Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: Good Riddance..Worst Year Of My Life

The year I learned don't trust anything.

It started with so much really did. Personally, professionally, in many ways. A relationship had rekindled big time. I was building a venture with an very talented attorney, and was actually...finally...feeling pretty good about my life.

BACKTRACK: My 1st wife passed away January 5th, 1990. And ever since that day, it was one thing after another. Somethings I truly brought on myself by making bad or boneheaded choices in things, not the least of which was my marriage to the una-ex. And in some cases, it was forces beyond my control making me miserable.

Know what? It's really simple.

Look I had this whole essay I was going to write...but it's quite simple.

I feel morose.
Melancholy. In the past, these feelings have led to assumed or semi-successful heart attacks.
And it has nothing to do with being addressless. Letting go the house was an affect of what I could feel took place Feb. 15th.

It's a matter of trust....of honesty...

Perhaps someday, someone will believe me when I say something...and will simply get it.

That's lacking in my life.

Happy New Year to whose who want it.

So here is hoping that 2010 is less dishonest to me.

Regards The Laura Nyro Post Below...

In responding to the comments graciously posted, I gave a couple of examples of songs written by other that worked better or quite nicely by others.

SIDETRACK: Based on my search for a certain kind of popcorn machine, I found this town in West Virginia called Berkely Springs. Historically it is the first hot springs resort in the USA. 4 blocks of the town are quite bohemian and have quaint shops offering crystals and such. While visiting there with a special acquaintance of mine who is actually named in the post below, the song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" started to play. For a reason known only to herself, this particular rendition captured her notice. It was being sung by Eva Cassidy, thus I went about the task of finding whatever I could about said performer as well as getting as much of her music as I could.
(For myself, as much as Eva's version of Rainbow is lovely, I preferred Katherine McPhee's version the 2nd time on American Idol as being in the same style. My fav would be the one played to Dr. Green on "E.R." just before he passed on.)

SIDETRACKSIDETRACK: This visit to West Virginia was a part of the "Where To Spend The Rest Of Our Lives Tour". The first shot at visiting here was nailed by a hurricane heading up the coast. When that fluttered, we went to Lancaster and stared at The Amish instead. For fun see Weird Al's video at the very end of this entry.

My special acquaintance also has a hankering for watching figure I found this clip for you and she to enjoy!

Best-O-Both genres.

As for Tower Of Power...

This probably the best live version of this I have seen/heard.

I think when someone REALLY loves a's like they mate with it, and like any parent, want a better life for the offspring than what they have now themselves. They simply love it and what it to be all it can be.

I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sit back...get a beverage...get a smoke...

This one is going to take you a while.

Something about living in a conversion van with plenty of office supplies after having a semi-successful heart attack...

You have a lot of time!

I saw someone post something on Yahoo I.M. that hearkened back to a Joni Mitchell song:

Big Yellow Taxi

(Told you this would take a while!)

SIDETRACK: Never was a huge Joni Mitchell fan. I was taking a nap at an outdoor show at Roosevelt Field to see Crosby, Stills, Nash, And Young when I heard this great jazz from the stage. Tom Scott had teamed up with her and it was great! Saw him later that year with George Harrison. If I ever get to transfer my Super8mm flicks to digital...I'll post.

And it reminded me of one of my absolute fav songwriters of that era...

Laura Nyro

Sad, sad story...

Died WAY too young..and angry...sad..bitter....

One need only pay attention to her lyrics.

If I recall correctly, she passed from ovarian cancer. The same thing that took Gilda from us and Gene Wilder.


FUNNY as hell!!!

But back to Laura..

She wrote a lot of stuff that others made famous,..and performed better. The 5th Dimension..3 Dog Night..Blood, Sweat, And Tears...

They took her work...made it their own...and improved NOT on the song itself, but on it's performance.

None the less...she wrote from her heart. She was part of this East Village crowd that wrote boppy kinda songs. Like Buzzy Lindheart did....again improved upon by a performer..

SIDETRACK: Saw Buzzy once live at a local college. Accused this guy I knew, Julio, of talking during a song and got all pissy about it. Also, composed a theme for "Fox And Friends", the morning show on FOX NEWS.

But Laura...she was an influence. And when you listen to the structure of her music..the phrasing of her can see how she was oft imitated.

But in agony.

Some examples:

I saw 3 Dog Night live at The Pocono Raceway 1970 something. They came on at 6 something AM...performance pushed WAY back 'cause of the rain. Vocals blew me away..guitarist sucked live..drummer had steam coming off of him....happens.

And 2 other acts that used her talents...took the structure of what she unearthed from inside herself..and built upon it:

And When I Die:

It's like she's running from death in the way she records this. No moment for the nuance of what she created. In the original soundtrack of "E.T." versus the Boston Pops under John Williams, I always felt he rushed through the last orchestral moments on the latter. I feel the same about Laura's rendition of her song.

Blood, Sweat,and Tears version:

2 things I like about this.

A. It's on the first time I heard it. Pops and all.
B. They looked at it...considered it...and let the song take it's time.

It worked.

One last example:

Laura's version:

The hesitation...the it's something she wants to hold give in to...commit..

The 5th Dimension version...

SIDETRACK 2: Guilty Fav! I could NEVER admit to my mates I liked this a lot!! I LOVE vocals and harmony! Did I mention I am a "Gleek"?

I encourage you all to revisit her music, especially as performed by others. I would listen to her version and it seemed like she said to herself:


As if running from her gift...her expression...probably her pain.

I have had a few loves and significant girls in my life.



Laura..intertwines through them all.

Ok..and Ariel.

Ok...Gilda too...I mean how cute is she in the overalls????

Find her gifts and the google thing!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Homeless Christmas Special That Really Wasn't....

INSTANT SIDETRACK: If you like what I write here...please share this link with your family and friends and encourage them to share this link to their friends as well Also, if any advertiser under each post tickles your fancy, please click away as well as encourage your friends to also. I generate revenue that way....and the donation button works as well. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

I tried...really I tried...

But with writing...casting...scoring...shooting...yadda yadda yadda..

Just couldn't get it finished.

So I present to you some partial lyrics for my holiday special:

"A Happy Homeless Christmas"


As you all know, I am currently residing in a conversion van. Keeps me dry. So to the tune of "Oh, Christmas Tree"....

Conversion van, conversion van
You now house the homeless man
Conversion van, conversion van
Keep him warm as best you can

In dark of night, in bitter cold
He stays alive and can grow old

Conversion van, conversion van
Keep him safe, the homeless man

If you recall the music from the ABC Special "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" then the melodies from that are burned on your brain. them out as you read the following....

To The Tune Of "It's A Holly, Jolly Christmas"

It’s a happy homeless Christmas, and in case you didn’t hear...
I don’t know, if we’ll snort “snow”...but there’ll be lot’s of beer.
A Happy, Homeless Christmas..and the writings on the wall
We don’t have a place to go, we are homeless all

Hi Ho, the mistletoe..burns hot in the ol' fire can
Helps to keep frostbite you don’t lose your hands

Oh My Goodness Have Very Homeless Christmas This Year!

