Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: Good Riddance..Worst Year Of My Life

The year I learned don't trust anything.

It started with so much really did. Personally, professionally, in many ways. A relationship had rekindled big time. I was building a venture with an very talented attorney, and was actually...finally...feeling pretty good about my life.

BACKTRACK: My 1st wife passed away January 5th, 1990. And ever since that day, it was one thing after another. Somethings I truly brought on myself by making bad or boneheaded choices in things, not the least of which was my marriage to the una-ex. And in some cases, it was forces beyond my control making me miserable.

Know what? It's really simple.

Look I had this whole essay I was going to write...but it's quite simple.

I feel morose.
Melancholy. In the past, these feelings have led to assumed or semi-successful heart attacks.
And it has nothing to do with being addressless. Letting go the house was an affect of what I could feel took place Feb. 15th.

It's a matter of trust....of honesty...

Perhaps someday, someone will believe me when I say something...and will simply get it.

That's lacking in my life.

Happy New Year to whose who want it.

So here is hoping that 2010 is less dishonest to me.

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