Tuesday, March 26, 2013

If At First You Don't Succeed...

...give yourself another chance to fail!

 My career as a Lap Rat at the Habitrail Clinical Studies Facility has ended with a thud! I tried pacing myself, used the new cleansing meds given me at the last possible moment and still woke up finding it hard to breathe.

SIDETRACK: There is gap that needs be in place between when I last used those meds to when I will do whatever for the study. I figured if I put off the dose to the last minute, I would have some extra breathing room....literally....to get myself to the clinic.

It didn't work out that way.

It also didn't help we have been going through a significant, sometimes record breaking, cold snap here in Northern Texas. It was in the upper 20's in some spots. When and where I woke up it was 31°.

I had to call the clinic and throw in the towel.

Once I used my Sybicort inhaler, my lungs opened up and breathing became MUCH better!

Seems now that I have a progressive, chronic, and fatal disease, my meds come with their own jingles. A melodic way to deal with illness. My malady has it's own soundtrack.

Spiriva has this lilting, violin driven tune with just a hint of optimism. Behold....

Now Symbicort goes for a perky, guitar driven melody, which finds a time to mute it's spunkiness while the possible dire side effects are described by the actor, between detailing tasks on his truck.

Unfortunately for the generics, they have neither jingles nor commercials. Maybe I'll compose something on their behalf so they don't feel left out. Kind of a "Participation Trophy" for the meds sitting in the back of the class.

My goal was to make my C.O.P.D. earn it's keep. As long as it was going to make itself known, it should at least bring in an income. Guess I am once again the sole, potential, earner in this partnership. It could at least do the laundry.


My disability application is still pending and I continue to send out resumes and applications for work I know I could accomplish. Back to the drawing board, as it were. I just want to get as much done to slow this thing down before Obamacare kicks in fully and I have to visit with The Death Panels, as they determine my fate.

I prefer to choose my own path kidz, but thanks for offering.

Your humble narrator promises you, oh faithful readers, to do my best to get beyond this melancholy stuff and write more light side-0-things material. I think I need to go exploring Texas.....

Yeah, that's the ticket. Now I just need to afford some gasoline.....

Until next time....

Monday, March 18, 2013

"Official American Idol" Video

This is the footage from "Idol Across America:Dallas" video from the official YouTube Channel. I get to say, "Hello", and pass my dead skin cells to L.A. !


GO and vote for @PaulJolleyAI12

Sunday, March 17, 2013

One Year Anniversary

It was one year ago today, I pulled up stakes, folded the tent, and closed down Camp Scooter:SouthEast, Afscootistan. It was a few months before I left N.J., but this day marked my foray into a different future.....a new beginning.

Well....it has been different!
If nothing else, I have seen and spent time in parts of the U.S.A. I hadn't before. Met a lot of interesting people, saw some stunning scenery, learned new stuff.....

But as of this moment I am stuck in the water. I continue to look for work, but since I started the switch of meds for the clinical drug study for which I am a lab rat, breathing has been more troublesome. So until this settles, I am kinda standing still.

The future is yet to be written for yours truly, yes?

We'll see.......

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A REALLY Nice Diversion For Your Humble Narrator

It's no secret that I LOVE T.V. ! It's also well known that I am a fan of Glee, America's Got Talent, The X Factor.....and the one that got it all going....

American Idol!!!

INSTANT SIDETRACK: In the Seventies and early Eighties I made a living playing in night clubs. LOVED the life and miss it every day. When I can, I will sing via Karaoke and if someone were to by in range, I'll put on some music and sing along before I go to sleep.

Interesting thing.....I have been invited out to Karaoke a few times since being diagnosed with C.O.P.D. and found doing so helped my breathing. I was professional trained as a singer in my tender years, and the way I "breathe" is different when belting out a tune. For whatever reason, it does tend to help me.

Anyhow....if A.I. had been around when I was within the age range eligible, I'd have been all over this as a contestant.

This has been an interesting season so far. 3 new judges...reliable Randy...and the girls having a real edge over the boys, talent wise. You can see the Top 20 HERE. One guy has the same last name I do, spelled identically. Obviously who I am rooting for. Paul Jolley!

So I'm watching one of the "Hollywood Week" episodes...or was it Las Vegas...and they announce thing they do called "Idol Across America", where the A.I. mike to be handed to the winner makes it's way across country. In each of the 13 selected cities, those do a kind of relay race akin to The Olympic Torch Run...without the flames and carbon footprint.

Well, your truly was selected for the Dallas run that took place at The Perot Museum Of Nature And Science....a really, really neat place. I found myself more interested in my surroundings than the event itself, at times. You can see more about the museum HERE. When in Dallas, it's a must see!

The coordinators start placing us in different parts of the museum and are about to begin the run. I wind up being next to last which was perfect because I knew I'd get some screen time, taking the mic to the last person to take it.

He was the perfect guy to be last, and featured most. Not only did he have the Texas look from head to toe, but had been on Idol Season 7 and made it through to Hollywood. He was really nice guy and is working on a carreer in music to this day.

The local FOX affiliate, KDFW, was covering the event and their Features Reporter, Fiona Gorostiza was on hand to run the mic first, as well as, report on the festivities. Spoke with her for a bit...VERY nice woman...then we went our separate ways.

I have to tell you it was a nice break for me. Cost a little for gas and parking, but I got to see more of Dallas and got some A.I.12 swag!

The item on the left is a T-Shirt all squished inside that package, the other item a foam rubber microphone. Cute!

Thus.....one day I had away from dealing with C.O.P.D. and my ongoing challenges.

It was........nice!

Below is the report on the day.

Until next time.....