And speaking of Rudolph...this next ditty is to the melody of his song:

You know Leroy and Harry and one legged Joey
Allen and Bugsy and our fave girl Chloee
But do you recall...the most famous hobo of all???

ALFIE The Red Nosed Alkie
Had a very shiny nose
And when he’d drink some Ripple...
You would even say it glowed.
All of the other camp mates
Used to laugh and call him names..
They never let poor Alfie, stand over by the campfire’s flame.

Then one awful Christmas night, Joey passed out in snow
Alfie drank his Ripple right, and his nose began to glow

Then the paramedics found him...and they shouted out with glee.
Alfie The Red Nosed Alkie...saved our favorite pal, Joey!

(I said these are partial lyrics)

And last but not least....

You did some time for committing some crime?
Well..this chick is now in your life for a while.

To The Tune Of " Santa Claus Is Coming To Town ":

Better not what you smoke
Don’t you do the dope-e-o dope
Probation worker’s in Shanty Town
She’s taking some pee, checking it twice
Gonna find out whose not being nice
Probation worker’s in Shanty Town

She comes when you are sleepin’..not while you’re awake
When you’re nodding in the park, so be straight for goodness sake!’d better acting nice
Don’t do anything, we’d call a vice
Probation workers in... Shanty Town

So there you have it! The bones for my upcoming, next year, holiday special:

"A Happy Homeless Christmas"

And here's to you having the VERY BEST CHRISTMAS OF ALL!!!!

God Bless!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tis The Season To Be Offended.....

Fa-La_la_la_la....Go “F” yourself!

This time of year seems someone is going to be put off by the mention of the word “Christmas”. They call in the A.C.L.U...threaten a law suit...say they are offended..the feelings hurt...

Could be some Islamist guy...

“ not the Mahdi...and no virgins are waiting for me if I take the communion instead of beheading the infidels.”

Or some Hindi Family...

“The baby Jesus...does not have enough arms to be a deity...and is not blue! You want a straw with that Slurpee???”

Then, of course are the non believers...

“Wow, man...silly superstition. Total myth, man...where’s my incense???”

The worst are those on Craig’s List. They want to give in the spirit of the know, old toys with a lot of their kid’s snot on turkey’s from last year...left overs from the neighbor’s Hanukkah celebration. They call the reason for the season.....


This is a celebration of Scully and Mulder??? To celebrate the great work they did in the basement of the F.B.I. building in D.C.?

One can never get enough E.T. corpses to exhume during the yuletide!

SIDETRACK: So if y'all really insist on calling a holiday XMAS, then it should be observed on September 10th. That's the day in 1993 The X-Files premiered. Think of the new, swell carols that can be hummed....

But what really got me to thinkin’ was Smokey The Bear.

Smokey does good work..make’s algore proud. But back in the day, Smokey would say:

“Only you can prevent forest fires!”

Now it’s been changed to...

“Only you can prevent “WILD” fires!”

Who was going to be offended by the word Forest?

This guy?

Or maybe this guy....Forrest Tucker of “F Troop” fame...

Well, he does looked kinda pissed in the picture. Good thing the shorter but nuttier Col. Agorn is there to hold him back!

Perhaps now using the word “Wild”...maybe that offends this gal:

Hey...looks like she is giving Old Smokey the “Stink Eye” about it already!!!

A dilemma, no doubt!

Seriously...where are else are you going to get a bunch of trees turning into charcoal? A lake? An outdoor ice rink? Inside a mall?

No...IN A FOREST!!!!!!


He’d probably say:

“Listen, you don’t have to send Me anything for My birthday. Just get My name right, ok?”

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Way Of The Bungee!

WalMart is my most favorite store in the world! Lower prices....clean bright stores....terrific products! I have bought a couple of essentials both at a store and online to use for my addressless adventure, that have been instrumental in my survival.

A few months back I bought this “fridge” for around a hundred bucks delivered. It’s one of those thermo-electric models. I have had these in the past and those worked o.k. However this one keeps stuff colder than anything!

It’s paid for itself already, in that, I was spending 2 to 4 dollars a day on ice, and that wasn’t doing the job very well for food. Ice would melt, food gets ruined. Not with this big boy!

I also bought this electric space heater. It modulates, so it spreads the heat around the conversion van quite nicely. In fact, even in 30 degree weather, I can sleep in my unmentionables under my comforter/sleeping bag.

SIDETRACK: I am not such a fan for Target. They don’t price match, they are a bit more expensive, and those damn shopping carts. Who thought a hard plastic cart was a good idea? They lie in wait for you to extract them from one another doing the butt rumba, and when the flippy part comes crashing down in a recycled red plastic orgasm, they announce you are in the store. No matter how many times a minute this happens, it still makes people turn and stare at you.

Odd thing about WalMart is how many of the customers transform once they pass the electric doors. Inside they are rude, pushy, oft times vulgar, and never watch where they are going with the non-recycled red shopping carts. But once they leave the store, the “I’m With Stupid” T-Shirts revert back to the plain but tasteful clothing they usually wear.


Notice in this picture how close those 2 items are to one another. Add to that the need for sustenance....and innovation is born!

How to cook what’s in the “fridge” with the modulating space heater.

SIDETRACK REDUX: As I had mentioned in this blog VERY early on, this is my second venture into vanning it. When last a nomad, I bought a bag of bungee cords at an overstock kind of store in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. for whatever reason. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Never really used’em for anything and they sat in the conversion van some 16 years.

My problem was how do I use the heater for warmth and cook with it at the same time??

The Way Of The Bungee!

Using between 2 or 3 depending on what I am making, I dangle the food wrapped in foil right on the front of the heater. And depending on the shape of what I am cooking, I can still use the modulation feature. The “hook” on the bungee locks in to the slots on the heater.

So far I have reheated a cheese steak and baked ziti from takeout, and a can of Chef Boy-R-Dee Beef Ravioli. And I don’t mean this got warm like when I cooked with my engine. I mean these came out HOT ! Last night for the first time, I had a salad, heated roll and butter, and ravioli, all prepared “in house”! I mean, it wasn’t glamorous....I ate the ravioli out of the can....but it was a full, hot, meal!

Truth be told, I gave up on thinking I would ever be making anything hot while living in the conversion van. I have this one mid row seat that needs be out so I will have room to set up a tiny kitchen. Thus far, have been unable to see where I unlock and remove it. Figured it would have to wait until I got a full fledged R.V.

Just when you think you can’t go back to something you had, inspiration comes along and you find a way. One can always find a way. You can go back to something you had before, and was sustaining to you.

Sometimes wonder if you can call....upon those things. I say, go for it.

Until Next Time....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's kinda like being born on Christmas Eve... don't what which present is for your birthday or for Christmas.

Tomorrow marks the observance of my 4th month of being addressless..and the next day is the two month mark of my semi-successful heart attack.

Semi 'cause I am typing to you all now.

Maybe I'll post again...maybe not. In any event...

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas.

