Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trying To Get My Chevy Out Of Dodge

Getting ready to head out by Saturday or Sunday. I have been looking at websites showing free or really cheap places to stay headed towards Dixie. Like The Beatles sang,"I'll Follow The Sun"

(Damn...I wish I had something other than this very small window to type in. There must be a way.)

It is with a dash of apprehension I do this. It's a big break from what I have had at my disposal for the last month and a half. Currently I have:





This will be it...on my own!

And I have to put into practice some of the things I have passed along to you. And, as long as I have internet, I have access to the world.

SIDETRACK: I watched the Season Premier of "House, M.D." last night and it was outstanding!!! One show that has never failed me.

Believe it or not, I actually have a palm sized video projector in the van. It's this incredible little thing given to me by BenQ to evaluate (I am full of surprises, no?) So if I ever get a hankerin' for that big screen look...I have that as well.

SIDETRACK REDUX: Yes it's been listed on Craig' buyers. Bad economy. Still available, though.

What I won't have?

Security. Grounding. Safety.

Kinda essential to one's well being, yes? At least to me it is.

She looks pretty mighty...formidable...foreboding...yes? It does to me, and I should feel safe in it. I suppose, overall, I do. This van has protected me in the past. It even healed itself in the middle of the night in the middle of Pennsylvania. ( really did. Ask me about that sometime.)

When I get called to my new address in the sky, my kids have instructions to place my carcass in this van and bury me in it.

When very few loved me, this chariot did.

Kinda like the way things are now.

So...Miss Chevy Van Twenty and I are getting ready. At minimum, it's a trial run. At may finally be the beginning of the new beginning.

It has to start somewhere! Sometime!

Time is now!

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