Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Really Hate Looking Like I Am, Or Actually Being, Stupid!

Update 3 08/23/2011

As of this writing, there is little over 12 hours for me to save things, and all but non-existent chance of doing so. Some stranger will have my lifetime in their hands.

I was not able to raise anything near what is needed.

Fait Accompli

Over the next few days, unless a miracle happens, I will compose my final post for both blogs. Gonna gather my thoughts and prep up.

UPDATE 2 08/23/2011

Ok..that was JUST a warning! If I don't raise the funds I need as listed below by tomorrow morning, I unleash the BIG one!!!

Save have been warned! Earthquakes are harmful to homeless and other living things!

UPDATE 08/23/2011:

Morning started out with someone giving your humble narrator a hale and hearty "FU5K YOU!" while pulling away in his box truck. From the expression on his face, I am guessing it is the guy whom, with his posse, has a keen interest in my banking habits and concerns over me continuing to smoke.

( I have more info on him for a future posting)

Guess he's upset I didn't take his advice. But I digress....

Thus far, still at the initial $100.00 with just over 24 hours to go. If you are interested in helping me along, please leave your info in the comments section. (i.e. email, etc.) PLEASE STATE IF YOU DO NOT WANT IT PUBLISHED!!!! Comments do NOT go straight to the blog, I have to approve them. Thus, your information is safe.

Original Post Below:

In this case it should be... STOOOPID!

This week upcoming is not a good one for yours truly. Two very significant and life altering events.

A: On Thursday my auto insurance dies.
B: On Wednesday all my stuff is up for auction.

Now some may say....

"Hey, wait. Didn't you just go through this?"

Well...not just, but within the last twelve months. Similar crisis this past November.

Here's the deal:

Some months back I came in to a bit of money, which I used to pay people back, finish insurance payments for the balance, at that time, of my automotive policy and a few months in advance on the storage units.

SIDETRACK: One of the debts goes back when I was hit with my diverticulitis, May of 2010. The service shop owner had given up on seeing the money, and completely surprised when I showed up, cash in hand.

In spite of prevailing opinion, I either pay or give back in some way my obligations, and favors done for me.

In May, I actually found a bit-0-work and that helped.

June, July, and August have been awful!

What really killed me was the winter. Prolonged and bitter, especially on here on Mt. Scooter. All that and gasoline prices.

It wound up costing me daily, JUST for gas, $30.00 on average. Averaging $930.00 per month. It kept me alive through that long and nasty bit-0-hiber. But the gas, along with other expenses, ate up the cash pretty quickly. And really, to what end?

(No, cigarettes did not play a big role. Most of the time I got the filtered cigars that are $2.00 a pack.)

Some of you may ask: "Hey, don't you beseech The Almighty on an almost daily basis for a resolution to you needing air?"

That is correct, and if He was inclined to accommodate me this would all be moot.

But here I am, typing away.

This is what I am hoping for:

I need to raise wee bit over $1,000.00 before 9 A.M.Wednesday, August 24th. I am seeking loans and offers for help. I will pay back any loans in the order that the money was pledged. And I won't ask for the funds until I have commitments equaling the amount I need to raise.

I will pay back through cash or effort. I am not adverse to work. I am not in a condition to do heavy lifting, but anything else is open. I am also an excellent driver and have references to prove my reliability. If I can get this nailed down, I'll take my vehicle to get the brakes done and then be mobile once again.

There is someone who had offered to help with the whole shebang, but is waiting for a client to send him what he is owed. That finally happens, everyone gets paid back, toot suite.

Look, overall I had hopes of at least getting myself to the point I could rebuild my life to some degree and have a place to live. But what is the point of an abode if it's going to be empty. The trails of my life will be in the hands of a stranger who gave the highest bid.

I don't feel that anyone owes me anything. I don't approach this that way. It's basically the luck of the draw, sometimes.

It took me 3 days to sit down to start to write this, and two days to complete. I was hoping something would come along....and I was avoiding it.

If you like reading my stuff....
If you like me, personally....
If you despise me, personally.....

Please give what I ask a wee bit of consideration.



  1. What insurance company do you have? If you had Geico you can make payments and they are small for basic liability.. Call Geico they might be able to accommodate you if you tell them your circumstances. This might make things a little better.. These other insurance companies state farm etc.. Charge way too much..

    Wish I could help but things are real tough with us as well.. rent, car insurance, food, utilities, one income, oh and gas. It's unfortunately hard to find the funds to help others. But I most certainly see your pain.

  2. I have GEICO and they are very easy to work with. At this point, I don't know what I want to do about anything.

    On another note, seems my stalker:Rich, Davin, Jack, Hammer, Jake etc. is back. Nice try! I found this quote about him:

    "davin stop posting negative reviews you will land up in jail if you do not were fired because of your drug addiction."

    Swell guy, no?