Sunday, September 13, 2009

Neccesary Diversions

This geo-flexible lifestyle can be pretty daunting...and take it's toll on your energy and state of mind. I can't imagine having the responsibility of kids being in tow during this phase of your existence. Thus, something to break that darkish spell can be quite helpful! Here are a few links to help you along in that quest.

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Here's one I just happened across and, lo and behold, it is Walmart themed!

This one is funny as hell!!! A real pick me up...some items.

One thing I did miss was my cable TV. Although I can't get FOX NEWS shows via the 'net, I can watch many regular full length shows on my laptop. Streaming video has come a LONG way and the quality is quite good. A month ago this was recommended to me but I pretty much blew off that notion, being the video/audio quality snob that I am. When I finally gave this one website a shot, I was very surprised!

You can catch full length episodes from FOX, NBC, ABC the next day after they first air, and some full length flicks, as well as vintage TV shows. The other night I watched the first episode of the original Adam 12. Man was that show hokey as hell!!! And the commercials are much shorter than when you watch whatever program when aired.

There are also some shows for the kiddies, too.

Programs are presented in either Low Res or Hi Res and in stereo. Not full Dolby Digital 5.1, but certainly adequate for viewing while in this foot loose and fancy free mode.

All 3 cable news networks offer some streaming, live content as well. That way you can keep up on current events for those times when you are feeling really good about stuff, and need to be brought down a peg or two! And of course, there is always YouTube.

So there you have it! As I find more funny, interesting, and compelling sites I'll let y'all know.

Stay safe!

Until next time...


  1. Good news! It's sporadic, but it's better than nothing for the Fox News fans. Try .

  2. WAY COOL!!! I am watching Huck right now!!!!

    Am I now connected or what!!!


  3. Wow. Homeless. But with the internet.

    Consider me fascinated.

  4. I first want to say, anyone should be viewing your are DAMN funny! I love it.

    Secondly, read my very first post and I explaing it all like clarissa.