Monday, November 23, 2009

So, let's talk laundry....

What better day to do it than Thanksgiving! I mean, I get my choice of machines..TV channels..and no one there I worry will steal my clothes.

This T-Giving will be just a bit different for me. With just a few exceptions, I have always made the meal. Did the deep fry a couple of times, DAMN tasty...even if the first time I nearly set the house on fire. Frankly, that was pretty cool. The flames must have gone up at least 20 feet!

SIDETRACK: Regards the post below. I was accused of having .." too many.." when I posted it. I was sending a special little someone a birthday message. I willingly admit I will have one too many on occasion..but that was not the inspiration for Tinker Bell's appearance on here.

I am of a Native American lineage. You can tell by my high cheek bones.

So this year I sit the holiday out.


I wish you all, sincerely, the best Thanksgiving ever and encourage you to embrace those around you.

Life is short...time is precious...loyalty priceless.

The holiday also gives me time to work on my upcoming special..

"A Very Homeless Christmas"

I wish I could have had it done before November Sweeps ended!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

3 Month Observation

Yeppers...three months into this great adventure of mine.

Wish it was warmer!

So, what did you get me?????

Until Next time.....

By the way....YAY Chris Christie!!!!

New Jersey, now you have a bit of a chance! I'm still leavin', though!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Back on March 20th, 2009 I made my first attempt at a successful heart attack.Turned out that the part of my heart that stood up said "Howdy" has an artery that is particularly susceptible to stress. And when said occurs, will close off a bit creating a T-Wave signature on an E.K.G. Thus...the appearance of a heart attack.

You think I was being a pain to Nurse Kratchet? She had nothing on those folks who had me the first time around! Frankly at that time I had sort of a death wish. I was still in the house but had gone through some of the most miserable experiences of my life. have no idea!

And during that experience, I pretty much knew inside what was causing the problem. Stress, anxiety, and heartbreak. Yeah, heartbreak. Frankly, I have come to learn that intense "heartbreak" creates the symptoms I endured. None of those, killers that time.

October 5th was something MUCH different!

It was scary.

It was sobering.

It was the real deal.

And what the cardiologists said happened to me...

And what I learned about it on the internet...

(If it's on the internet it has to be true!)

It's surprising I am typing right now.

Because I am not a good typist.

But also because I can be here to type badly. Spell check is my friend!

But Man-O-Man....I was a pain in the ass the first time!!!! I get transferred out of C.C.U. into the Progressive Care Unit, which is ironic since I am hard core, die hard, conservative.

Obviously, die hard.


PCU was berry, berry good to me! I had a male nurse...can not recall his name...who got me stuff at my every whim.

Ok..not hookers...but everything else.

SIDETRACK In the midst or writing this, I got a call from the local STAPLES. Seems I won a $25.00 gift card from there. WAY COOL! One can not have enough office supplies while homeless and living in a conversion van! I asked the nice young lady who called if I could apply said gift card to pay for an appointment with a "working girl" because my male nurse at the hospital where I had my heart attack....the successful one...couldn't accomplish that for me.

She stuttered...and asked if I wanted a receptionist.

No not hookers at STAPLES(tm). I'll get some paper and blank DVD's so I can pirate some porn. More on that later...

But I digress....

The folks on this ward could not have been better. This afternoon I got a call for a survey on how I felt I was treated.,

5 STARS! That traveling gnome in the commercials should recommend this place to anyone who has a successful heart attack.

I asked a nurse...female this time...if I could get some scrubs. When I was brought to the Cardiac Center at the Hospital, I was in the middle of dealing with my storage bin and was kinda sweaty.

I wanted something clean.

I asked if they had shirts for my sons. Ones that read:

"My Dad Got That Swell Stent.....And All I Got Was This Crummy T-Shirt"

None available. And the Souvenir Shop was closed.

So major props and kudos to the ENTIRE staff at St. Clare's Denville, New Jersey for how I was treated...and released. And a special nod to Nurse Kratchet. (An acquaintance of mine who came to visit thinks Nurse Kratchet really came to like me. I can have that affect on people)

Don't forget the REALLY cute red head who pressed on me for so long...down there!

And to the cardiac group who saved my life:

Lakeland Cardiology Center
415 Boulevard
Mtn. Lakes, New Jersey 07046

Dr. Paul D. DeRenzi, M.D. F.A.C.C. who put the stent in and kept me from going to room tempature.

Dr. Michael Malagold , M.D., F.A.C.C. who explained a lot to me and had the demeanor of Mr. Rodgers and kinda looked like U.N. Ambassador Bolton...which I found REALLY comforting!

Dr. Keith Leibowitz, D.O., F.A.C.C. who had to put up with MAJOR crap from me during the first unsuccesful attempt at a heart attack and was saddled with my follow up care this go 'round.

I could not have been in better hands. When you make your attempt at cardiac failure....give these guys a call.

So I get back to he van....and resume my new career. It takes a bit of time...but what happened to me starts to sink in.

The impact.
The fears.
The worries.

I mean...I start thinking and wondering things I never did before. You read the stories..hear the tales....of folks who survived this kinda stuff.

Then you worry about the impact of the meds!

Now I only had an M.I. with no damage, but still had stuff prescribed for me.

Letterman had a quint-whatever bypass.

And he was still doing all those interns.

I wondered what meds he is on.

I look "down there" and start to worry.

Beta Blockers..Blood Thinners...etc....

I had to know!

Remember what I said about the blank DVD's? Gomer Pyle would say...


(NOTE: The Gomer Pyle/Jim Nabors reference is not a hint at my sexual orientation. I never wanted a piece of The Rock nor am I accomplished at doing The Butt Rhumba)

It's all good. Everything hunky dory.

Forget Obama...I create my own "Stimulus Package" for my package.

And if his worked as good as mine does, we'd all have jobs now. High paying jobs.

So now my biggest concern is Carpal Tunnel on my right wrist.

Until next time....

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So, regards my post about the Shoedini...

What do all of these feebs do about sox???

Just askin'...

Until next time....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

So I am having lunch with The Grimm Reaper...

Well...not really. Was more like a quick snack.

SIDETRACK: I am in excruciating back pain today....3 days in a row. What better way to get me to sit and finish up on my heart attack thingie.

I used to watch this show called "The Grimm Adventures Of Billy And Mandy" that I thought was quite funny and very well written. The premise was that Mandy won a contest against Grimm over a sick hamster, by doing the Limbo, and now he has to be her and Billy's friend to do all of her bidding for all eternity. Click the title above and see Grimm face his own hospital adventure!

Neat premise.

Well..I had no sick hamster with me while being tended to by the very professional staff trying to keep me alive. The talents and experience of the team's members were certainly a formidable barrier to Grimm. So...even if I had a hamster, I would not have needed it to deny him my soul. And, no, if I did have a hamster with me it would not have been kept where you all are thinking!

Tsk, tsk....

UPDATE: Since his show has been canceled on Cartoon Network, Grimm has reached out to his pals in the Obama Administration, offering his insights and experiences as a consultant on The Public Option for National Health Care Reform . He also wants to be the "Death Panel Czar". He calls that "Job Security".

