Thursday, December 31, 2009

Regards The Laura Nyro Post Below...

In responding to the comments graciously posted, I gave a couple of examples of songs written by other that worked better or quite nicely by others.

SIDETRACK: Based on my search for a certain kind of popcorn machine, I found this town in West Virginia called Berkely Springs. Historically it is the first hot springs resort in the USA. 4 blocks of the town are quite bohemian and have quaint shops offering crystals and such. While visiting there with a special acquaintance of mine who is actually named in the post below, the song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" started to play. For a reason known only to herself, this particular rendition captured her notice. It was being sung by Eva Cassidy, thus I went about the task of finding whatever I could about said performer as well as getting as much of her music as I could.
(For myself, as much as Eva's version of Rainbow is lovely, I preferred Katherine McPhee's version the 2nd time on American Idol as being in the same style. My fav would be the one played to Dr. Green on "E.R." just before he passed on.)

SIDETRACKSIDETRACK: This visit to West Virginia was a part of the "Where To Spend The Rest Of Our Lives Tour". The first shot at visiting here was nailed by a hurricane heading up the coast. When that fluttered, we went to Lancaster and stared at The Amish instead. For fun see Weird Al's video at the very end of this entry.

My special acquaintance also has a hankering for watching figure I found this clip for you and she to enjoy!

Best-O-Both genres.

As for Tower Of Power...

This probably the best live version of this I have seen/heard.

I think when someone REALLY loves a's like they mate with it, and like any parent, want a better life for the offspring than what they have now themselves. They simply love it and what it to be all it can be.

I hope you enjoy.

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