Monday, September 21, 2009

Advance Warnings

As if the colder temps, once the sun takes it's leave, weren't enough of a hint. (I mean I could blame that on global cooling. Remember that from the 70's??) But now the leaves are giving me a definite heads up! There is no denying it....fall is here. Being addressless and all can be a kinda neat adventure. Not so much an adventure when it starts being cold at night.

Now it's gonna suck for a bit!

I will allow that the days have been at a perfect temperature. But the last couple of nights...yuck. Good thing I have some gas in the tank and could run my engine for a bit. Going to hit a few yard sales this weekend to see if I can find a previously loved sleeping bag or 2. At some point I'll get a mattress like I had before and be set up proper. eyes look south and need to get focused on getting outta here.


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