But I digress....

So I am now wheeled into the CCU and told not to move at all, especially my right leg, for hours. And I complied quite willingly. What I did miss was my laptop and cell phone. The phone was with me, but very little power left.

SIDETRACK: When I tried to dial 911 while on my back in the throes of agony, my phone kept asking me to push some other buttons. Well..with my glasses somewhere in my vicinity but not on my face, and because said buttons could not become apparent to me, I could not connect with the police. And until I pressed either of those buttons, the phone was locked from making any other calls.

Really slick there, Sprint! Maybe I should switch to where they can "hear me now"!

While I am trying to call my son to ask him to bring me certain items from the well as get my lottery tickets (hey, I just survived a heart attack!! I figured I was lucky.) walks Nurse Ratcheted. Well, that really isn't her name and she certainly was not as passive/aggressive sinister as the one in the movie, but the nick name mostly fits.

First words out of her mouth..


The next words..



She wires me up...does the basics...BP....temp....color of my skin and feet....and then leaves.

I call my son on my cell, and ask him to bring the charger for the phone and my laptop.

All the while keeping perfectly still. Especially my right leg.

I tried using the laptop while in a 99% horizontal position, but it was not easily done. So I just amused myself by surfing around. Patiently waiting until I could resume an upright position and not have to be so still.

Nurse Ratched leaves for the night and I am typing away like nobody's business. I think it was at that time, I posted the video of my stent insertion...

(The hamster just popped into your heads when you read "insertion...I just know it did!)

...but with different music than I ultimately used. And found my way on to the various websites and chat spots I haunt.

(You all just thought of Grimm, huh?)

And over the course of the evening, I was checked on..poked for blood....BP done...and no one scolded me for using the laptop.


That is until "she" arrived back at work. One of the overnighters snitched on me. And she again told me NO USING THOSE ITEMS.


I said, "Sign me out, NOW" and got up to leave...

She said I was threatening. I said I was promising...please hand me my pants.

She left in a huff.


I also immediately took notice of the change in my proscribed diet when lunch came. Real coffee, salt...meat...butter. I began to suspect that I was in much better shape than I thought.

I would be moved out of CCU....much to her and my mutual relief. But not until she got to poke me one last time. I offered to let her make it hurt to make up for my confrontation with her.

She said that wouldn't be enough to make up for me breaking the rules. I think her thing is more obeying period, rather than the rules themselves.

I didn't even feel the needle going in.

Next.....moving into the PCU....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Is Another Reason Why President Obama Has To..

...apologize for us all over the world:

(Play Video)

Isn't that the same AsSeenOnTV-ette that needs some kind of earworm to play BINGO?

I mean...just how pathetic and stupid do you need to be to not know to SIT DOWN to do stuff with footwear ?!?!?!

So, please..if you love me..even if you can only tolerate me...and I get to the point I need the shoedini in order to be able to walk outside..

Get in your me..kill me.


Edited To Add 10/27/09: That old guy. 2 things....

He is the same old guy with a back problem in the Topsy Turvy Tomato Plant Thing...and has that same ..."...ooh.." back thing while kneeling in a garden pretty much doing nothing.

And in this commercial...with the young blonde.....

Looks like he hired her as a hooker and while pulling her shoe off is saying, "For a hundred bucks, I want you naked...NAKED..."

Just sayin'....

Next post back on topic.

Until next time...

Friday, October 16, 2009

My First Home(less) Cooked Meal

I would not call it the most "heart healthy" meal I could have made, but is was certainly in the old school tradition of The Hobo..riders of the rail...kings of the campfire! Dollar store Beef Stew cooked over a camping grill in the can.

I have had this grill some 15 years, but never used it before. Worked flawlessly. I did burn some of the stew in the bottom of the can, but it's all a learning experience. The stew was so-so. Next time I'll try a different brand.

Another day, another milestone.

Oh, the pics are a tad fuzzy because I didn't notice that the lens was in macro setting. and since I wanted to maintain my journalistic integrity, I resisted the urge to first geo-flexible meal, I simply used the original pics.


Until next time...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Am Placing My "Global Warming Carbon Footprint"...

...right up Al Gore's ass!!!

Full Bore Storm!


Stuck in NJ still until my cardiologist sees me.

And it just get's heavier...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lucky Me Part Deux

Sometimes I have odd thoughts. Sometimes those odd thoughts become odd questions. Sometimes I would post the odd question birthed by the odd thought online. Some people thought I was odd..but a chosen few "got it"

In a past life, I was a very active member of a Home Theater website. It was just before the last Star Wars movie was to be released and I oddly thought to myself.."What if I die before it comes out?" So I asked on aforementioned website if anyone there ever fretted that they would die before seeing the season finale of their favorite TV shows. In particular..."24".

Odd question..but some of them got it!

"24" is one a very few shows I have never missed a single episode of. Jack Bauer is the man!

So on Monday, October 5th 2009 as I was struggling with pain and wondering if I would live though this, I can honestly say the season opener of "24" this coming January was no where to be found in my brain.

Odd, isn't it?

Now....back to my story.

SIDETRACK: The reason it took so long to continue writing is that I had to come to grips with what respect the severity of what happened to me deserved. I mean, I have no real scars...overall feel fine.

The stent is installed and I now have a new part of my body not generated by cell division. It was an odd thought. As I watched life return to that quadrant of my heart, I could feel the pain subside...the level of intensity in the room diminish...and I could calm down.

I was alive...I was saved...wasn't going to die that day.

With my camcorder neatly tucked back into hiding, I was wheeled to the Cardiac Care Unit to be re-wired and tended to by the staff there. I was out of the cardiologists hands. I was told do NOT move my right leg at all for hours. At that point, one of the attentive ladies from surgery would come and remove the hardware and press on the wound to allow it to close. Thing is, my blood was so thinned out, it would not simply clot on it's own. Fortunately for my self respect, I was so full of different substances at that point, that I was an attractive red head pressing for so long "down there".

I was told to NOT move that leg for upwards of 6 or more hours. And I didn't. But that's pretty much where my compliance begins and ends.

Enter Nurse Ratcheted!

To be continued....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Watch My Heart...My Life....Being Saved!

This is actual footage of blood flow being returned to my heart after insertion of the stent that saved me. The heart, itself, is invisible, but watching the flow return you can make out it's shape.

I am, indeed, blessed!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

In Actuality, I Should Be Dead

As you, my faithful droogies know from earlier this week, I had a significant event via my cardiac system. I experienced a Myocardial Infarction. Ok..I saw that on "E.R." and heard that radioed in during my siren laden trip in the meat wagon on the way to the Cardiac Unit at the hospital. And most times on "E.R.", the patient survived and would appear on the following week's "C.S.I." as that episode's killer.

Damn those defibrillator crash carts!


That doesn't appear to be what's real, at least in my case. I will not be killing anyone, anytime soon.

