything I have gotten.

Welcome To Year 3.

This guy calls yours truly "deranged"...but in the course of things,he says he does, but then doesn't live in a section of this town. He is, but then isn't, unemployed with a disabled wife. And on and on....

Oh...and it seems a local bank I have had some dealings with needs to reaffirm to employees their "Client Nondisclosure/Confidentiality" policies. You can see why, here:


"My mom is one of the managers at XXXXXX (bank name). She Told me all about you....Client privilege? My mom doesnt hide anything from her family. I Know More About you than you think."

NOTE: Any and all typos seen in quotes are his.

SIDETRACK: As one shouldn't hold accountable another for the sins of the Father, I would not take her to task by naming said institution due her son's inane ramblings.

Using the email addy of his, I traced back to his Facebook page and some other info about him. Again, much of it contradictory. I do know he LOVES adult beverage, especially beer!

In spite of the fact that he seems deranged what with his ramblings and rants being all over the place, I was very strongly encouraged to contact the local authorities by a number of folks, which I have done.

What was his original gripe?

I buy cigarettes! Honestly, that I on occasion will buy cigarettes!

SIDETRACK:When I first began my engagement here at The Home Of Falling Prices, I had some guy sitting in his car, staring at me for the longest time. I open the door simply to step outside and he started ranting about me smoking, yelling.."That's it buddy...keep fucking sucking on that cigarette..", then drove off in a hurry.

Some people, no?

Towards the VERY last of the communications he said he works in the military, goes back and forth from the Philippines, is NOT unemployed and hacks into others email accounts to do stuff....blah,blah,blah....

You all get the picture here.

Bob Geldoff once sang, "Tell me why I don't like Mondays.."

The rain and lack of power made Monday quite miserable. This deranged-O-nutcase made it pass pretty quickly.

Welcome to Year 3!

Until next time....

P.S. Author Stephanie email me, please.

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