Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Dog....That One....In The Picture....

...that's Bob The Dog. My companion on this trip to paradise. I have known Bob since moments after his birth 'cause his mom, the neighborhood trollop, decided to deliver him on my sofa!

Bob and I have considered one another a long time.

And Bob has made the transition to this new way of life pretty well and quick. Overall, I have been proud of him.

So why, on this day, is he lucky to be alive??

FOUR HOURS EARLIER: I am enjoying the company of the aforementioned best friend in the world and his family. It is the event to introduce his daughter's VERY significant others parents to the larger circle-O-friends. And I am dutifully going back to the chariot to tend to Bob and what his needs are at that moment. He even got to join in 'round the chimera as the attendees enjoyed a variety of adult beverage and toasted marshmallows. Then back to the chariot for his good nights sleep.

Well seems our friend, Bob The Dog, had no intentions on sleeping. Instead decided to "customize"the interior of the chariot.

SIDETRACK: When my sons were learning to drive and then ultimately used my vehicles on a regular basis, I allowed then 2 incidents each before I banned them from further use. So...2 customizations on other peoples cars happened and they got a pass for said incidents.

Look down................there!

Bob will be given the same grace. I mean, this is the last thing I need...but fair is fair.

Thus, Bob The Dog gets to live another day.....and after this rain delay...and commerce delay..(have someone coming to buy scrap metal from me this monday)...he and I head out tomorrow evening.

Until next time...

UPDATE: Bob The Dog and I went down the street to another neighbor's home to chill. Well, the ladies there couldn't resist and Bob got a much needed bath and then got lotioned. Lucky doggy!

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  1. Looks like Bob was p*ssed off he didn't get any 'adult beverage' LOL
    Must be getting excited to start your adventure...Becareful and take care of yourself