Fortunately as of today, that's by my choice. However, it could have been much different if the fates had an alternate chosen course of events.

From what I was told today, most who suffer what I did on Monday do not make it to the Cardiac Unit at the hospital...breathing. And those who do make it will, over all, face a time where they get to be in a "The Scooter Store" ad acting all frisky while doing doughnuts on the hardwood floors of their active community condo while holding on to their mobile oxygen tanks.

I would at least have a designer nose piece on mine. Make it look like Snidely Whiplashes' mustache. (60's cartoon pop culture reference)

So I arrive at the Cardiac Unit at the hospital feet first, but breathing on my own and no one using their hands on my chest, counting out the pumps before we kiss. I am surrounded by a team, each one taking turns asking me the same questions over and over doing stuff to my body. Finally I meet the cardiologist who tells me he is going to send a sensation up my leg, but quite unlike the one Chris Matthews expressed feeling upon hearing Barack Hussein Obama's name. To get my sensations, the thing I most wanted to sprout "down there" at an age when my voice was cracking would be shaven and a tube inserted inside me going up to me ticker. And no..NOT inserted "there"..but through a new man made hole in my skin.

It was that or pretty much die.

SIDETRACK: In the ambulance I was in a fair amount of pain that ranged from a 5 to a 7 to a 9, and back again, over and over. I was asked if I wanted morphine for the pain, but in so much as my MP3 Player chock full of Heavy Metal music was left at home, I declined said treatment. Also, I wanted to be fully aware of the levels of pain as well all of what was going on around and to me. That paid off in me not passing out when said hole was created and I was able to video some of what was going on with and inside me.

Into a new room I go, surrounded by three or four very attentive professional young ladies prepping me for said new hole. Lo and behold, there was one young lady in particular who grew up across the street from my sister that I have known since she was little, REALLY little. Since I was being pumped full of a variety of substance, I can't recall if she was the one who shaved me "down there" or not. But I could have sworn that just as the disposable electric razor began doing it's thing, I heard a male voice say..

" should know. My name is Chris Hansen and I am doing a show about..."

But I digress....

I notice a rack of flat screen monitors in an array not dis-similar to a TV studio control room. And in my haze I can see that it's the fluoroscoped images of what was happening and about to happen to me. I feel around, find my tiny camcorder and shoot the best I can.

SIDETRACK REDUX: Earlier that day at the site of said cardiac event, I was at a storage facility provided to me by the generous folks who handled the lock out at my former residence. This is where they so graciously trashed many of my possessions. I decided to sell most of the metal objects to a scrap metal dealer guy and as we made our way through the storage bin, I would video or photograph the "especially well" taken care of items for posterity...and use in litigation. BTW..the scrap metal guy was really a great guy. I would deal with him again in a heartbeat. And fortunately, I currently have spare heartbeats.

It was shortly after the scrap guy left and my oldest came to help me with the last details, that my heart decided to let me know it was displeased. Thus...the camcorder being in my pocket when at the Cardiac Unit at the hospital while my stuff "down there" was being made old (elementary) school.

More Tomorrow...

Part Two: How I Avoided Meeting With Obama's "Death Panels"

Until then....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Still Stuck In The Hospital...

..and I SOOOOOOOOOO want out of here.

It's odd, I guess. Here I have heat, a bed, lights, etc. But I want out. I want to wear clothes. I want my van. I want to get going on my trip. I am feeling really down... I mean really, deeply down. And that level of anxiety and depression can not be a good thing, given the reasons I am here. I need to skip town and just isolate for a while.

The internet I have at the hospital is really fast. But it doesn't allow me to go to certain kinds of sites. So, to my new friends at TikiLive, that's why I haven't been over to you. I was really enjoying myself there. And I miss my Glenn Beck in the afternoon.

I find myself having to deal with crap I shouldn't have to while I am trying to figure out and understand just how close to being dead I was. That my current addressless situation as well suffering a Myocardial Infarction in the parking lot of a self storage place is more of a problem for someone else and not me. Stifling feelings while trying to get through an evening and pushing the lump in my throat down as far as I can get it. I find these create their own unique kind of hangover the following day.

I am just not in a position to deal with these kind of hangovers. It is not healing or healthy for me right now. Probably never at all, but certainly not right now.

And giving up a 40+ year relationship with cigarettes, if only for the time being, isn't moving things along at all.

I'll post more later. For the record, I am delaying posting this immediately, letting me digest what I wrote here. I started the base of a different thread over a month ago called "It's One Of Those Days"...that I did not want to publish when in the midst of living in .." that kind of day. " I wanted to have a little distance to gain more perspective and less emotion. Well..I would have "one of those days" in an ongoing, but infrequent, basis. Thus, if this post does see the light of the cyber sunshine, it's because I got fed up and am going to need to disappear for a while.

Or not...

We'll see.....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Best Laid Plans And All That...

Your humble correspondent had a real heart attack yesterday, Oct. 5th 2009. Now have a stent in an artery. Thus...will be a while before I post again.

Until Next Time....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Welll...What Did You Get Me??? Huh...Huh...???

2 month anniversary of being addressless.

Gonna need a bigger cupcake and 2 candles.

DEFINITELY hitting the road Monday evening. Got infused with a Bit-O-Cash and Monday morning I have a guy buying some of my stuff for scrap. Copper wire (I have miles of that), aluminum, and other metal. Won't make me rich, but gelt is gelt!

Anyhow....what did you get me?!?!?!?!

Until next time....

Friday, October 2, 2009


This is perfect for my current situation. Spoke with the seller this morning....everything works...low mileage for it's age. No leaks...yadda, yadda, yadda!

Now I need to raise $1,500.00. I have stuff up for sale, just no buyers. Actually been up for sale for some time now.

See that Donate Button.... ;)

UPDATE: With taxes..license and all brings it to 2k. Still a great deal!

UPDATE: 10/4 Lost the deal. Could not fund this in time. Oh well....there will be another.

Until Next time....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cookin' With Chilly!

I got DAMN cold last night. Frankly, quite chilly today. Typical Autumn cloudy and chilly day.

Great time to cook....with the chariot's engine!

I run the motor while parked to get heat, and use the heat under the hood to cook.

Thus...cookin' with chilly!

Not saying any of you should do that. I am merely letting you know how I multitask while addressless.

A can of pasta, I just cook in the can. Anything not in a can, I use aluminum foil. Placement can be tricky so as not to allow said meal to fall into the fan belt. Also, I keep the hood open just a little.

I am careful to wear gloves when I take the cooked items out to eat.

Thus two birds, one engine.

Until next time....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Dog....That One....In The Picture....

...that's Bob The Dog. My companion on this trip to paradise. I have known Bob since moments after his birth 'cause his mom, the neighborhood trollop, decided to deliver him on my sofa!

Bob and I have considered one another a long time.

And Bob has made the transition to this new way of life pretty well and quick. Overall, I have been proud of him.

So why, on this day, is he lucky to be alive??

