Tuesday, March 26, 2013

If At First You Don't Succeed...

...give yourself another chance to fail!

 My career as a Lap Rat at the Habitrail Clinical Studies Facility has ended with a thud! I tried pacing myself, used the new cleansing meds given me at the last possible moment and still woke up finding it hard to breathe.

SIDETRACK: There is gap that needs be in place between when I last used those meds to when I will do whatever for the study. I figured if I put off the dose to the last minute, I would have some extra breathing room....literally....to get myself to the clinic.

It didn't work out that way.

It also didn't help we have been going through a significant, sometimes record breaking, cold snap here in Northern Texas. It was in the upper 20's in some spots. When and where I woke up it was 31°.

I had to call the clinic and throw in the towel.

Once I used my Sybicort inhaler, my lungs opened up and breathing became MUCH better!

Seems now that I have a progressive, chronic, and fatal disease, my meds come with their own jingles. A melodic way to deal with illness. My malady has it's own soundtrack.

Spiriva has this lilting, violin driven tune with just a hint of optimism. Behold....

Now Symbicort goes for a perky, guitar driven melody, which finds a time to mute it's spunkiness while the possible dire side effects are described by the actor, between detailing tasks on his truck.

Unfortunately for the generics, they have neither jingles nor commercials. Maybe I'll compose something on their behalf so they don't feel left out. Kind of a "Participation Trophy" for the meds sitting in the back of the class.

My goal was to make my C.O.P.D. earn it's keep. As long as it was going to make itself known, it should at least bring in an income. Guess I am once again the sole, potential, earner in this partnership. It could at least do the laundry.


My disability application is still pending and I continue to send out resumes and applications for work I know I could accomplish. Back to the drawing board, as it were. I just want to get as much done to slow this thing down before Obamacare kicks in fully and I have to visit with The Death Panels, as they determine my fate.

I prefer to choose my own path kidz, but thanks for offering.

Your humble narrator promises you, oh faithful readers, to do my best to get beyond this melancholy stuff and write more light side-0-things material. I think I need to go exploring Texas.....

Yeah, that's the ticket. Now I just need to afford some gasoline.....

Until next time....

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