Saturday, September 19, 2009

Things I will miss...

...not so much about the house itself, but the things I relished when having lived here, in this neighborhood. Don't get me wrong, there have been some splendid, special moments that took place there in spite of my ambivalence towards the building . But the things that ground you, are the day to day

The very special mom and her beautiful children in the house behind me, in their yard nearly every warmish day. Barefoot, playing, making noise. And one was born on my birthday!!! Absolutely wonderful!

The mid day gatherings with my neighbor and his brother. Bronx Italians who would get into the most fierce arguments over...nothing. And then the moments where it was one laugh after another.

The same neighbor. My best friend in the world. And the great food he would make!

My basement bar. Some amazing things took place down there!

The nights spent in the kitchen with the aforementioned best friend, drinking Milwaukee's Best and shooting the shit for hours!

And last but not least...the giant pine tree across the street. At the VERY top, there was one branch that stood straight up, apart from the overall form of the tree. And on that single branch, I would see one bird at a time sit there, look around , and consider himself and the world he could view. I'd sit on my deck and just look up at that bird and for whatever reason, feel relaxed and at peace for a time.

(This is not the tree...but you can get an idea at the tippy top of the branch of which I type)

That branch broke off one year, but another was reborn shortly after. And again, one solitary bird at a time would stay and take in the vista before them. And again, I would look up and feel a calm over me.

My Sheriff's Sale occurred in February. When spring came, and the neighbors emerged once again into the sun, I looked up for that branch...and it was gone. No other appeared in it's place. Instead, many grew...many birds would just wasn't the same. I said to the aforementioned best friend in the world..."That's my sign. It's time for me to go."

So, my faithful readers, it is with a bit of regret I am moving on, but only a bit. The internet will keep the aforementioned best friend and I in touch. And I will visit from time to time. Maybe even be here on a day when that wonderful mom and her blessed children are out in the yard doing their thing.

I'll miss those things...but that one branch...the special branch....MY branch...

Is gone like I will be, soon.

Until next time...

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