FOUR HOURS EARLIER: I am enjoying the company of the aforementioned best friend in the world and his family. It is the event to introduce his daughter's VERY significant others parents to the larger circle-O-friends. And I am dutifully going back to the chariot to tend to Bob and what his needs are at that moment. He even got to join in 'round the chimera as the attendees enjoyed a variety of adult beverage and toasted marshmallows. Then back to the chariot for his good nights sleep.

Well seems our friend, Bob The Dog, had no intentions on sleeping. Instead decided to "customize"the interior of the chariot.

SIDETRACK: When my sons were learning to drive and then ultimately used my vehicles on a regular basis, I allowed then 2 incidents each before I banned them from further use. So...2 customizations on other peoples cars happened and they got a pass for said incidents.

Look down................there!

Bob will be given the same grace. I mean, this is the last thing I need...but fair is fair.

Thus, Bob The Dog gets to live another day.....and after this rain delay...and commerce delay..(have someone coming to buy scrap metal from me this monday)...he and I head out tomorrow evening.

Until next time...

UPDATE: Bob The Dog and I went down the street to another neighbor's home to chill. Well, the ladies there couldn't resist and Bob got a much needed bath and then got lotioned. Lucky doggy!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trying To Get My Chevy Out Of Dodge

Getting ready to head out by Saturday or Sunday. I have been looking at websites showing free or really cheap places to stay headed towards Dixie. Like The Beatles sang,"I'll Follow The Sun"

(Damn...I wish I had something other than this very small window to type in. There must be a way.)

It is with a dash of apprehension I do this. It's a big break from what I have had at my disposal for the last month and a half. Currently I have:





This will be it...on my own!

And I have to put into practice some of the things I have passed along to you. And, as long as I have internet, I have access to the world.

SIDETRACK: I watched the Season Premier of "House, M.D." last night and it was outstanding!!! One show that has never failed me.

Believe it or not, I actually have a palm sized video projector in the van. It's this incredible little thing given to me by BenQ to evaluate (I am full of surprises, no?) So if I ever get a hankerin' for that big screen look...I have that as well.

SIDETRACK REDUX: Yes it's been listed on Craig' buyers. Bad economy. Still available, though.

What I won't have?

Security. Grounding. Safety.

Kinda essential to one's well being, yes? At least to me it is.

She looks pretty mighty...formidable...foreboding...yes? It does to me, and I should feel safe in it. I suppose, overall, I do. This van has protected me in the past. It even healed itself in the middle of the night in the middle of Pennsylvania. ( really did. Ask me about that sometime.)

When I get called to my new address in the sky, my kids have instructions to place my carcass in this van and bury me in it.

When very few loved me, this chariot did.

Kinda like the way things are now.

So...Miss Chevy Van Twenty and I are getting ready. At minimum, it's a trial run. At may finally be the beginning of the new beginning.

It has to start somewhere! Sometime!

Time is now!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Advance Warnings

As if the colder temps, once the sun takes it's leave, weren't enough of a hint. (I mean I could blame that on global cooling. Remember that from the 70's??) But now the leaves are giving me a definite heads up! There is no denying it....fall is here. Being addressless and all can be a kinda neat adventure. Not so much an adventure when it starts being cold at night.

Now it's gonna suck for a bit!

I will allow that the days have been at a perfect temperature. But the last couple of nights...yuck. Good thing I have some gas in the tank and could run my engine for a bit. Going to hit a few yard sales this weekend to see if I can find a previously loved sleeping bag or 2. At some point I'll get a mattress like I had before and be set up proper. eyes look south and need to get focused on getting outta here.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Someone Stop The Earth...

....from traveling around the sun, please! That way, seasons kinda stop changing.

In my area, freeze warnings for tonight have been posted. Last night was pretty damn cold. There is something to be said for indoor living.

At some point soon I'll have to trek southward, but for now I am stuck here.

In New Jersey...

In my van...

In the cold.

But it is what it is and I'll deal with it. It's not deadly cold. And I can wake up and run the engine for heat. Uses up my gas, but que sera. I knew this would happen, but I am not really prepped for it.

What's that expression about what doesn't kill you????

And it won't...this is temporary. Actually becomes a bit of a motivator. Frankly, I am motivated just that resources are low right now.

(As I am typing this, a neighbor just pulled up and gave me 2 packs of smoke. Very nice of them!)

Tonight I have been invited to a friend's house to see people I have seen in some 20 or more years. A former drummer of mine reached out this past December and we have reconnected to a degree He's the one that put this together. They get to see my homeless guy beard in person!

The house has heat...and a bathroom!


Not sure where I am headed with this post, I am pretty much just rambling. Don't feel sorry for me, keep good thoughts and prayers for my energy and resources to kick in and get me south!

Until next time....

Things I will miss...

...not so much about the house itself, but the things I relished when having lived here, in this neighborhood. Don't get me wrong, there have been some splendid, special moments that took place there in spite of my ambivalence towards the building . But the things that ground you, are the day to day

The very special mom and her beautiful children in the house behind me, in their yard nearly every warmish day. Barefoot, playing, making noise. And one was born on my birthday!!! Absolutely wonderful!

The mid day gatherings with my neighbor and his brother. Bronx Italians who would get into the most fierce arguments over...nothing. And then the moments where it was one laugh after another.

The same neighbor. My best friend in the world. And the great food he would make!

My basement bar. Some amazing things took place down there!

The nights spent in the kitchen with the aforementioned best friend, drinking Milwaukee's Best and shooting the shit for hours!

And last but not least...the giant pine tree across the street. At the VERY top, there was one branch that stood straight up, apart from the overall form of the tree. And on that single branch, I would see one bird at a time sit there, look around , and consider himself and the world he could view. I'd sit on my deck and just look up at that bird and for whatever reason, feel relaxed and at peace for a time.

(This is not the tree...but you can get an idea at the tippy top of the branch of which I type)

That branch broke off one year, but another was reborn shortly after. And again, one solitary bird at a time would stay and take in the vista before them. And again, I would look up and feel a calm over me.

My Sheriff's Sale occurred in February. When spring came, and the neighbors emerged once again into the sun, I looked up for that branch...and it was gone. No other appeared in it's place. Instead, many grew...many birds would just wasn't the same. I said to the aforementioned best friend in the world..."That's my sign. It's time for me to go."

So, my faithful readers, it is with a bit of regret I am moving on, but only a bit. The internet will keep the aforementioned best friend and I in touch. And I will visit from time to time. Maybe even be here on a day when that wonderful mom and her blessed children are out in the yard doing their thing.

I'll miss those things...but that one branch...the special branch....MY branch...

Is gone like I will be, soon.

Until next time...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Favors, If I May.....

A couple of things, you, my faithful readers can do for me.

Keep your eye out for a GREAT deal, or free, trailer. You know...bathroon, bedroom..home! I am in New Jersey, so geography is important.

Also, kindly forward links to this blog to everyone you can. I can use the readers and hopefully they will find something interesting from the ads that appear here. Support this blog by supporting those who advertise here.

Until next time....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Don't Let This Define You!!!!

