Saturday, September 19, 2009

Someone Stop The Earth...

....from traveling around the sun, please! That way, seasons kinda stop changing.

In my area, freeze warnings for tonight have been posted. Last night was pretty damn cold. There is something to be said for indoor living.

At some point soon I'll have to trek southward, but for now I am stuck here.

In New Jersey...

In my van...

In the cold.

But it is what it is and I'll deal with it. It's not deadly cold. And I can wake up and run the engine for heat. Uses up my gas, but que sera. I knew this would happen, but I am not really prepped for it.

What's that expression about what doesn't kill you????

And it won't...this is temporary. Actually becomes a bit of a motivator. Frankly, I am motivated just that resources are low right now.

(As I am typing this, a neighbor just pulled up and gave me 2 packs of smoke. Very nice of them!)

Tonight I have been invited to a friend's house to see people I have seen in some 20 or more years. A former drummer of mine reached out this past December and we have reconnected to a degree He's the one that put this together. They get to see my homeless guy beard in person!

The house has heat...and a bathroom!


Not sure where I am headed with this post, I am pretty much just rambling. Don't feel sorry for me, keep good thoughts and prayers for my energy and resources to kick in and get me south!

Until next time....

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