Thursday, August 4, 2011

Well, Happy Effing Anniversary To Me!

Two years ago, today, I began my great homeless adventure!


Trust me, if nothing else, it has been an exercise in survival and instincts. One must be able to improvise in order to make the best of things.

This past winter, we hit actual temps overnight of -15 degrees. Winds gusting to 75 MPH. The little space heater I have, along with my generator, maintained 71 in The Conversion Van Of Wonders.

Some I know of lived on park benches during this past year.

As I write this, the Dow is down 300+ points. Unemployment is staggering. Gas prices are killing the economy.

And Barry Huseamus O'Bama is celebrating his 50th birthday (or is that 57th based on his prior knowledge of how many states there are ?). Then he heads out on a campaign....*cough*...listening sort of tour in key battleground...*cough*...heartland states.

Your tax dollars at work.
Every time I have tried to get out of this place something happens, be it medical or mechanical. Curse-0-De-M's. The most recent example being detailed in the post below this one.

Just can't get out of my own way.

Anyhow....2 years and counting. Sometimes I resign myself to dying in here...never getting out and moving forward. Rarely do I feel anything resembling optimistic. Who knows...

Don't get me wrong. I REALLY appreciate those who have supported me and continue to do so. It's tough though, believe it or not, to hear people tell me how smart I am.

Really? I mean, I live in a van.

In hindsight, it has also enlightened me to others I never should have given the time of day in years past.

(Just found out that the brakes can't be done tomorrow. Pushed off to next week. I am NEVER getting out of here, other than feet first at room temp!)

So begins Year 3. One more Commemoration Of "The Dawn Of The Downward Spiral" to observe next July. Another holiday season to ignore. The summer wasted. Opportunities I had, and will have, to turn down.

Welcome to my life. You who read this should, daily, thank whatever higher power you believe in for the good things in your life.

Good things can be quite fleeting.

The coming year or so is going to be a really tough one for this nation and the world. I regret to say that some of you can see your future reflected in my situation. Be smart, smarter than you have ever been before in your life! Your wits and instincts are what will allow you to navigate survival for you and yours.
In closing, tonight I hang out the festive Tiki and Palm Tree/Pink Flamingo lights, maybe crack a cold one. If you're in the area, stop by and say hello.

No rush, though. Looks like I am stuck here for some time to come.


  1. I heard your call on Glenn Beck this morn 11/18/11. GO SCOOTER!

  2. Believe me-you would not want to even think about living in North Dakota in that van. It is not unusual there for the high to be -15! I have read that if you are lucky enough to land a job, they do have man-camps though. I lived in ND for 5 years. Summers are nice though.