I am not my addressless situation!!! I refuse to be identified by this temporary situation! So many posts I see on other sites, the bloggers and respondents make this who they are.

I have been described as eccentric, eclectic, generous, bright, talented, annoying, boisterous at times, etc. But I am not going to point to myself and say that I am homelessness..and neither should you.

To me this is an opportunity...a slow moving one, granted...but an opportunity none the less. I have wanted out of New Jersey since the mid 80's. One thing after another got in the way of that, and I was stuck here.


I see this as God pushing me out the door. And truth be told, I brought some of this on myself. I have responsibility here. I have been victimized by certain things, impacted by certain things, without question. But I refuse to make my identity as that of a victim. That's weak. The untrue. That's pathetic.

I battle being seen as or feeling to be pathetic. And you should as well.

As I said in an earlier posting, I seek the place to spend the rest of my days and find that good fortune to put my talents, experiences, and creativity to good and profitable use.

Don't "be" your current circumstance! Don't be defined by what is a temporary situation. May become a LONG temporary, but at some point resolved and in the past.

Chin up...eyes front...D E E P breath...

You and I will move past this! You and I will prevail! You and I will NOT make this who we are! It's just what hand we have been dealt for now.

Until next time...

Theme Songs: Talkin' 'Bout My (Addressless) Generation

I have a soundtrack that constantly plays in my head. Admittedly, it's better than Satan asking me to do stuff, but can be annoying all the same. What happens is I see something that kicks off the jukebox in my brain, and I find it playing over and over and over....

You get the idea. I heard this once described as "earworms", something that sticks in your mind that is catchy and can't be readily shaken off. is with this in mind I offer a couple of theme songs for our current state of affairs.

First Roger Miller: King Of The Road

Second: One of my favorite bands The Who: Going Mobile

Why not email or comment your songs for the road? I look forward to your suggestions.

Until next time....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Readers From "Wish Upon A Hero"...

Without intending to, I created a post that ran afoul of the rules there. I figured if I was offering something to raise some cash for myself, it would be easier for Heroes to help, as opposed to sending cash.

There was an issue, in that, it's considered spamming...offering for sale...etc. and that is against the website's policy. I have NO quarrel with at all. They do great things there. But I wanted to explain why my post there disappeared.

So please continue to visit and tell anyone and everyone to stop by. I can see some links coming from email accounts, so I know the word is getting out.

Thank you!

Until next time....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Neccesary Diversions

This geo-flexible lifestyle can be pretty daunting...and take it's toll on your energy and state of mind. I can't imagine having the responsibility of kids being in tow during this phase of your existence. Thus, something to break that darkish spell can be quite helpful! Here are a few links to help you along in that quest.

Sidetrack: Just a note, the adverts you see to the right and below this click and I make a little bit of money. So if something there piques your interest, kindly feel free to click away!


Here's one I just happened across and, lo and behold, it is Walmart themed!

This one is funny as hell!!! A real pick me up...some items.

One thing I did miss was my cable TV. Although I can't get FOX NEWS shows via the 'net, I can watch many regular full length shows on my laptop. Streaming video has come a LONG way and the quality is quite good. A month ago this was recommended to me but I pretty much blew off that notion, being the video/audio quality snob that I am. When I finally gave this one website a shot, I was very surprised!

You can catch full length episodes from FOX, NBC, ABC the next day after they first air, and some full length flicks, as well as vintage TV shows. The other night I watched the first episode of the original Adam 12. Man was that show hokey as hell!!! And the commercials are much shorter than when you watch whatever program when aired.

There are also some shows for the kiddies, too.

Programs are presented in either Low Res or Hi Res and in stereo. Not full Dolby Digital 5.1, but certainly adequate for viewing while in this foot loose and fancy free mode.

All 3 cable news networks offer some streaming, live content as well. That way you can keep up on current events for those times when you are feeling really good about stuff, and need to be brought down a peg or two! And of course, there is always YouTube.

So there you have it! As I find more funny, interesting, and compelling sites I'll let y'all know.

Stay safe!

Until next time...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Refuse To Be "Radicalized"!

Rant Flag Up!

Well..ok, mild rant.

I have been looking over some other homeless websites and I am seeing a fair amount of railing against the for obamacare....more money for the homeless and housing. Complaining about the rich, the banks, Bush, conservatives...yadda yadda yadda!

Well here's my deal. I am, and will continue to be, very conservative. I would tell others I am to the right of Reagan but on this side of the soil. My homelessness has more to do with the likes of Rangel, Frank, and Dodd ( I can hear The Three Stooges going.."hello, hello, hello..HELLO!") than those of a red state temperment. Frankly, the biggest reason I am seriously considering relocating to Wyoming is it's Republican bent. And to spend some time with Dick Cheney in a duck blind.

But I digress....

My current state of affairs is not going to change that. I don't want to be poor...always on assistance....having to worry about the weather because I live outside. I want to regain the kinds of opportunities I have had in the past. And the current administration is working to prevent that...more government...less capitalism....growth....opportunity. What with Cap And Tax as well as Socialized Medicine. Not progressive, but regressive things.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have been on unemployment for some time now, and I do get the $25.00 a week Obama bonus. I have had food stamps in the past. and when I have had to, I am grateful for assistance I was able to get. But I don't want that for the rest of my life. Frankly, being out on my ass is probably a good thing! Get's me motivated to finally leave New Jersey and get moving toward something new and hopeful.

Thus, don't look for me to become liberal, progressive, or an anarchist because I am addressless. I really hope to be able to accomplish something new in my life, my next carreer, or be in a place where I can use talents I have already put to use in the past.

Wish me well, if you will, as I keep good thoughts for the safety and success of all. The safety and success we get from determination and a helping hand, not a lifelong handout.

Until next time....

P.S. Y'all should be listening to Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, etc. with a VERY open mind. I have loved politics and news since VERY young, and have worked in TV news. These guys are spot on.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Getting to know you....getting to know all about you...

After my first foray in an address flexible lifestyle, I would say I had new neighbors everyday. And I would take the time to get to know them. Exchange stories, just shoot the bull...and time....something quite poignant.

I was at a rest area in Pa., don't recall exactly which one, when a really good sized RV pulled in and parked in front of me. 15 minutes or so later, a guy came out and started shucking corn at the bench next to me. I could see his wife doing something at the sink through a window.

Sidetrack: I feel every person has a life story that is compelling, interesting, funny, etc. I had ofttimes mentioned I would like to create a TV series from a park bench, and just videotape my conversation with whoever sat next to or near me. To this day, I still want to give that concept a shot.

Anyhow...I digress....

I start my conversation with this guy and we exchange this and that, and then get down to why we are each on the road. I have mentioned mine at the time before here...separation from the una-ex. His was a worlds away different reason from mine.

His wife had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. At that time she had perhaps another 10-14 months to live. So they sold everything, bought this magnificent RV and decided, since they had no kids, to drive all over America. See all that they...together...could see as much as possible...experience as much as possible...with what time they had left.

That "compelling" thing I mention when sidetracked.

