Thursday, September 3, 2009


Took a short road trip today, just because. There is a GREAT Scenic Overlook off of Route 80, and I wanted to get some video of Bob The Dog. Well, my camera threw a clot and won't read the 8 Gig SD Card, and the footage was lost, as were some stills.

So I pull into a full blown rest area to try some things to correct the situation (I couldn't and now have to deal with tech support tomorrow) and I started to notice something troubling.

Allow me to preface this by stating that rest areas are, by the very purpose they serve, full of transients. Momentary visitors stopping to hit the lavs...get a snack or drink from the vending the sandwiches they packed....and other stuff.

I noticed cars pull into a spot or up next to the building....and kids..some times little kids..let out, I presume, to use the rest rooms. No adult accompanying them...left vulnerable to whatever could befall them. How much lazier could someone be????

When my kids were little and all, I wouldn't have even considered doing something like that! After my wife passed away, I was VERY grateful I had sons, when I found myself in a public place shortly after she died and they needed to pee.

Anyhow...get out of the damn car and walk your kids into the building!!! I mean, it's irresponsible enough to do something like that where you live. But to do so in a rest area is absolutely stupid! Especially on a highly traveled holiday/vacation time.

Grow up!

Until next time....

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