Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Don't Let This Define You!!!!

I am not my addressless situation!!! I refuse to be identified by this temporary situation! So many posts I see on other sites, the bloggers and respondents make this who they are.

I have been described as eccentric, eclectic, generous, bright, talented, annoying, boisterous at times, etc. But I am not going to point to myself and say that I am homelessness..and neither should you.

To me this is an opportunity...a slow moving one, granted...but an opportunity none the less. I have wanted out of New Jersey since the mid 80's. One thing after another got in the way of that, and I was stuck here.


I see this as God pushing me out the door. And truth be told, I brought some of this on myself. I have responsibility here. I have been victimized by certain things, impacted by certain things, without question. But I refuse to make my identity as that of a victim. That's weak. The untrue. That's pathetic.

I battle being seen as or feeling to be pathetic. And you should as well.

As I said in an earlier posting, I seek the place to spend the rest of my days and find that good fortune to put my talents, experiences, and creativity to good and profitable use.

Don't "be" your current circumstance! Don't be defined by what is a temporary situation. May become a LONG temporary, but at some point resolved and in the past.

Chin up...eyes front...D E E P breath...

You and I will move past this! You and I will prevail! You and I will NOT make this who we are! It's just what hand we have been dealt for now.

Until next time...


  1. Very well said...and can be used by every reader regardless of circumstance

  2. Your so deep and thoughtful...i love Your insightfulness

  3. very well said I am homeless now two for a month now, staying with a friend from time to time, thank God for that I do have a ft job. and maybe things will get better soon, was living with a man that refused to work and I lost it all because of that. Now that hes out of my life things will get better and I hope that , it gets better for others that are out there like me you are not alone, and Things happen for a reason it may not seem right to us at the time but we will see the best of it later and thank god for the reason down the road. for me I think it was to get out of an abusive realationship and save my life.

  4. Thanks for your kind words.

    Here's wishing you...I...us all...best of luck in this new phase of our lives.