The point is, I learned from this guy. It had not been all that long ago at that time I had lost my wife to cancer. But beyond that, he gave me some tips and ideas to help me along in what I was experiencing at the time.

Networking...not always about finding a job.

You can get tips to stay alive....places to stay....places to avoid....etc.

I would also happen along to something and weasel my way into it. I was watching a live feed for WBRE in Wilkes-Barre and introduced myself to the reporter-ette. She told me she liked my style and who to reach out to at the station for a job.

Got hired.

una-ex took that gift away....more on that MUCH later.

I was pretty much staying in a public park in Kingston and met up with someone who put me in touch with the Chamber Of Commerce guy trying to get an arena built. I wound up directing, shooting, editing the promo/marketing piece for that effort. I recall a late night voice over session in a grade school converted into condos. I had a FM radio guy as the talent and he was reading the copy like an FM radio guy. I directed him to read it like he was a scholar...teaching a class. Worked much better...the guy had a great voice!

The arena is standing and successful today!

Talk with and to ANYONE you can. Not only may you get info from them, they may learn from you as well. In Disney's "Tarzan", Phil Collins sings..

"In learning you may teach..and in teaching you will learn..."

Or something like that. You know what I mean.

Don't ya'?

Until next time....

Friday, September 4, 2009

Need A Cupcake And One Candle

It's the one month anniversary of my introduction to my new future!

Getting anxious to move out in to the world...just this last minute well as lack of fiscal resources currently.

So if you happen upon Bob The Dog and sure to wave..and keep good thoughts for us. all should be listening to Glenn Beck!!!

And have a safe and wonderful Labor Day Weekend.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Took a short road trip today, just because. There is a GREAT Scenic Overlook off of Route 80, and I wanted to get some video of Bob The Dog. Well, my camera threw a clot and won't read the 8 Gig SD Card, and the footage was lost, as were some stills.

So I pull into a full blown rest area to try some things to correct the situation (I couldn't and now have to deal with tech support tomorrow) and I started to notice something troubling.

Allow me to preface this by stating that rest areas are, by the very purpose they serve, full of transients. Momentary visitors stopping to hit the lavs...get a snack or drink from the vending the sandwiches they packed....and other stuff.

I noticed cars pull into a spot or up next to the building....and kids..some times little kids..let out, I presume, to use the rest rooms. No adult accompanying them...left vulnerable to whatever could befall them. How much lazier could someone be????

When my kids were little and all, I wouldn't have even considered doing something like that! After my wife passed away, I was VERY grateful I had sons, when I found myself in a public place shortly after she died and they needed to pee.

Anyhow...get out of the damn car and walk your kids into the building!!! I mean, it's irresponsible enough to do something like that where you live. But to do so in a rest area is absolutely stupid! Especially on a highly traveled holiday/vacation time.

Grow up!

Until next time....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Simply Not There....

From time to time I will post feelings, thoughts, etc. about...stuff. Not always going to be about tips and all.

I am parked and camping in the van one lot away from my ex-house. At least 4 times a day, Bob The Dog and I march back and forth in front of it while he does his bidnez on the front lawn.

And I don't feel a thing. I don't long to be inside. I don't lament losing it. I have no feelings towards it. I try to find those feelings of loss...remorse...pain...they ain't there. Bad stuff happened to me while in that house.

3 Relationships..

My first wife passed from breast cancer.

The second wife did what she could at one time to ruin everything for me.

The last significant relationship evaporated in a heartbeat after 13 on and off years, after about 6 months of something really intense!!!

Since February life has been....disappointing. Change that...devastating.

Glad to leave it behind.

If it weren't for the fact stuff of mine is still in there and some legal lingering this and thats remain, I would be on my adventure already..heading out into the country to find the place..home...that I want want to die in. NOT that I want to die now, but when I draw my last breath, I want to be able to look around the room and say to myself...I made the right choice. I know if I had passed in this place, I'd be in hell even if I was an angel while I lived.

So I see this addressless thing I am dealing with as somewhat a blessing in disguise. I'll be ok..I have been before. Maybe a bit diminished...the light just that much dimmer inside me..but ok. Alone..but ok.

Anyhow...from time to time I may wear my cyber heart on my virtual sleeve. Next post....about networking.

Until next time....

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Before you found yourselves "mobile', the weather forecast was important when you had a Yard sale or party coming up...and of course if a snow day was coming.

That's all different for you now.

The elements are in your face at this point, and your health..perhaps even your the issue now. Of course a radio tuned to local stations is an obvious way to stay informed. However, online radar is very helpful as well. A recent experience is what inspired this posting.

Bob The Dog and I were in the van as night approached. The forecast was for a dry evening. But I went on the WCBS-TV website and the radar showed a pretty big storm coming in from the west. I had all the windows and door open, as it had been pretty hot that day, and I wanted the cooler air evening brings for when I would go to sleep.

Well....based on what I saw, I shut everything, enjoyed a couple of adult beverages, and settled into sleep. A couple of hours later, the clouds burst open. BIG ass storm!!! Seeing the radar saved the day.

The CBS affiliate's website all use a standard format for their websites. Thus I find them to be the best for radar I have seen. You can find their member stations at

Until next time....

Friday, August 28, 2009

Stay Overnight Where The Powerful Do!!!

That's right...the same place the Clarence Thomas Family stays.

A Wal-Mart Parking Lot!!!

In an article a month or so ago Mrs. Thomas said that she and the Supreme Court Justice bought an R.V. a few years back, and spend the summers driving around. The story is here:

What could be cooler? You can pick up some cheap flip flops, Ol' Roy Doggie Snacks, and complain to a Supreme Court Justice about how the court punted on saving retiree's pension funds when they refused to hear the case against Chrysler Bailout Plan.


Now..if you are rambling about, searching for a new place to live as am I, then what could be a better place to land for a few days. Everything you could possibly need a few steps from your "home". There are a few websites that lists the Wal-Marts and which ones do not allow overnight camping, as well as proper etiquette when enjoying the parking lot.

There are other stores as well that you can stay for free. Some truck stops allow you to as well, offering things such as electricity, showers, and dump stations.

Free camping...a safe and economical way to settle in for a few days and regroup.

Until Next time......

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Dollar Store Is Your Friend......

......the ATM is your enemy!!! You can find a LOT of what you need at a Dollar Store. From food to toiletries to tools to electronic/cell phone needs. The same earpiece for a cell at Wal-Mart that goes for $9.99 can be had for a buck!!!

ATM's steal your money. If you can't get to your bank's own ATM you are charged money on the front end and back end of the transaction. That can sometimes add up to $6.00, even if you are only withdrawing $10.00. A better idea is to go a to store, buy something for $1.00 and then draw cash from your MAC Card there. You buy something you need AND save money getting money!!

If your card is a dual Credit/Bank card, whenever possible, use it on the Credit Card side. Check with your bank to see if there is a Rewards Program available. I use my bank card on the Visa side even if only buying something for $.50! I accumulate points and turn those in for cash cards or gift cards. It's not much, but it's something.

Till Next Time......